The king knows the King!

Tsiombivohitra village has a young king (Germain). He and his wife believe in Jesus now. The practical side of things is a bit harder for them as they are expected to teach the traditions of the ancestors to the people. Aspects of these traditions are just plain wrong. They realise this and are thinking how to go about this. Pray for the Lord’s discernment for them.

Closed door

The village of Ambohitsara has closed its doors to us. The king of the village is a witch-doctor and he managed to listen to all the old testament stories. At the beginning of the NT stories, he started to tell me that they did not have the time to listen anymore. My friend the Pastor was told off as well. I still travel through this village weekly and hope that the Lord will open the hearts of the people. Please pray.

New Church!

One small village (Tanambao) I started to visit in February 2018 has a young lively church now! The young pastor and his wife (Doris & Alphossin) of that church came to live in the village in August 2018. They are from a different tribe and area of Madagascar and felt God’s calling to preach the gospel in our area. I introduced the people with the concept of sin in the months prior to their arrival. He told me that when they settled in Tanambao many of the people already knew they were in need of a saviour! Now, they gather on a weekly basis with about 20- 30 people (mostly women). We also see they are going out to evangelise their neighbours and others.

Reaching Tanala

Pray for Dories and his wife Alphossin. This young Malagasy couple moved to our area to preach the Gospel! Dories really wants to work together with me, which is a huge encouragement. Pray for God’s blessing on their ministry. Pray for the Christians who already live here. Many of them don’t have much knowledge about the Bible but they are willing to be taught. Pray for hearts eager to share what they learn with their Tanala neighbors.

Hunger for the Good News

Thank God for the hunger for the Good News. People love the Bible stories. Pray they fully understand and experience that knowing Jesus means a release of bonds. We are going to visit new villages. Pray for open hearts to receive the message.

May the kings bow to the King

The kings of the villages are having a hard time with the Gospel. They know that it means a different way of living. Many of the ancestor aspects of their culture cannot be reconciled with the Gospel. Yet the kings are vital when it comes to making decisions. Pray the Lord will speak powerfully to the kings and they will bow their knees to the King of kings.

Death and Discouragement

In less than 2 weeks, eight people have died in the village where Melias, the Malagasy missionary, ministers among the Tanala. Four of them were believers and leaders of the new church. The others were their relatives. Pray for the encouragement of the believers and Melias. And for the Lord to have mercy on this village. Oh Lord, stretch out Your hand and heal!

Story translation and vegetables

Praise God for two Christian Tanala, Maman’i Prisca and Menja, who are helping the missionaries settle well and are eager to work together for the gospel. Menja is working with the missionary to translate Bible stories into the Tanala language.
This shows that God started to work among the Tanala long before any missionaries came to the area.
Tsara Andriamanitra! (God is good!)

Pray for fruit

Pray for Mama Prisca and Menza, local believers, to be bold witnesses. Pray the people of Maroamboka and the surrounding villages would have open hearts, eager to hear the Good News.



Very Diligent

The three Malagasy missionaries, Melias, Thadee and his wife Haja, who work in and around Ikongo come with exciting news almost monthly.

The new Antanala Christians are very diligent in their activities. They already reach out to other Antanala and some are doing very well. The missionaries organised prayer meetings every evening and the new Christians followed this example in their own village. They do an interchange between them, they are praying for each other, and they are doing bible study together.

In Ambalavolo, new Christians are involved in God’s work and they are very diligent to share the gospel with others.