All through Ramadan and Eid and now carrying into these following days, it has been a really special season for the Y community! There is an outpouring of the HS that I haven’t seen in my years of being here! They are having dreams and visions (and we are too in regards to them!) and they are responding to the Word. I’ve had several people come forth on their own and ask me out right to share The Story with them or teach them about the Book. We’re seeing healings and other answers. I’ve had many new Y relationships brought across my path which I sense are all really divine connections, and I have several relationships that were previously really hardened and opposed to the Good News and the Word now really softening to it. It’s a beautiful beautiful season! And we want more! More of His Spirit and power and love and truth being poured out on these precious people. Please especially remember “Julia” and my Y momma- two women that have either had a dream or were in a prophetic dream.