Jesus Film

PASTOR MANOELA continues to visit many villages showing the Jesus film. Pray that the village people will not just view this as entertainment, but will consider their need of a Saviour and will be drawn to faith in Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s preparation of hearts in the villages as plans are made for the showing of this film.

Teaching reading and writing

Many Bara children cannot afford school fees. So, in 2020, THE BARA PROJECT built a school to teach, free of charge, reading and writing. Today we have 140 children studying. Some of those children are Bara. Daily they are taught not just to read and write, but also Bible Stories. Please pray that God will bless them and they will be converted. Also pray that they may share the stories in their homes and in this way be a channel for the Gospel to Bara people.

The gospel being proclaimed by evangelists

Since 2015, more than 130 evangelists have been trained to witness in Bara land. Pray that God will empower and strength them to accomplish their work of witnessing to such great salvation. Praise God for this “army” of evangelists that are in Bara area, and ask God that they may be fruitful to His Kingdom.


The JESUS film in Bara language, in partnership with Pastor Emanoel Blandino, has been shown in 201 villages as of December. We have news of much fruit. Please pray that Bara will understand the message of the Gospel, and will turn to God. Please pray for boldness for our partners in going to more villages. Our goal is to reach 100 more Bara villages this year.
Pray that God will use this simple tool to open many eyes to the truth of the Gospel.


Since January 2019, Bara people have been facing a difficult period of drought. There has been very little rain, which makes life even more difficult than it already is. No crops. No rice. And the last of the manioc was consumed last month. Because of COVID-19, the price of food has risen, and made life even more complicated for Bara people. Famine has spread all over southern Madagascar, and this includes Bara land.
Please pray for rain and also for a change in people’s mentality. We have been teaching Farming God’s Way since 2014. May God use this to help this people come to Himself and to change their way of life.


Recently, we had a Bara king come to Zaona’s house (Zaona is a Bara converted man). The king of that village is not a Christian. Sometime ago, we gave him one AudioBible with Bible stories in Bara language. Last week he told Zaona that he was interested in praying to Jesus. So, he invited us to go to his village and broadcast the Jesus film. This is a great opportunity to share the gospel to this people group that is so resistant to the Gospel.
Please pray for JESUS FILM PROJECT opportunities and fruitful work.

The Well

Please keep praying for a well we are drilling here in the village. We have faced many problems. The drill broke three times, the compressor of the truck malfunctioned and water has not come out as planned (1,5 m cubic/ hr). Moreover, some people are against the construction of the well (like Tobiah and Sanballat in the book of Nehemiah). Please pray that in the middle of all this distress, God will give water to bless our children, farmers and the sick Bara people of Toby Betesda.

Judgement Day

The Jesus Film has been largely broadcasted in more than 100 Bara villages. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will remind the thousands who have watched the Judgement Day and that He who sits on the throne is merciful. Pray that the light of truth will penetrate through the darkest lands and bring salvation to the very last village in Madagascar. May God strengthen the church by bringing a revival of holiness and love for the kingdom of Christ. May He awaken His church, open doors to spread the Gospel and provide new strategies to reach His people.

Salt and Light

We have 380 children in our children’s program! Please pray for them. Many of them are Bara. Pray that Christ will touch their hearts and that they will become children of God, willing to follow Him from their childhood and sharing the Gospel with their families. Pray that their families will fear God and not mislead them from the path of righteousness. Also pray for all converted Bara. There are a number of Bara Christians, but also a huge growth in nominalism. May God raise Bara people to be salt and light in their villages.

The Good Fight

Please pray for our 37 evangelists from FLM (Lutheran Church of Madagascar) and FJKM (Reformed Church of Madagascar) who have been trained in Missions and Evangelism. Pray that they will use all the tools they were given and in the power of the Holy Spirit will boldly share the Gospel, going to the villages where Christ is not already known. Also pray that our partners will focus on unity and working together for the sake of Christ, leaving behind all intrigue, envy, and unholiness. May they fight the good fight and show the church how to be more gospel-centered and mission minded.

Redemption and Rain

Pray for all the strategies God has given us to reach the Bara: Children’s ministry, Farming God’s Way, The Jesus Film, Social Relief, Audio Bibles and Training. May God use them to glorify Himself and may support never lack for these projects. Please also pray for our coworkers in the field to be strengthened and emboldened during this time of Covid-19 as food prices have increased and there is a lack of support due to the closing of churches. We also ask for rain. This has been a difficult year. The drought has dried up vegetation and famine has started creeping in. Abundant rain is needed so that the Bara can plant and have food. We are desperate for an overflow of God’s grace in a dry and thirsty land.

Hard times bring salvation

People in Bara land are so afraid of this virus that they are crowding into the churches! Our partner churches here are doing 4 services every Sunday to accommodate all! Starting at 4 in the morning! We’ve seen many Christians repenting from their sin and committing themselves to be faithful.
We’ve had many Bara villages pleading with us to come; they want to see the Jesus film. We can’t go but Pastor Emanuel is going. He has been in more than 6 villages the last 4 weeks broadcasting the film (and following the recommendations for COVID-19). More than 1000 people have watched the Jesus film and The Last Judgment.
So the hard times bring glory to God and salvation to people!

Rain needed!

While some parts of Madagascar are experiencing flooding, the drought is severe in the South of Madagascar, including the Betroka area where the Bara live. Lack of rain has caused the fields to dry up, and now the people are struggling with no food and no water. God has clearly opened doors for us to use Farming God’s Way as a tool for reaching out with the gospel. But we lack the rain that we need to see the rice, manioc, beans and sweet potatoes grow! Please ask that the Lord of the harvest would send rain and enable all the seeds to flourish – the physical and those sown in people’s hearts.

Faith in Christ

Pray that in many towns and villages, Bara people will come to faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Pray that the Lord will gather them together into Christ-centered churches. Pray that those churches will multiply and plant more churches. Pray for a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit among the Bara.


Zaona is a good friend of mine and we have known him since 2013. Back then, he was a cattle thief and witchdoctor’s son. However, he converted to Jesus when he was sick and no witchdoctor could heal him. He took a step of “last hope” and came to the church in 2013. He was healed and became a follower of Christ. A real one! From that time on, we have challenged him to read the Bible and share about Christ in his own village (Mbebakaka) and with family. For some years, he was afraid and timid. As time passed, he learned more about Jesus and since the Jesus Film was shown in his village, he has started to more openly share about Christ.
The result? 4 people of his village have decided to follow Christ and to baptized! This is a miracle. Also, the King of the village has given him land to build a church. Praise God. Praise Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Amazing news.

One Bara village has decided that they are tired of witchcraft and of witchdoctors taking their money, so they burned all their witchcraft charms! They have asked the churches and pastors to come tell them about the Good News. Fernando will join those going from the church and will show the Jesus film. Please pray that the Spirit will move in hearts of the villagers and that a real transformation will take place in this village.

Seeds planted to grow

More than 70 villages have already watched the Jesus film! Could you pray that the Holy Spirit will remind people about the movie and enlighten their hearts, making the seeds planted through this simple but powerful presentation of the Gospel grow and be fruitful?

Light shown in the darkness

Anjiry is the worst region of Bara lands. It is far away, full of cattle thieves and witchdoctors. The Jesus film was broadcast there by a Lutheran team of pastors. Could you please pray for this dark land- that the light of the Gospel that has been shown upon them would be seen and believed.

From the mouth of babes

Almost 300 children have come to our Bara children program. Many of them are Bara. Pray that Jesus will convert these children and use them to witness in their villages and families about the great love of Jesus.

Great Commission

This week the Lutherans are having a conference in Betroka about Mathew 28:18-20; could you pray that the Great Commission mandate of Christ will get deep into the heart of believers and they will really engage in evangelism to the Bara?

Worldview shift

We have been invited to broadcast the Jesus film in many Bara villages. So please pray that God will use this very simple but powerful evangelism tool to change hearts and to make people think about their worldview.


There have been many kidnappings recently in Bara areas. The poverty and the culture are forcing people to do this in order to find money. Please pray that God will open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel and they would be saved.


This week we are involved in a Children Ministry Conference with 40 Children’s teachers from the Lutheran church and next week the Lutheran TOBY Conference, where we are invited to talk about the mission of the church. Please pray for a revival in the church and also that the Christians would understand deeply their role as the Church of Jesus. That they understand that missions and evangelism is not for the pastor only but for everyone who knows Jesus.

Church reaching out

Please pray for the pastors: Haja, Emanoela Blandino, Albera, Tolotra, Tomoeira, Boto Filemon and Jemarí, and all the 80 Evangelists and Bible Teachers that we are training in missiology and strategies for reaching out to the Bara. Pray that God will bless them, that God will support them (financially and spiritually) and that they may become bold to share Christ to Bara people. Pray for holiness, for the Fruit of the Spirit and a fruitful ministry.
Pray also for the Church in Betroka, that God brings a revival, and the church would love Jesus with all her might.

Jesus Film follow-up

We have been invited to broadcast the Jesus film in many Bara villages. Pray that God will use the simplicity of the Jesus film to attract many Bara to Himself. We have shown the Jesus film together with Pastor Emanoel Blandino to more the 50 villages! Pray the people would think about Jesus, and his Salvation. We hope that the Jesus film opens doors to the Evangelists as they come and preach, and also to make people think about their own beliefs.

Bible Pictures and Stories

One of our Evangelists came to us and reported that in one Bara village, he has started sharing the Pictures of Bible Stories that we offered to him in the training last month. He told us that many people came to see the pictures and to listen to the stories of God. The people have started to ask questions and say: “Oh! This is Adam and Eve? Ow! What happened next?

Please pray that our team of 80 Evangelists and local pastors, trained in Bible Story Tellers will be bold to go into the bush and tell people about Christ using the book of pictures they received.
Pray also that God will work throughout this very simple way of evangelism, and bring Bara people to Himself.

Jesus film being shown again

We’ve started again, after a few months during the rainy season, showing the Jesus Film. Please pray that the film works in the hearts of Bara people, and the church of believers who watch may be strengthened, and the Bara saved.
There are many villages we want to go to. Pastor Emanoela, from Lutheran church, our partner, has taken on the task, he is going to show the Jesus film as well. Pray for him also.

Jesus be glorified!

We have received many invitations to come to villages to broadcast the Jesus Film. Could you please pray that the name of Jesus remain glorious in the hearts of these people when they watch the Jesus Film? Can you pray also for those that have already watched the Film, that the Holy Spirit will remind them about Christ and his perfect sacrifice, his love and also the condemnation that will follow those who don’t believe in Him? Pray that God enlightens many hearts to the truth of the Gospel.

Missions Conference in Bara lands

Please join us in praying for the Missions Conference which will be held July 5-7 2019. We expect 100 evangelists from the Lutheran church to come. We will be talking about the Glory of Jesus in Missions, The Work of an Evangelist, The mission of God, and Strategies to Evangelism – Story Tellers. It will be three days of intense work and learning. Pray for the local Pastors that will be involved: Pr. Emanoela; Pr. Tolotra. Pr. Haja and Pr. Tomoeira (a Bara pastor). Please pray for those who will come, that they may be awakened by the Holy Spirit towards the evangelization of Bara and that they use the new learning and strategies. Pray for revival and for hearts to burn for the salvation of the Bara!

Bara Jesus Film

We showed the Jesus film and the number of non-Christians who watched was great. I think that more than 200 came to watch the film in Bara language. Our prayer request is that God envisions His church here in Bara areas and makes the Christians bold to share about Christ, especially with those who watched the film.

Friendship with Demons

We asked a Bara believer why is it that the Bara People are so attached to Troba and Doany [two demons that control every aspect of Bara society]. ‘Because they are Friends!’, he answered me. The Bara have a relation of friendship with those demons [they call them “the ancestors”]. Bara people beg them for blessings, and the demons ask for sacrifices to not harm them. In some rituals, the witchdoctor will sing: “Come friends, come friends, stay with us…” What a deep deep spiritual prison! Could you please pray that the Bara will find out how those demons really have deceived them, and how bad they really are instead of being ‘friends’? Pray also that God may shine his Glory in the midst of them, showing that the One True Friend we have is Jesus Christ.

May the wind of Grace blow!

Please pray for an awakening and revival among the Christians that live around Bara lands. Pray that God would blow the wind of grace and the Holy Spirit would change hearts, minds and behaviors. (We have a widespread and dangerous nominalism among those who go to the church, and this is a barrier to Bara coming to Christ as well.)

Harvest by His Power.

In the Village of Marolima, southern Madagascar, in the middle of the mountains, many have turned their backs on their religious beliefs and have become followers of Jesus Christ!
One man’s wife and son became sick. His wife was possessed by demons. They did everything the witchdoctor said. They gave many cows in sacrifice to one of the evil spirits that command their village. Nothing happened. So he went to a doctor in town. Nothing happened. He thought “The last chance is the church”.  But he was Bara. Bara don’t pray to the god of the white people. At last he ends up in the church in Betroka and asks for help. The pastor prayed. His wife was set free from the demons and was healed!
They became Christians and another 100 followed them! The church of Jesus Christ is being built in this village. Praise God!

Good soil

The Bara people of southern Madagascar have been hearing the gospel through the Jesus film and one on one discipleship initiatives. Several evangelists are reaching out far and wide amongst the Bara. Praise God for His moving amongst the Bara! Pray that God will continue to move and prepare Bara hearts, like good soil to plant God’s word and see fruit spring up.

Rain, Crops and Malaria

We are in the rainy season in Bara lands. That means: A lot of rain, plantations growing, food, water to drink, but also, malaria. Malaria kills people in the South. Children are the most affected. Because of Bara rituals, they usually don’t go to the hospital. And 90% of Bara villages don’t have access to health care. In most cases the hospital is hours from the village. Another problem is the corruption (fake medicine, high price of injections) among doctors… So, please, pray for this time, that God protects people from Malaria and also that they discover in Jesus Christ, the help in time of need.

Christ being formed in them

We have seen some Bara people coming to Christ in a miraculous way. Could you pray for them that they will grow in faith and in the desire to know more the Lord Jesus? Pray that the Holy Spirit will help them not fall into syncretism or some kind of misunderstanding of the Message of the Gospel.

God bless you

Evangelist training

Thank you for praying for the training. Please pray for the 60 Evangelists from the Malagasy Lutheran Church and 1 Pastor from Assembly of God Church that were taught new strategies of Evangelism towards Bara People. They were taught in Farming in God’s Way Program and Story -Tellers Program, and were given the Bara language Bible in audio form.
Please pray that God will burden their hearts for Bara People, and they will  share boldly about Jesus.



Strategic training

Please join us in prayer. Today we will have 3 Farming God’s Way training and 1 Story-Tellers Training: Evangelism strategies. We are receiving 24 Evangelists, 6 Pastors and 22 Bible Teachers from different parts of Southern Madagascar. They are from Lutheran Church and work in Bara area. Our desire is that the Lord will help them to look beyond towards the Unreached Bara people and use the stories as well as Farming to reach out to Bara people. May God grant us grace to teach well and grace to the 5 Malagasy Co-workers we have: Pr. Emanoella, Pastor Haja, Pastor Tolotra, Justine and Armand. They will also teach. Thank you.

We are thirsty!!!!

“Fernando, our people are thirsty. Could you come to our village to broadcast the film Jesus?”
People are becoming tired of their old ways, specially when they see that all the witchcraft they use isn’t able to protect them from evil. Demons keep attacking many Bara villages. Could you pray that God would touch their hearts to turn to Him? That God would manifest his power and love among Bara people so they would leave behind all their witchcraft practices and become followers of Christ?


Syncretism is the mix of religions. We saw many times in the Bible that even Israel practiced this: “… they pray to the Lord, but also sacrificed in the hills…” Could you pray that those Bara that are turning to Christ, will be changed in a such way, that their old religious practices will be thrown aside and only Jesus will be exalted, consulted, and worshiped!