Pray for a church in Northern Samburu land

From a Samburu pastor: Pray the Lord will open up doors to plant a church in Baragoi, Samburu. This area has been a battle ground of cattle rustling between the Turkana, the Samburu and the Pokot tribes of Northern Kenya.
Pray that the Lord of harvest would bring the laborers to this field that is so ripe.
Pray the Lord would open up our eyes to realize that mission and evangelism is our primary call as Christians.
Pray the Lord would build mission- oriented churches and church leaders in Northern Kenya.

A Pastors’ Training School

A number of Christian pastors and missionaries have a vision to begin a pastors’ training school for northern Kenya. Please pray that the Lord will provide the needed teachers and finances to begin training pastors this year. This school would serve churches in at least 5 area tribes, including the Samburu.

Keep Praying for the Five

We are swiftly approaching the end of December and the end of 2017. Since January we have been praying that five Samburu men would follow Jesus by the end of this year. Thank you to all who have been praying with us and asking God for these men. We have had a lot of contact with men this year. A number of men have received a “Treasure” (solar-powered MP3 player with Bible stories, scripture, and Christian songs). We cannot measure how much God’s spirit has been working in hearts of men we know. Until now, we have not seen those five men make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray with us for those Samburu men as this year ends and 2018 begins. God is sovereign and He will answer our prayers in His time.

Wide Distribution of Treasures

In the last seven weeks more than a hundred “treasures” have been distributed among the Samburu in our area. A “treasure” is a solar powered MP3 player. These treasures have three sets of Bible stories, the gospel of Matthew, Paul’s and John’s letters, Christian songs, and the soundtrack of the Jesus film, all in Samburu! As most of the Samburu in our area are illiterate, these treasures give them the opportunity to hear the Word of God in their own language. Quite a number of Samburu men are eager to receive one of these players. Pray that God will speak to the hearts of many Samburu as they listen to His Word

Wisdom from Above

Often when people come to faith in Christ, they still struggle with old habits. Pray that the Samburu will be completely set free from their old ways of relating to one another, and that they will be filled with the wisdom from above that is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, not partial or hypocritical. Pray that this spirit of God’s wisdom will permeate their lives.

May This Man Follow Christ

A young Samburu man is good friends with Christian missionaries in his area. Recently he got married and they attended the wedding. Pray that he and four other men will openly follow Christ and become open, committed members of the local church, which so far is only attended by women and children.

Keep Asking God for the Five Men

Please continue to pray with us that five Samburu men will decide to follow Jesus by the end of 2017. Pray for many opportunities to proclaim the gospel. Pray for conviction, that they will recognize their need for a Savior. Pray that they will seek after God.

Pray also for the women who attend church that they will understand the Word that they hear and the songs that they sing. Pray that they also will truly seek after God. Pray especially for the four women who try to meet on Friday afternoons for praise and prayer.

Prayers for the women in church

Pray for women in the church to understand the Word more deeply. Pray they will seek hard after God and mature in their faith. Lift up the four women who try to meet regularly on Fridays for prayer and praise.

Strong Participants

Please continue praying for five men in the village of Lchakwai who will become faithful followers of Jesus and strong participants in the church.

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