Equipping the local church

An urban church has expressed interest in being involved in outreach to the Gujarati population in its community. There are many cultural barriers that the Malagasy church will have to overcome to make inroads with their Gujarati neighbors. We are praying for the...


Remember the Karana-Gujarati of Madagascar. Pray that their Malagasy neighbors who love Jesus will reach out to them with the love of Christ. Pray for the KM and BT families.

Thirst for Truth

Please remember the Karana (Gujarati) of Madagascar. Friday was the end of Ramadan. Please continue to ask that God will place a thirst in their hearts for Truth and the God who is able to truly forgive their sins. Pray for the AK and HJ families.

People of Peace

The Gujarati are called “Karana” by the Malagasy people. It has been difficult for the Malagasy to gain entrance into their communities, finding little common ground. Please pray for a pre-Venture trip being proposed with business professionals from South Africa,...

Love your neighbor

Pray that the people who attended the “Love Your Neighbor” seminar in Tana, will be motivated to begin building relationships with the Indian population so that they can share the good news with them. This is difficult as there is very little interaction...

Transformed to Serve the Gospel

A family has come to Christ through the witness of missionaries in their area. They have invited unsaved family members and friends to attend a Christian outreach concert on Saturday night, where they hope those people will hear the gospel. Pray for encouragement as...