Seek Him

Pray for the traumatized and disillusioned refugees in the Horn. Ask the Lord to come to them in dreams and visions and set them on a new path of seeking Him.

Read and share

Pray for the Y people who have been given the scriptures to continue to read them and share them with others. Pray that many would believe and put their faith in Jesus.

The Way

Pray for Y refugees in the Horn to become disillusioned with Islam and seek ‘people of the book’ to explain the way of righteousness. Pray many will find the Way.

Grow strong

Pray for Y believers in the Horn to grow strong in their faith and share the good things God has done for them with others.

Lord, draw men

Ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into this harvest field.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw hearts to the truth, to remove the veil, and open blind eyes.
Pray specifically for men to come to the Lord so that they might lead their families.

May they know eternal hope

Isaiah 25:8- He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove his people’s disgrace from all the earth. The LORD has spoken.
In response to the heartache and shame that the Y people face due to the war and reign of Islam in their nation, please join me and pray this verse over the peoples- that they will know the eternal hope in the One who has swallowed up death, will wipe away their tears, and who has carried their shame.

A New Thing!

All through Ramadan and Eid and now carrying into these following days, it has been a really special season for the Y community! There is an outpouring of the HS that I haven’t seen in my years of being here! They are having dreams and visions (and we are too in regards to them!) and they are responding to the Word. I’ve had several people come forth on their own and ask me out right to share The Story with them or teach them about the Book. We’re seeing healings and other answers. I’ve had many new Y relationships brought across my path which I sense are all really divine connections, and I have several relationships that were previously really hardened and opposed to the Good News and the Word now really softening to it. It’s a beautiful beautiful season! And we want more! More of His Spirit and power and love and truth being poured out on these precious people. Please especially remember “Julia” and my Y momma- two women that have either had a dream or were in a prophetic dream.

New family members!

There is a new brother and sister in our family in H2H! We’re giving thanks for them and asking God to make them a blessing to the Y community and to draw many more to Himself. Please pray with us.

Needing a teacher

The brothers here have a great need for a teacher. They know the best Teacher and the Great Shepherd, but need some men to come and walk alongside of them. Please ask for this provision.

Standing and kneeling

Pray for protection over new believers, that they might stand firm in the face of opposition.
And pray for fear to be broken among the many that know the truth, but are counting the cost. May they bow their knee to King Jesus.

Pray for Peace to come

The Y of East Africa experience a lot of oppression and racism and often feel more unsafe here than in their war-torn home country, causing a lot of distress and distrust. Please ask for the Prince of Peace to come and guard and care for their hearts. May they know security in His presence.

Needing healing and freedom

There is an eagerness and hunger among the men, but we continue to see little movement or interest among the women. The women often describe their hearts as being black. From the results of their Islamic religion, their culture and the current war, these women have suffered deeply and experienced heavy pain in their lives. Ask for healing and freedom for these women.

On the Edge

There is a clear move of the Holy Spirit among these people right now and many are being drawn. Please ask for those who are “on the edge” to bow their knee to the King.