On the Edge

There is a clear move of the Holy Spirit among these people right now and many are being drawn. Please ask for those who are “on the edge” to bow their knee to the King.

Swahili Bantu – past updates

Mama Bird’s Son
Feb 26, 2018

Mama Bird was scared … her 5-year-old son had just thrown up a bowl full of blood when I walked by her home. Immediately I took the boy in my arms and asked if I could pray for him. She had seen effective prayers before in releasing our neighbor’s daughter from demonic bondage, witnessed her neighbor family’s salvation out of Islam, and had been hearing bits and pieces of God’s story. As I prayed, the boy became peaceful and rested in my arms as Mama Bird gathered their things for us to rush him to the hospital. The next day she came back with her recovering son to thank me for the prayer and emergency help. Please keep praying for opportunities to share with our beloved neighbors the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray that they would not only hear, but believe with a faith that endures the persecutions to come.

We Grieve Differently
Feb 19, 2018

Our elderly mother recently went home to Jesus. We thank God for her godly example. Her death, though sorrowful, also filled us with such peace and joy in knowing she is where her treasure was laid. The local body of Christ has surrounded us with loving compassion. And our neighbors are watching! We mourn radically different from them. We have assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ! They fear that Allah will not accept their good deeds. We praise God for the open doors He has given us to testify to the hope and salvation there is in Jesus Christ. We know our mom is rejoicing in heaven that the seeds of the gospel are being planted from her life and death in Jesus Christ. Now please pray these seeds would bear the fruit of salvation in Christ that endures!

Intensified Illness
Feb 14, 2018

There are seasons of intensified illness & death here on the coast and we are in one of them now. There have been many funerals & hospitalizations & we have faced cases of malaria, nasty infections, and painful flare ups of chronic illness. Pray we would not grow weary in doing good and that God would fortify our bodies and hearts as we comfort the sick and mourning even in our own weakness. Pray as we show the loving compassion of Christ and share the hope we have in Christ with our dear neighbors, they would lay hold of the Hope of Salvation!

Feeling Threatened
Feb 6, 2018

Praise God for the challenges the church is facing here: a new Mosque attempting to cross over the church property, and boarders trying to build as close to us as possible when they have plenty of space to build elsewhere. Satan is so obviously feeling threatened by God’s Kingdom growing here! Praise God! We are wrestling over how do we, the local church, best enfold & disciple all these new believers who have come out of Islam. Pray for the Lord to continue to build his Kingdom, and preserve & grow his local body here to be a bold, loving witness of the hope & redemption there is in Jesus Christ! May His Kingdom come, may His will be done!

Hungering for the Lost
Jan 27, 2018

Praise God for the new believers who are hungering for their lost neighbors to know Jesus as their Savior too. At Christmas Bibi C brought 2 of her granddaughters to celebrate a meal with us & hear the gospel. Mama F did the same in bringing Mama Bird. And today Mama A brought a young searching man to come hear the gospel after he had heard her testimony of God’s healing & salvation and witnessed how the body of Christ has loved her. He responded to the Gospel & wants to join us tomorrow in church to testify & worship with his new family!!! Praise be to Our Lord God! Please pray for the salvation of these precious people & pray for it to spread!

Jesus Film at Christmas
Jan 14, 2018

Thank you for praying for our Christmas Feast for our staff. It was a joyous time of thanking the Lord God for His enablement of all the hard work and results produced this past year. We had a great opportunity to share the reason we have such hope for the future on the coast through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were thankful that many families stayed on to watch the Jesus film. Praise God! Pray that all the seeds of the Gospel planted that day would sprout and bear fruit that endures!

Traditional Christmas Feast
Dec 18, 2017

Our Christian nonprofit will be hosting a Christmas party to thank God for His awesome enablement and provision throughout this past year. We will have a traditional feast followed by the Jesus film. Some of our local crew have come to faith directly and indirectly in the past 2 years through the ministry of our nonprofit and others are searching. We see this party as another opportunity to openly celebrate and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all their families. Please pray the Lord will miraculously move to glorify Himself in and through this celebration. Before this, the only attempt to ever show the Jesus film in our village resulted in the stoning of the equipment and the missionaries being chased out of the village. Never before have Christians been able to serve long term in this village and we are thankful for the open door God has given us the past 3 years! Please pray!

Displaying Bold Unity and Confidence
Dec 15, 2017

Praise God that the body of Christ boldly displayed their generous unity in committing all the funds needed to send Ndugu S, a fairly new Swahili believer, to a carpentry & discipleship training school. He desires to grow in his faith and be trained in this skill so he can return to our village able to support himself and bear Christ’s witness to his neighbors through this vocation. Pray the Lord would continue to meet Ndugu S’ needs.

Another Chance to Share the Gospel of Grace
Dec 5, 2017

Praise God for opportunities to share Christ’s witness with Mama N. She is a strong local leader among the women of our village. She seems entirely content with her many good works which she believes bring her favor from Allah. The other day she came by for a visit and God opened wide the door to share the gospel of grace with her again. She asked about the road and reservoir project. I shared with her how I was praising God for answering our prayers to delay the rains, which were pouring down in all the areas around us so that we could complete the project in good time. She looked a bit startled and said, “Yes. Yes. Wow! Truly we all knew it would rain, but it hasn’t. Now I know why. God hears your prayers because you are a good person!” I said, “No! Mama N! I am a sinner! But my Savior Jesus is the Son of God who took away my sins, the sins of the world through His sacrifice of his body & blood on the cross! I am made Holy and now have a relationship with God Almighty because of Jesus! He is what makes me holy and good so that I can go to God for all my needs. God hears the prayers of all who trust in Jesus!” She listened thoughtfully. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw her and her respected Swahili family to Christ!


Update on The Datooga of Tanzania

Give praise and thanks to God for the continuing work, crafting Bible stories into the local Datooga language; give thanks for the enthusiasm of all those involved in this project and for the progress that is being made, as well as for the good team spirit that is developing. Please pray for continued wisdom in the selection of vernacular vocabulary so the richness of God’s plan for redemption can shine through the stories as they are retold. Please pray for the next stage of the project – the finding of Datooga believers who can critically listen to the translated stories and check for accuracy in the vocabulary used. Pray that these stories will be received by open ears and hearts among the Datooga.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

What a wonderful time is Spring, which arrived September 22! The weather is warming, and leaves are begining to emerge on the trees. It is as if all the trees are just bursting forth to praise God that the winter dry season is ending. This new life in the trees awaits the rains- please pray that the rains will come as hoped for in October and November. Pray that hearts will be ready to hear the Gospel message, that lives of people reliant on their own means to reach God, will be changed to new lives in Christ.

Update on The Alagwa of Tanzania

YOU PRAYED: Please pray for the team as we try to arrange for a good recording of the Alagwa Chronological Bible Story set so that we can further distribute the stories via memory card. Please pray for all the practical arrangements to come together in the coming weeks. 3-11-16
UPDATE: Praise God that the Bible Story set was recorded April, with an Alagwa believer from our church telling the stories. The stories were transferred onto audio players which already had the Bible in Swahili on them. In one village where some audio players were given to people seeking Jesus, whole families have been gathering to listen to it in the evenings. Visiting friends and family are also often really keen to listen as well. In other villages, too, the stories are being listened to in evenings and when people are out herding. Please continue to pray that God’s word will touch many hearts.

Update on The O of East Africa

There are 2 young men who seem to be emerging as potential ‘facilitators’ for sharing more of God’s Word…they’ve got access to 100 Bible lessons in the O. language through memory cards they can play in their phones…*Pray that God will empower and protect them…
The young woman who was forced to move ended up redirected to other relatives homes – but pray for her to shine in this different setting… Pray against the ‘powers of this dark world’ that cause fear and pull people to be disobedient.

Update on The Swahili of Kenya and Tanzania

One of the things that has been really on my heart for our people group is that they would truly SEEK God. These types of verses are so important to pray over our people…
Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart…”
Isaiah 55: 6-7 “Seek the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near…”
James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”
This people group will proclaim that God is so big and so unknowable and yet, in their minds and in the way they live, it’s as though they already know everything there is to know about them and they don’t seem to seek to know Him more. Many people here believe that it is a very high sin to question God, or to ask “why.” So when suffering comes, they are extremely quick to respond with, “God willed it,” and move on with their life. They do not seem to seek God as a comforter or counselor, such a crucial part of the character and nature of Christ. Because of this ingrained ability to shut down emotions and move forward, never seeking to know or understand life circumstances better, the Good News of God being able to be a comforter is often met with a nod of agreement, but never any kind of continued questioning or conversation about to experience that more. Please pray that our people would experience a deep longing in their hearts to know more of the character and nature of God than they already do. Pray they wouldn’t be satisfied with what they’ve been told but would SEEK to know Him more deeply and more fully.

Update on The Samburu of Kenya

In the last four months, a Samburu pastor has visited the village of Lchakwai for a few days each month. We praise God that this has been possible and for the encouragement those visits have been to the Samburu people. The last time Pastor visited he brought six “treasures” (audio players) with him. Each of these plays the 31 Samburu Bible stories, Samburu Christian songs, and all of the Samburu Scriptures that have been translated so far (Luke, Matthew, Galatians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Philemon, and the epistles of John). He gave one of the “treasures” to the women of Lchakwai village, one to the men of Moru village, one to our watchmen, one to the women of Raragon village, one to our friend Lemusi for the young warriors, and one to the woman who first so insistently asked to have a church! Pray that God will use His Word as these Samburu listen to these “treasures.”

Update on The Rendille of Kenya

One prayer request sent some months ago was for the Rendille women – that they would find God’s love for them in a very male-oriented world. Heavy on our hearts has been the wife of our pastor who passed away in January. People from all over the world sent money to help with funeral expenses as well as to help the widow as she was left with 4 children, pregnant with a 5th and no bread winner for the family. The church leadership collected the funds and diligently set them aside. However, the men were reluctant to give the money directly to her as women are considered unable to handle money well. They struggled with many ideas of what to do and how to ensure that this lady used the money well. Meanwhile relatives were coming to the wife and to the leaders demanding that they get the funds and distribute them. The relatives were very unloving towards the wife even accusing her of causing the death of her husband. I was able to encourage her to write the church leadership with her thoughts on how she would use the funds – she wanted to put some into accounts for her children and also have some for living expenses and delivery of baby expenses. She said she had been very quiet but felt comfortable doing this. The great answer to prayer is that the leaders finally decided – after months of indecision – to give her all the money and told her it was totally up to her as to what happened to the funds – if she wasted them, that was her decision. This was a tremendous break through and answer to prayer to see the leadership change their thinking and we are so grateful. In addition, it has given this woman dignity and she has been able to God’s working in her life. As a side note and additional prayer item – she had her baby, a little girl, but mysteriously, within 24 hours, the baby died. No one knows what happened – she just seemed to choke a little and died. So this dear woman needs prayer. Her name is Faith – may God increase her faith in a loving God.

Update on The M of Tanzania

Pray for M children to be drawn to Jesus and come to know Him as their Saviour at an early age. Pray for whole families to come to Christ, and that the powers of evil, the fear of death, and the bondage of sin would be broken.

Update on The Rangi of Tanzania

Please pray for Yusuf, who has put his faith in Jesus but is having financial difficulties. Please also pray for Vero, because he longs to go to study at a Bible school. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s power to work in all of the Busi and Kondoa area. May God richly bless you all for praying.

Update on The Rendille of Kenya

Last month I wrote about a one-legged beggar in Korr who struggles around with some ill-fitting metal crutches and comes to our house frequently. His physical needs are overwhelming – hunger, pain from his crutches, 2 babies and wife to feed…. However, this past week he came and while we were chatting, he began talking about how God is the One he needs to go to. The Rendille believe in a god who provides. But then this man pulled a little Treasure out of his dirty cloth wrapped around his waist. Treasures are Scripture on tape with music and songs and read with great dramatic skill. Treasures have been done in many different languages, one being Rendille. These little players are solar powered – perfect for Korr where the sun shines every day without fail. These Treasures are simple – they have buttons to play and to stop – no further recordings or erasures. He told me he was listening to this Treasure and played some for me to hear. I’m thrilled he has this Treasure and may God use this to teach about Himself and draw this man and his family to the God of Bible who promises to supply all our needs! God is the One with power to work in hearts!

Update on The Digo of Kenya and Tanzania

As Christians we are to “go and make disciples”. This week two Digo believers from the young church here in Kwale are going out to a nearby town to tell people about Jesus! Please pray that Jesus will begin to work in the hearts of the people they’re going to meet.

Update on The Somali of East Africa and the diaspora

15 September 2016
We invite you to join many others around the world interceding for Somalis this Thursday. Somalis have been resistant to the gospel for years. Please join us in praying for a break through.

The name, “Somali,” is derived from “soo” and “maal,” roughly translated, “Go milk a beast for yourself!” To the Somali, this is an expression of hospitality — and a nod to their historically pastoralist livelihood. Somalis love poetry and are known as a “Nation of Poets.”
The Somali were among the first people to convert to Islam in Africa, and they have a history dating back centuries. They share a common language, adhere to a single faith, and share a cultural heritage that is an integral part of their traditionally nomadic lifestyle.
More than 16 million Somali live scattered across in the Horn of Africa and in the Middle East. A significant diaspora population lives worldwide. There are very few Christ followers among the Somali.

Pray God would work miraculously among the Somali and bring them to him.
These two A to Z lists are an optional guide to use as you spend your time interceding for the Somali people.
Praying A to Z for the Somali People -#1
All Somali’s in all countries would have the opportunity to hear about Jesus
Bibles would be available to all Somali people
Church of Jesus Christ, worldwide, will pray for and reach out in love to the Somali people
Diaspora worldwide would be exposed to the light of Jesus Christ
Evangelistic efforts among the Somali people will be effective in sharing truth
Faithfulness for believers in the midst of persecution
God to reveal Himself through dreams and visions
Holy Spirit to move among the Somali people
Individuals to come to Jesus
Joy for followers of Jesus
Kingdom perspective – Somali people would seek first His kingdom and not be divided by clans and family feuds
Love to be foundational for both the Somali people and Christians towards the Somali
Missionaries to go to the Somali people
Nominal Somali followers would become active and committed
Others oriented – that Somali believers would be looking to the welfare of others and not just focused on themselves
Proximate Churches and believers to reach out to Somali people
Questioning of their traditional belief system and culture
Rest – that Somali followers of Jesus would find true rest in Jesus
Softening of Somali hearts towards Jesus
Trust in each other – in the midst of a very untrusting social context
Understanding of God’s word – that God would illuminate their hearts and minds to understand
Victory – as Somali believers struggle with living in obedience to Jesus
Word of God would be foundational to their understanding of Who God is and what He has done for them
X – access – creative access contexts would be opened up for followers of Jesus to boldly proclaim Him
Young people – they would seek answers to the contradictions of their traditional belief
Zero tolerance – every Somali needs the opportunity to hear about Jesus
Praying A to Z for the Somali People -#2
Accepting to the truth of Jesus Christ
Boldness for believers in sharing their faith in Jesus
Cross would be made known to the Somali people
Deliverance from strongholds that have kept them in bondage
Eager to hear the truth of the Lord Jesus
Families to come together to Jesus
Gospel centered fellowships forming amongst Somali worldwide
Holy Spirit would move amongst Somali’s worldwide
Immersion in the Word for all Somali believers
Jesus would be preeminent amongst Somali Believers
Kindness would part of their spiritual heritage
Light bearing would part of their DNA
Movements of Somali’s coming to Jesus worldwide
Now is the time of salvation – immediacy
Opposition – believers would remain faithful under opposition
Perseverance through persecution
Quiet hearts in the midst of the storms of life
Receptive to the truth of Jesus
Songs of truth in their heart language
Tune-in to media opportunities – radio, tv, internet ….
Unity in the worldwide body of Somali believers
Vocal about their faith in Jesus Christ
Wisdom to know how to live and share Jesus
X ample – have and be an example
Yearn to know and love Jesus more deeply
Zealous for Jesus

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Mobile clinic is one of the activities that occurs monthly among the Hills in Gabbra communities. We praise God for the nurse who is willing to drive up and spend days treating patients. Before each clinic starts, we have a devotional time encouraging the sick people to rely and trust in the Lord as they go through the treatment. Please pray that as people listen to the word of God and as we pray for them, God reveals Himself through physical and spiritual healing. May the ministry of mobile clinic be a shining light of Jesus’ love and many come to believe on the Great Healer.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

We are living amongst people who do not follow Christ. We are asking God that we would have eyes to see them as He sees them – as His people who will accept Christ and become part of the Kingdom of God. Pray that the Nyamwezi will be freed from their bondages and unclean spirits that hold them. Pray that they will understand new life in Christ. Pray that they will work out the difficulties of their life with Jesus as their rock. Jesus cares about all people and has a plan for all to come into a personal relationship with him. We ask that you join us in praying for a people movement among the Nyamwezi. They need light!

Update on The Datooga of Tanzania

A missionary and his wife are spending ten days in a Datooga village, preparing Bible stories in the Datooga language. Pray for the evangelist and his wife as they help translate and craft Bible stories in Datooga. May they grow in boldness and have creativity in using opportunities to share the stories informally with their neighbors.

Update on The Sandawe of Tanzania

Odilo is a Sandawe Bible translator. Recently he has received many requests for help with understanding the gospel and the Scriptures better by a number of people in surrounding villages. For instance, in the village of Jogolo there is a couple in the Anglican church who have given their lives to Jesus but don’t know much about the Bible. They have asked Odilo if he would disciple them. There is a small group of 5, some saved, the others maybe not yet who meet with him every Saturday and he teaches them the basic tenets of the faith. In the village of Manantu there are 3 separate groups with whom Odilo has been meeting with. Originally it was to test the newly translated epistle to the Galatians but now they are back in Genesis, going through the Word, and he is teaching them similarly to the group in Jogolo. In the village of Lahoda the Pentecostal pastor who had only been preaching repentance of sin and avoidance of alcohol and other such sins has realised he doesn’t really know the Bible well. He has asked Odilo to teach him from the Scriptures so he can teach his congregation better. In the village of Moto the evangelist (who is from a rival tribe) has asked Odilo to come and help him teach the congregation better from the Scriptures. These are encouraging events. I think Odilo (who has only just recently begun to understand the gospel more clearly and developed a passion for it himself) needs our prayers to be able to teach what he understands accurately and boldly, and to have the time, stamina and resources necessary to be able to travel to each of these villages weekly to continue teaching all these folks. And pray for others to catch that passion, too, amongst the Sandawe. Pray that others would join him and help carry that load with him. Odilo could use the backing of the church and other believers, in this ministry he himself has taken up on his own. Pray they will.

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Pray that many of the Gabbra will call on the Lord for healing and salvation. May Jesus show Himself to be a powerful Savior, and may many people gladly receive Him. May many Gabbra meet and make friends with missionaries and other Christians. May there be Spirit-inspired strategies that work in evangelism among the Gabbra.

Update on The Alagwa of Tanzania

Pray that those Alagwa who are coming to faith in Jesus will understand they can’t combine following Christ and practicing Islam. Pray that they will completely reject their old religious practices as well as their old doctrines.

Update on The O of East Africa

A believing young mother of 2 has been forced by her father in law to build another house in a more distantly related family’s compound for her and her husband to move into. The father in law’s ‘anti-Christ’ attitudes are repulsed by her gentle and quiet spirit of faith in the Messiah. Though this persecution has been hard for her, this new family compound has 6 others who are very open and seeking the truth. Pray that God will provide a strong facilitator to get an obedience based Bible study going in this family – and that the family Patriarch, Gabe himself, would approve and lead his family in receiving God’s grace through Jesus.

Update on The Sandawe of Tanzania

Please pray that the church would develop a hunger for the truth and a desire to see their fellow Sandawe come to faith in Jesus. Pray for friendships between Christians and Sandawe people to develop and deepen, and that Christ’s love would be compelling the believers to reach out.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

A visit to a mosque for an open-community dinner led to a request for solar lights for the building, the leaders inside explaining, “As you can see, we sit in the dark. We need light.” Please join us in praying for light for our Muslim neighbors, and how to respond to this request. John 8:12 “Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Update on The South Asians of East Africa

A South Asian Muslim family has been shocked and grieved by the drowning of a 4 year old nephew and the heart attack of an uncle. They are beginning to listen to Bible stories and they have received a book that shares Creation to Christ. Little by little they are beginning to hear about God’s great love for sinners and the uniqueness and sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. Please pray that the whole family will come to faith in Christ…men, women and children.

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Pray that a radio tower being constructed will soon be in operation, transmitting the Scriptures to the Gabbra people. Pray for the Lord’s help in the logistics, timing, construction and labor.

Update on The Bara of Madagascar


On the 30th of September we will have the “I Encounter of Farming in God’s Way: Remembering God’s mission to all people and Farming in God’s Way as a strategy to increasing crop production and Reaching Bara People.”

We spect 35 Evangelist from Lutheran Church/Synodon of Betroka. They are coming from the villages where Bara People live. We hope that God continue to break their hearts about missions and teaching about His Love for all the Ethnicity.
May God challenge them to continue preaching, loving Bara people and living lives worthy of the Gospel, without syncretism.

May God give them grace to use the new Farming Methods overcoming their own “planting culture” and apply Farming in God’s Way and its content as a toll to evangelize Bara People.
( to see pictures go after 05/September on our facebook: Luis Fernando Basso Basso.)

Update on The Islanders of the Indian Ocean

Pr for all those who have gone on the pilgrimage to Mcca. Pr that what they experience there would only serve to show them how far they are from Gd. Pr that Gd would speak to many through dreams and visions whilst on the Hajj; pr that they would meet the One who can change their hearts.
Pr for those back at home as they celebrate the festival of Eid, which commemorates the story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son (although Ms believe it was Ishmael not Isaac). Pr that workers would have many opportunities to talk with islanders about the truths of this story, and that Gd would show many that he has provided a sacrifice for them just as he provided one for Isaac.

Update on The Tsimihety of Madagascar

Pray for the participants of a TEE conference that has recently been held in the region where the Tsimihety live. Pray for local pastors and church leaders to become aware of the need to reach this unreached people group. Pray that local churches would be willing to send out workers into the harvest field.

Update on The Mwani of Mozambique

Praise the Lord there has been a recent 2 day conference held in Pemba for 10 leaders of the small churches established in Northern Mozambique. it was a good time of worship, fellowship and encouragement.

Update on The Antandroy of Madagascar

Praise the Lord for the Hales family who work among the Antandroy. They report that 10 new churches have been planted, there are now 3500 believers, with 145 who have been baptised. They ask for particular prayer ,that the Lord will send out workers from national churches to preach the good news to those who have not yet heard.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

• Nyamwezi, especially in the outlying villages, have limited access to medical care. Imagine paying several days’ wages just to get bus transport to a medical center. Imagine not even having cash on hand for such a trip, since most Nyamwezi are subsistence farmers. Praise God for funding for a new clinic building that will be in walking distance for several villages. However, the road washed out during the last rains. Pray that the government will fix this road so heavy trucks with equipment and building materials can be brought to the site.

Update on The Somali of East Africa and the diaspora

A call to prayer for Somalis! Please pray for a breakthrough among the Somalis.
Many people around the world have prayed faithfully that the people of Somalia would put their trust in Jesus. Today, the Somali community is spread around the the world, and still, for the most part, resistant to the gospel and desperately in need of Jesus. You are invited to join brothers and sisters around the world to set aside Thursday, September 15 as a Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Somali people of the world. Watch this site for a simple prayer guide. If you can’t join us for the whole day, consider fasting your lunch time and spending that hour interceding for the Somali people. Their eternity is a stake! You can make a difference! Please join us in this strategic prayer focus to see a movement to Christ among Somalis.

Update on The Dorobo of Kenya and Tanzania

Pastor Julius Ng’ayami passed away this evening, August 21, 2016, after a battle with leukemia. In June he did make the trip to the Loita Hills with us for a ten day evangelism trip. God gave him the strength. He really wanted to visit a Dorobo village at Olterkessy. We made it there and after sharing the Gospel, two Dorobo in that place accepted Christ. Julius also wanted to visit a very traditional group of Dorobo still living in the forest near Entasekera. He also fulfilled that wish and told me, “Shel, you still have a lot of work to do in this area to share Christ with this group of Dorobo.” After we returned from the Loita Hills in early July, Julius’ health took a turn for the worse. He was hospitalized, then released after some blood transfusions and some more chemotherapy. Then he was hospitalize about two weeks ago. We visited him in hospital several times. Last week he got pneumonia and had difficulty breathing .We made a final visit on Friday. I held Julius by the hand and then prayed with him. He nodded and said yes and amen. I was up in the Dorobo village of Songoroi today with Pastor Musanga Omerae doing a baby dedication service for over 20 young children. On arrival home this evening I got a phone message that Julius had passed away. His suffering is over and he’s in his Savior’s arms. Pray for God to comfort his family and pray for God to raise up other Dorobo men to carry on the task of sharing the Gospel with this group of hunter gatherers in Kenya.

Update on The Rangi of Tanzania

Please pray that God will be seen by the people of the town of Busi, so they will know Christ. Pray that they will accept, believe, and trust the Word of God completely, especially those with whom the evangelist has begun to share the Word of God.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

Pray that the Nyamwezi would seek answers for the truth. Recently an imam walking down the road stopped to engage in conversation about questions he had about Christianity. Several witnessed the dialogue exchange, and listened to a clear presentation of the Gospel. Pray for more opportunities like this and for people to accept Christ.

Update on The Nyamwezi of Tanzania

• The Nyamwezi are in the middle of the six-month long dry season. Water is scarce and one must travel farther and farther by foot to haul buckets of water as the water holes dry up. Many working among the Nyamwezi are seeking to locate places for drilling boreholes; places which will become a gathering place for physical and spiritual refreshment. Pray for the Lord to lead in choosing locations, and for funding of these water projects.