Finished projects!

We have lots of finished projects over here in Nosy Be: Caleb and Groupe Tsinfitika (the Sakalava music group) finished their album this week! Please pray that these scripture-songs reach the Sakalava far and wide with the gospel. Also, we completed the translation of Sally Lloyd Jones’ “Jesus Storybook Bible” into the Sakalava language. We’ve been reading the stories on Sunday as they come out, and the kids love them! Continue to pray for the salvation of many Sakalava people!

Harvest is ready!

There is a lot of interest in the village of Antsahabe. It is only in this past year that missionaries have gone there regularly to share the gospel, but already there are believers and several of them are interested in being baptized. Praise God for this! Also pray that these new believers would be grounded in their faith and excited to tell others of the hope they have found.


“This time of the year is the difficult one for people as the fields are still green and there’s no harvest. There’s been an outbreak of measles, which has caused much suffering as well. The situation is not yet under control. But vaccinations have been done in villages. Children have died in our village these last weeks and many others are sick. Please pray for God’s protection.”

This little light

This Thursday the musicians in Nosy Be will be filming a music video in Hellville. The song, “Lay Mazava,” is all about the light of Christ, so pray that His light would shine as they play this song all over town. (It’s way cooler than “This Little Light of Mine” by the way. But same basic idea…)

Caught up in works

Pray for Armand who leads the Catholic church in his village. He, like many others in his village, are interested in following Jesus, but have been caught up in the works-based and syncretistic teachings of the Catholic church. Pray that they would truly understand the gospel and worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

Love your enemy

Mama Anita wants to follow Jesus, but she is having trouble loving her enemy. Pray that she would have courage to do what Jesus says.

Discipleship opportunities

There is a good group of new believers who need discipling and church leaders who need training. Pray for wisdom in knowing who to invest in, and that those people would be faithful and passionate to pass on to others what they are learning.

Changing lives one stitch at a time in Madagascar.

There is a project called “Mama VaoVao”, which is encouraging Sakalava women in the village to use their skills- hand stitching, sewing sacks, bags, pillows, and hand towels. They have just celebrated their one year anniversary. Many women gave their testimonies at the celebration. One said, “My life has changed, I am now able to care for my household with the money I get. I was just able to buy a table. And I have come to know Jesus!” A little thing can do a great thing in peoples’ lives! Pray for “Mama VaoVao” project to achieve great things in these Sakalava women’s lives, helping them to know Jesus as their Savior.

Worshiping God not man

In Sakalava culture, having a funeral or building a grave always involves ancestral worship. This weekend a Christian family, having finished the grave of their mum, will have a party, inviting all their families and friends to worship God. Please pray that it would have a great impact on the attendees, helping them to see who should be worshipped!

Sakalava Scriptures

The former team made great strides in translations of several books of Scripture into the Sakalava dialect but the work ended as there was a lack of people able to help. Please pray for us to find new people skilled in English who will be interested in translating the Bible into Sakalava. With those identified, the team would be able to get the translation project up and running again.