30 Days of Prayer for Africa's Unreached

We believe that prayer is an essential means by which God will bless the peoples of the world and point them to Jesus.  The 30 Days for 30 Peoples Prayer Journey campaign seeks to provide needed intercession for some of Africa’s unreached people groups.  By subscribing here you will receive a daily email for 30 days with an outline of one people group per day.

We challenge you to take 10 minutes to thoughtfully read over the people group profile and pray as the Lord speaks to you about their location, history, cultural values and religious beliefs.

Each email will also provide a link to the latest prayer updates of that people group on this site from workers on the ground who are the hands and feet of the Gospel to these people groups.  We ask that you continue to pray for the work by multiple organizations who invest in training, teaching, translating, and ministering among these people groups.

As you complete your 30 Days for 30 Peoples Prayer Journey we suggest spreading the word of this campaign via social media, in your church, or among family and friends.  You can also pray for more people groups from around the world at the Joshua Project.