Changing lives one stitch at a time in Madagascar.

There is a project called “Mama VaoVao”, which is encouraging Sakalava women in the village to use their skills- hand stitching, sewing sacks, bags, pillows, and hand towels. They have just celebrated their one year anniversary. Many women gave their testimonies at the celebration. One said, “My life has changed, I am now able to care for my household with the money I get. I was just able to buy a table. And I have come to know Jesus!” A little thing can do a great thing in peoples’ lives! Pray for “Mama VaoVao” project to achieve great things in these Sakalava women’s lives, helping them to know Jesus as their Savior.

Update on The Bara of Madagascar


On the 30th of September we will have the “I Encounter of Farming in God’s Way: Remembering God’s mission to all people and Farming in God’s Way as a strategy to increasing crop production and Reaching Bara People.”

We spect 35 Evangelist from Lutheran Church/Synodon of Betroka. They are coming from the villages where Bara People live. We hope that God continue to break their hearts about missions and teaching about His Love for all the Ethnicity.
May God challenge them to continue preaching, loving Bara people and living lives worthy of the Gospel, without syncretism.

May God give them grace to use the new Farming Methods overcoming their own “planting culture” and apply Farming in God’s Way and its content as a toll to evangelize Bara People.
( to see pictures go after 05/September on our facebook: Luis Fernando Basso Basso.)

Update on The Tsimihety of Madagascar

Pray for the participants of a TEE conference that has recently been held in the region where the Tsimihety live. Pray for local pastors and church leaders to become aware of the need to reach this unreached people group. Pray that local churches would be willing to send out workers into the harvest field.

Update on The Antandroy of Madagascar

Praise the Lord for the Hales family who work among the Antandroy. They report that 10 new churches have been planted, there are now 3500 believers, with 145 who have been baptised. They ask for particular prayer ,that the Lord will send out workers from national churches to preach the good news to those who have not yet heard.

Update on The Gujarati of Madagascar

Anna Jarmy AIM missionary in the capital writes”Please pray for the discernment needed as we seek to reach the Gujarati population. we also need to have updated info regarding this UPG” pray for these two requests, also for Anna as she mobilizes and supports local Malagasy missionaries who may be willing to reach out to the Gujarati, in the future.