Sharing the gospel

A few hours ago, Rosina, Melias and Noel set out to survey the village of Djabala on Nosy Be. We are hoping that Noel (one of the Malagasy missionaries) will be able to evangelize the Antandroy people there–who speak his mother tongue! It is incredible to think that Noel, from the south of Madagascar, is getting to share the gospel in his heart language so far north. They found the person of peace, the Olo Be, and made a connection with him. Noel was very excited, saying he will return. Praise God for this opportunity! Pray for many open ears to listen to the gospel message.

Disciples are making disciples!

In Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, and the surrounding bush villages, much thought, discussion and planning has gone into the process of making disciples. There is continuing discussion on best practices and consideration of what needs to change. Two years ago a group consisting of the six leaders over Antandroy and Antanosy work met together. Recently, another group of leaders over these same two regions met. This time there were 30 leaders! The gospel is spreading! Disciples are making disciples! Workers and leaders alike are being raised up! Pray for God’s continued guidance and blessing.

Spirit Moving in Marovato

Many Antandroy people work hard to offer sacrifices and please their ancestors. This is the only spiritual direction they’ve known all their lives. Fortunately, Christ is being proclaimed by those who have found Him all around the region of Androy. For these who have been reached with the Gospel, many have accepted this new faith and are following whole heartedly, but not without hardships and struggles. At the moment, they are facing persecution from other religious organizations that believe they should be paying for baptism and partaking of the Lord’s Supper, among other false beliefs. Especially in the Marovato area, people are angry that some of these individuals used to attend their services and now are seeking to know Truth. To God be the glory, in the midst of this persecution, witch doctors and villagers are seeking Christ and yearning to follow after Him. Pray specifically for these new believers and villages surrounding Marovato.

More baptisims amongst the Antandroy

Please pray the Spirit will continue to move mightily through the Androy region. We have 28 groups meeting as a result of missionaries and now nationals who have been going out regularly to share the Gospel. 61 were baptized the last weekend in January and 14 others are awaiting baptism. This is only a small portion of the million Antandroy people but the Lord is at work through His children.

Update on The Antandroy of Madagascar

Praise the Lord for the Hales family who work among the Antandroy. They report that 10 new churches have been planted, there are now 3500 believers, with 145 who have been baptised. They ask for particular prayer ,that the Lord will send out workers from national churches to preach the good news to those who have not yet heard.

Antandroy Trusting Christ

Praise the Lord that Jesus Family have reached out to 15 Antandroy villages. Several Antandroy have committed their lives to the Lord. Pray for the discipleship of new believers and the dynamics of church planting. In one village, Andalatanosy, 60 people gave their lives to the Lord. A Jesus Family missionary is quoted saying, “His work is beyond ourselves because people just came to us with understanding. All the glory be to Him alone” May the harvested soon become the harvestors amongst the Antandroy.

Robena and Josefa – outreach to their people

Robena and Josefa have completed their first month in Antsaha. They are both from the Antandroy tribe themselves and are committed to seeing an evangelical fellowship of Antandroy believers. They have begun visiting the surrounding villages of Andalatanosy, Vohitraomby, Ampamata, Ambondrobe, Manalihara, and Androhondroho. A group of interested people are already gathering together once a week for teaching in Andalatanosy. Please pray that this group will commit their lives to Christ and go out to tell others of the good news.