Praise the Lord that the few believers on Nosy Mitsio were able to have fellowship on Easter Sunday, and plan to gather again on Pentecost (June 5). Pray that this will be a time of great encouragement, exhortation and a witness to the lost in their community. Pray also for missionaries whose boat was stolen: ask for recovery of their property, for grace and justice to prevail, and for the Lord to use this situation to show his power and love.


Pray for peace and stability on the Ik ridge. Pray the gospel seeds that have been planted will sprout and grow.


Ask God to have mercy on the Fongoro and send messengers of the gospel to them. Pray He would deliver many from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His dear Son.

Friday prayer meetings

Each week we host Friday house prayer meetings in our two home villages. Praise the Lord that some of the local believers have started to attend! Pray that it may be a fruitful time of fellowship and prayer together.

New life

As many San people have left their traditional way of life and moved into the city, pray they will hear the gospel and be saved. Pray they would adopt a new way of life that leads to life and joy in Jesus.


From Elai: It was on Wednesday night, when we were all in church singing and praising God and sharing Bible Stories. Angry youths came with whips, clubs and sticks and beat us. Everyone ran away and some, including me, were beaten mercilessly. I bear marks on my body because of my faith. Because we have said, “No” to evil practices, which are a normal routine in our society, and teach against those things, the youths are against us. After beating and chasing away all who were in church, they collected the church poles and cross and burned them to ashes. We didn’t get discouraged- we are used to persecutions, we can’t run away from our home, parents, and animals we take care of, this is our home. We started praying in our homes. But God is great. The elders in our village (who aren’t believers) were angry at the youths and told them, “You have persecuted our children and families. Now we are going into the bush and cut the poles ourselves and rebuild the church and if anyone comes and tampers with it again, we will curse them.” Now the church is rebuild!

Seek Him

Pray for the traumatized and disillusioned refugees in the Horn. Ask the Lord to come to them in dreams and visions and set them on a new path of seeking Him.

Bible distribution

Please pray for the Bible distribution planned for this week in Usandawe. Pray for good partnerships, logistics, safety and that the LORD would be glorified in this. Pray many will read the Word in their heart language and believe.


Pray for believers to mature in their faith, walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, and share with others the good things God has done.

Bible stories

Telling Bible stories in the local language has been successful. Many have heard the Gospel in their heart language and understand the implications for their lives. Several kings in our area said that they want to follow the Lord Jesus. There is also a greater awareness of local Christians that they too can witness to their neighbours.
We have translated 41 Bible stories and recorded them. They are ready to be put on sd cards, cd’s or any other medium. Please pray for that process and for wide distribution, and for many to believe!


Ask the Lord to soften hard hearts amongst the Fulani people. Pray they will seek peace with God and find the Prince of Peace.


Please pray for the local church as we work through a series of teaching on the true gospel and how to understand and recognise the dangers in prosperity teaching. Almost everyone has been exposed to the prosperity gospel through the radio, television and teaching from other churches. May the believers find new joy in the spiritual blessings we have in Christ and be able to lay aside wrong thinking. Please pray too as midweek groups have been relaunched that the believers will grow in their relationship with God and with their Christian brothers and sisters. May they also find courage and encouragement together to reach out to friends and neighbours with the good news of God’s love and salvation through Jesus.

Work God requires

Pray for these Muslims as they try hard to please God and do His work. May they do the work that God requires- to believe on the One whom He has sent.


In our area, the fallout from recent cyclones continues to wreak havoc: about 20% of people’s houses were down and cases of dysentery and malaria rife. Further down the coast and inland the damage was more extensive with large areas flattened and several deaths. All over people are living in small teepees of grass and plastic tarpaulins.

Also, pray for the radio ministry: recent Muslim converts to Christ, baptized last year, have taken to the air waves! They are receiving training from myself, Ali and local radio technicians and mastering the sound keyboard and most importantly the art of doing interviews and taking the word of Christ into the villages. Please continue to pray for the radio work and the growth of the Gospel among its listeners.

Children’s camp

There is a children’s ministry growing in Sakalava: pray for an upcoming children’s camp, that the timing would be good and that it would bear much spiritual fruit. Lift up plans to celebrate Pentecost with a baptism, that it would be a great witness to the village/Sakalava people. Pray for leaders who can continue a Bible study started by 2 Malagasy missionaries, that many will see the light, for God’s glory


Pray for Dorobo believers as they share their faith amongst their own people and look to share with others cross culturally as well. As the Lord to bless their efforts and build His church.


We have printed the book of Jonah in the local language in Arabic script. This makes Scripture accessible to those who have never learned to read an alphabet other than the Arabic alphabet. When I gave the book of Jonah to Mama Levi, she absolutely loved it and we read the whole book in one sitting. Then I was completely surprised when she asked if I had any books about Jesus. Pray for Mama Levi’s heart to be open as she reads and re-reads the book of Jonah. May the Holy Spirit reveal truth to her through this story. Pray for the opportunity to give Mama Levi the book of Mark and pray for her to have eyes to see and ears to hear. Pray for the many islanders who have read Arabic words this Ramadan, and not understood what they read, to hunger for truth. Pray for our team as we continue to distribute Jonah and for the translation team as they continue to get more books ready to be printed.


Pray for Ugandan missionaries reaching out to Aringa youth. Pray many would be born again and grow as strong disciples of Jesus.

Do what is right

In our area, many men are married to more than one woman. Four of the women who regularly attend church are all married to the same man, and he does not show any interest in the gospel or joining them at church. Recently, he has outright forbidden his wives to attend church, threatening to divorce them if they continue. Several of the women have still continued to attend, but it is a difficult situation for all, especially since there are also many children involved. Please join us in praying for this man, that his heart may soften to Jesus, and that he may come to know the truth that his wives have already discovered! Also, pray for wisdom for those speaking into this situation and supporting the women as they seek to do what is right.

Diaspora in Canada

We had a wonderful sunny day of bike repairs, fellowship, and engagement with our neighbours on Saturday. About a dozen kids came to get bikes and left happy. We shared a hot dog meal following.  A local sign shop owner has committed to making us new signs for our big kids’ bike build program. One local youth imam came, and Jas said he’d like to arrange faith dialogues between his youth and Christian kids. We’re also kicking off ‘faith around the fire’ this week, or as soon as the signs are finished. Pray for deep conversations around the fire and for the Spirit to draw many to the Lord.

Have Mercy

Pray for the Spirit to move among the people. We know apart from His work we will see nothing significant happen here. Pray for God to have mercy on the Kanembu people and visit them even though they have rejected him.

Dreams and visions

Kelly has had the opportunity to use the Bible to teach her neighbors English. After a good time reading Scripture, Kelly showed them a video of a Muslim coming to faith through visions/dreams. They were all very excited and want to meet again. Pray for dreams/visions in the lives of these people to bring them to Jesus.


Mike and Faith are a retired couple. They moved from their home area looking for some freedom from the weight of the local practice of belief. Father brought us together, allowing for a growing friendship and the opportunity to discuss what true freedom really means. Mike has rejected all religious belief, trusting in science instead, while Faith is torn by her sense of loyalty and the evident hypocrisy. Please ask Father to open their hearts to truth and for seeds being planted to bring life!


Working together with a young pastor and his wife (Dories & Alphossin) we have
taught some young believers to go out and evangelise. Currently, they are travelling
alongside Dories and Alphossin and are learning as they go. Pray for many open hearts to hear and receive the gospel.

Neighbors’ needs

A key young man from S’s family, who we’ve been reaching out to for regular teaching, has big changes coming as he was selected for a county position and has gone for training and an uncertain assignment location following that. Pray that God will put people in his path who will inspire his continuing to seek truth and embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior. Continue to pray for Gail’s complete healing from Lupus (same family)- she’s doing great physically and spiritually right now.

Christian – Muslim dialogue on 14th May

We have a dialogue with Muslims on Saturday. The topic is – Who is Jesus?
Please pray for clear minds in the audience to hear, understand and believe the truth about Jesus’ identity and His work. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully through the discussions.

youth outreach

We had a youth camp recently and 100+ young people came. It was very good. The workers’ children, MBB’s children and a good number of seekers’ children participated.
God has granted us a good platform with the Youth. Pray for transformation as they continue learning each week.
There is a great financial need for those who have graduated from primary and secondary school as they prepare to join the next level. Please pray for provision.
We are following up with the parents of our youth and God is giving us opportunities. Please pray that the Lord may draw many to Himself.
Praise God for another home church born recently, pray that many neighbors will be reached.

Armor of God

Please pray for two believing women in different villages who we are teaching to recognise the devil’s schemes and resist him (1 Peter 5 v 8-9). Praise God for their engagement in this teaching! Please pray for perseverance in putting on the armor of God, that daily they will set time aside to meet with God in prayer and His Word.

Diaspora in France

* Pray for us to be able to discern the needs of the people in front of us and then be able to share the Gospel in a way that speaks to people, just like Jesus and others did for so many people in the Bible
* Pray for H, M and JK, 3 students who continue seeking the Lord. Pray particularly for M that she will take that one last difficult step of paying the price to follow Jesus because He is so worth it.

English classes

Pray for the English classes that we’ve just started. Pray for contacts through this class, for students who want to go deeper. Pray the community sees Jesus through the way we serve.

Diaspora in Washington

* Afghan: Build your church God, among our Afghan brothers and sisters. Help us to listen well and connect our new friends with your word in their language. Praise you God for the hands and hearts that have labored to translate it! We praise God for several new friends who have rejoiced to have a Bible here as they lamented the loss of the Bible they had to leave behind in Afghanistan!
* Uyghur: We pray for your protection for those who believe, and we pray for those here that they may be able to hear your word God in their heart language.


An evangelical worker recently asked a pastor’s son, “Who is you closest friend in school? The boy replied, Mohammed! The second son said Hussein was his closest friend. The daughter replied her best friend was Aisha. Pray for cross-cultural workers, sent out as families to live among those who do not yet know Jesus as the Son of God. Pray for their living faithfully in Christ and for His protection over the families. May the friendships developed bring about fruit for the Kingdom and a light into the lives of their friends that they may no longer be held in darkness but come to Jesus.

Translation update

SIL (Wycliffe) has taken on Lopit as a full time Bible Translation project this year. They have a couple of Lopit translators living and working in Juba and working on the New Testament. As they gather resources together so that they can make use of the existing materials that our team has worked on with the community already, pray that there will be good collaboration between the SIL team and the missionaries (past and present) working among the Lopit. Pray that God will bless this translation, and speed along its progress.

Open door

Jean and Melias (two of our Malagasy partners in Nosybe) did a survey in Ambanja this past week which went well and were able to have Bible Studies in different homes. Sadly they had to leave at the end of the week because of other commitments, however, we see this as an open door for when the CEFOI Bible students go there for a week of evangelism in June. Please pray for prepared hearts and that there will be much fruit for God’s glory. Please pray for leaders to be able to continue with these Bible Studies.

Diaspora in South America

* The Portuguese Class is growing in Passo Fundo and J. & A. are helping some students who have been open for relationship. Please pray specifically for M., an African Muslim, who is more and more open to relationship.
* More and more we are hearing about sexual violence against immigrants, including cases of human trafficking of young women. Pray that God will give us wisdom on how to help these women and engage against this practice.

What’s it gonna take?

Pray for so many O who have heard and are hearing God‘s word regularly – that their hearts may be pierced, drawn and convicted by the Holy Spirit, and they too would ask, “what must we do to be saved?“ Pray that many would respond to the Good News of God‘s grace through Jesus, rather than their attempts at pleasing him through good works.

Church growing

The Father is growing the church in the capital city and we are hearing reports of a number of people following the Son or choosing to be ‘dunked’. Please ask that they would be rooted in the Word, in  prayer, and in a Believing Community.


Our Easter service had a wonderful turnout, and we shared a meal together afterward to celebrate the resurrection. It was encouraging to see many from the community travel out to the church and we pray it may continue to open doors for conversations and further relationships with those who came. Please pray that this could be the first step for many to hear the truth of the gospel, and stir up a desire to know more!


Lucino called this morning and told me that Christians in Lomutar, Toposaland, have been beaten severely. This is the same place where persecutions started in 2020. Please pray the believers would stand firm in their faith and the Lord would rebuke the men who oppose Him.

Needing salvation

Jared and Mzee M have been going to a neighborhood Bible study together and Mzee enjoys it very much. He sings hymns and engages in conversation. Pray for the desire to follow Jesus in his own life.
Shara and Mama Sam started lesson 1 of a 6-lesson Bible series. Pray they will be able to continue this study and that God would use it to soften Mama S’s heart to accept her Savior.