Seeds planted to grow

More than 70 villages have already watched the Jesus film! Could you pray that the Holy Spirit will remind people about the movie and enlighten their hearts, making the seeds planted through this simple but powerful presentation of the Gospel grow and be fruitful?

Light shown in the darkness

Anjiry is the worst region of Bara lands. It is far away, full of cattle thieves and witchdoctors. The Jesus film was broadcast there by a Lutheran team of pastors. Could you please pray for this dark land- that the light of the Gospel that has been shown upon them would be seen and believed.

From the mouth of babes

Almost 300 children have come to our Bara children program. Many of them are Bara. Pray that Jesus will convert these children and use them to witness in their villages and families about the great love of Jesus.

Great Commission

This week the Lutherans are having a conference in Betroka about Mathew 28:18-20; could you pray that the Great Commission mandate of Christ will get deep into the heart of believers and they will really engage in evangelism to the Bara?

Worldview shift

We have been invited to broadcast the Jesus film in many Bara villages. So please pray that God will use this very simple but powerful evangelism tool to change hearts and to make people think about their worldview.


There have been many kidnappings recently in Bara areas. The poverty and the culture are forcing people to do this in order to find money. Please pray that God will open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel and they would be saved.


This week we are involved in a Children Ministry Conference with 40 Children’s teachers from the Lutheran church and next week the Lutheran TOBY Conference, where we are invited to talk about the mission of the church. Please pray for a revival in the church and also that the Christians would understand deeply their role as the Church of Jesus. That they understand that missions and evangelism is not for the pastor only but for everyone who knows Jesus.

Church reaching out

Please pray for the pastors: Haja, Emanoela Blandino, Albera, Tolotra, Tomoeira, Boto Filemon and Jemarí, and all the 80 Evangelists and Bible Teachers that we are training in missiology and strategies for reaching out to the Bara. Pray that God will bless them, that God will support them (financially and spiritually) and that they may become bold to share Christ to Bara people. Pray for holiness, for the Fruit of the Spirit and a fruitful ministry.
Pray also for the Church in Betroka, that God brings a revival, and the church would love Jesus with all her might.

Jesus Film follow-up

We have been invited to broadcast the Jesus film in many Bara villages. Pray that God will use the simplicity of the Jesus film to attract many Bara to Himself. We have shown the Jesus film together with Pastor Emanoel Blandino to more the 50 villages! Pray the people would think about Jesus, and his Salvation. We hope that the Jesus film opens doors to the Evangelists as they come and preach, and also to make people think about their own beliefs.

Bible Pictures and Stories

One of our Evangelists came to us and reported that in one Bara village, he has started sharing the Pictures of Bible Stories that we offered to him in the training last month. He told us that many people came to see the pictures and to listen to the stories of God. The people have started to ask questions and say: “Oh! This is Adam and Eve? Ow! What happened next?

Please pray that our team of 80 Evangelists and local pastors, trained in Bible Story Tellers will be bold to go into the bush and tell people about Christ using the book of pictures they received.
Pray also that God will work throughout this very simple way of evangelism, and bring Bara people to Himself.