Pray for the believers in Beangezoka. After the pastor died suddenly in December 2019, the young man he was discipling was unexpectedly thrust into the pastorate. Pray for him, John, and the pastor’s wife, Theresa, and the other believers to stand firm against opposition in the village from ancestor worshippers. Ask the Lord to help John as he pastors the church.

Choosing elders

Pray for pastor Julien of the Baptist church in Mandritsara.
He is about to nominate new elders. For wisdom from above for him, that he will discern God’s will, and that the members will also know God’s will and approve.

Stand firm

Ambohitsara is a very small village with maybe about 300 habitants.
There is a small church there with faithful Christians.
Please pray for Zaely and Norizy. These are two women (sisters-in-law actually) who are the pillars of the church. Zaely’s husband became a Christian about 2 years ago.

He was following the regional training for village church leaders in the hope that he would become the future leader of the church but he has had a lot of opposition from his family and is not in church every Sunday. Please pray for this couple.

Please pray for Zaely, Norizy and the other faithful Christians, that they stand firm in their faith.

Rainy season isolation

During the rainy season, it’s difficult for the workers of the Community Health Department to visit the small groups of Christians in the remote villages.
Please pray the believers would stand firm in their belief during the time that they’re isolated.
Thank God for technology like SD cards on which sermons, Bible studies, and songs can be registered and can be listened to in times of no visitors.

Walk in faith

Pray for the believers to fix their eyes on Jesus and walk in faith, pleasing the Lord and sharing with others the good things He has done.

Good Shepherd

Thank the Lord of the Harvest: the Gospel is being spread widely amongst the Tsimihety by faithful Malagasy medical workers, educators and expat missionaries. Through the hospital in Mandritsara, local believers are being trained in providing much needed health services to the outlying villages of the Tsimihety people. They have become the hands and feet of Jesus and are passionate about sharing his love and saving message of hope as they serve. They go out by whatever means they are able: on foot, bicycle, motorbike, 4×4 and even sometimes by helicopter. Pray that many more Tsimihety will see the love of Christ, see that God will go to great lengths to bring them into his fold, and that they’d accept him as their Good Shepherd.

He is working!

It seems the gospel is spreading well in many parts of the area. Church leader trainings continue. Ask for open hearts and transformed families and communities as the gospel is heard and believed. Pray for the church leaders and others who are sharing, that they would be build up in their faith and rooted in Love.

Music workshop

From 27-29 November, the Sakalava music group from Nosy Be are visiting Mandritsara to have a three day workshop with Tsimihety worship musicians, looking at ways of sharing the story of the Bible through songs in local dialect. Please pray that this would be a real encouragement to both groups as they share testimonies and ideas. Please pray that this would lead to the growth of God’s church amongst the Sakalava and Tsimihety people.

Training update

The two weeks of training for village church leaders went very well with 113 leaders attending the first week! We were particularly encouraged to see many of those who have been involved in the training for the last 7 years, bringing other potential leaders from their churches. 45 of the 113 attending have signed up for the next 6-year round of residential training due to start in October this year. Pray for these leaders as they return home and serve their churches.

Full healing

39 Tsimihety women suffering from obstetric fistulae have recently been operated on during a special camp at the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara. Please pray for these women – for their physical healing and that their full honour would be restored in knowing Jesus.


There is residential training taking place over the next two weeks (16 July to 27 July) for Tsimihety village church leaders. Leaders of 80 village church groups have been invited. Please pray for lasting fruit as a result of this training.

church planting

Please pray for the work of the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, at the centre of the Tsimihety region. The project has a vision for a church to be established in every town and village in the Mandritsara district, and in the capitals of the other districts in the Tsimihety region. 70-80 village church groups have started through contact made through the project over the last 20 years. Please pray that this vision would become more of a reality in the coming years, and that the project would maintain a clear gospel and church-planting focus.

Southern outreach

Please pray for the vision to establish new churches within the southern part of the Tsimihety region, which until now remains largely unreached. This will be the focus of the Good News Hospital, Mandritsara, community health outreach during 2018.

translation and fellowship

Please pray for the weekly Tsimihety Bible translation workshop which takes place each Saturday morning in Mandritsara, the central town of the Tsimihety region. This group of men and women is led by Madame Marline and is the only multidenominational gathering amongst Tsimihety believers that we are aware of.

Freedom for victims

Tsimihety are known for being good at business and travelling from place to place to do so. Unfortunately some of the women get involved with prostitution to make ends meet . Pray that an appropriate ministry would be set up for the freedom of victims of this job.

Update on The Tsimihety of Madagascar

Pray for the participants of a TEE conference that has recently been held in the region where the Tsimihety live. Pray for local pastors and church leaders to become aware of the need to reach this unreached people group. Pray that local churches would be willing to send out workers into the harvest field.

Medical Ministry

Katy is a doctor in the local hospital in Mandritsara. Pray for wisdom and faith opportunities, as she sees to many Tsimihety patient’s needs. Pray that there will be many opportunities to share the gospel with Tsimihety for the Lindley family (AIM missionaries).

Update on The Tsimihety of Madagascar

Katy is a doctor in the local hospital in Mandritsara. Pray for wisdom and faith opportunities, as she sees to many Tsimihety patient’s needs. Pray that there will be many opportunities to share the gospel with Tsimihety for the Lindley family( AIM missionaries)

Update on The Tsimihety of Madagascar

A team from SIL/Wycliffe Bible translators is arriving by MAF plane to run a workshop exploring whether to begin a translation project. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they hope to make known the gospel in the Tsimihety mother tongue.