Listening to the Word

Odilo continues to do listening group seminars throughout the area in which he trains people how to ask questions as they listen to scripture on the solar mega voice players. Please ask the LORD to keep him safe as he travels by motorcycle and ask that hearts will be receptive toward God’s Word as the Sandawe people listen in their heart language.

Under Stress

Please pray for a number of seekers whose family units and also relationships within the family are under attack. Pray for protection for the families and for God’s spirit to bring peace. Please also pray that those seeking Jesus would not be distracted but continue to seek him and give him their whole lives.

The king knows the King!

Tsiombivohitra village has a young king (Germain). He and his wife believe in Jesus now. The practical side of things is a bit harder for them as they are expected to teach the traditions of the ancestors to the people. Aspects of these traditions are just plain wrong. They realise this and are thinking how to go about this. Pray for the Lord’s discernment for them.

New Church!

Praise God the beginning of a church is being planted in our village after generations who once resisted any church presence! A local believer, who has completed studies away at Bible college & is supplementing his income through work at our non profit, has been appointed to begin Sunday worship service in a classroom at the local secondary school with new local believers who are able to stand and join in this way. The majority of us long term outside believers will remain at our neighboring church so the new body can develop naturally it’s own indigenous identify as the body of Christ while receiving love & encouragement from us in the larger body of Christ. Pray for the Lord to build his church, his kingdom on the Swahili coast!

Needing mercy

Several of the elderly people on Nosy Mitsio have reached an age where they are sickly and a few have died. Pray that they will truly listen to the Gospel message being shared with them. May the Lord show them His mercy.