Samburu Christian Women in Lchakwai

Please pray for the Christian women living in the Samburu Community of Lchakwai. They are all illiterate and there is now no one to teach and shepherd them. A few have an oral version of the New Testament in Samburu. Pray that they will continue to meet together on Sundays to praise God together in song and in prayer, and to listen to the Word. Pray that God will use their testimony to influence their husbands and the men in that community.

Much Unity

Please pray for much unity among Samburu churches, and that those areas of Samburu people where the gospel has not yet penetrated will receive the light of Christ. Pray that the Samburu churches will send evangelists and pastors to live in areas that still need the gospel.

New pastors!

We serve among the Samburu in Maralal, Kenya. A few weeks ago, eight men were licensed as pastors! Please pray for unity among the pastors and workers, and that their love for one another will show that they are truly disciples of Jesus (John 13:35).

Examples to the Flock

Pray for the Samburu believers to grow by learning to walk in the Spirit, not by the power of the flesh. Pray that they will not look only to their own personal interests, but also consider the interests and needs of others. Pray that the pastors will learn, understand, and live by the Scriptures, showing their congregations an example of faith, love and purity. Pray that the believers will honor their leaders and submit to them.

Jesus came to call sinners

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.
I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.
Mark 2:17

Pray for the Samburu men in Lchakwai. The Samburu men there are very similar to the Pharisees in the time of Jesus. They know and follow the traditions of Samburu and in doing so believe they are pleasing to God. They pray every morning and evening, and at the beginning and the end of any meeting. They have not killed another Samburu but they do not acknowledge the sins of their hearts. They do not realize their need for reconciliation with God. Pray that Christ will make himself known to a number of these Samburu men, and that they will follow Him with their whole hearts.

Father, draw them to Jesus!

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”

“No one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them”

JESUS (John 6:44, 65)

Please pray with us that God will draw a number of Samburu men to believe on Jesus Christ and to follow Him. This has been our prayer, that Samburu men in Lchakwai and the surrounding area will acknowledge Jesus as Lord and follow Him. We lived there for seven years and shared His Word. Now we had to leave Lchakwai, but God is still at work there. He can still enable Samburu men to come to Jesus.

Father, draw Samburu men to come to Jesus!

God’s Word Will Achieve His Purposes

As the rain and the snow, come down from heaven, and do not return to it
without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:10,11

These verses have been a great encouragement to me. God’s Word has gone out in Lchakwai and many surrounding communities. We are not there now to water the seed, yet God promises His word will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it. Remind God of this promise and pray for a rich harvest among the Samburu in these communities.

Samburu Men In Lchakwai

Samburu men in general, are more resistant to the gospel than women. Most Samburu churches consist of women, children, some youth, and a few men. The Samburu elders of Lchakwai are known to be very resistant to change and development. Earlier this month, the elders of Lchakwai told us, and a Samburu pastor, to leave Lchakwai, and take all our belongings with us. They gave us one week to leave. They said they do not want us to build a church in Lchakwai. Pray for the Samburu women of the church in Lchakwai. Pray that they will continue to meet to worship God and will continue to follow Jesus. Pray that God will work in the hearts of Samburu men at Lchakwai.

Two New Churches

Among the Samburu, we have a church in Masikita (near Baragoi), and we are planting a new church in Mowarak (Posta) in Laikipia North. Let’s pray for the Samburu of Kenya and for God’s Kingdom to be enlarged here! Pray for churches in every town that does not yet have the gospel. Thank you.

Leave Old Things Behind

Pray that a Samburu pastor who is visiting a village with a new church plant will not grow weary in well-doing but persevere and that the men in that village will be converted to Christ. Pray that the areas of Samburu land that do not yet have a gospel witness will soon have evangelists, pastors and missionaries living among them. Pray especially that the Samburu will be willing to leave behind any traditions or practices that are opposed to Christ.

Hunger for God’s Word

A group of Samburu men met to hear God’s word on Saturday mornings from February 2019 until January 2020. A number of them acknowledged that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. However, traditional celebrations and Covid-19 disrupted those meetings. Last Saturday, these men were again invited to come to the tree to hear God’s Word but no one came. Pray that God will put a hunger to know God in the hearts of those men. Pray that they will once again meet and commit to following Jesus as Lord.

Still Spreading

Large areas of Samburu have received the gospel, churches have been planted, and leaders well trained in the Scriptures. But the Samburu tribe covers a very large area, and there are still many villages and towns without the gospel or a church, where old ways and traditions keep people from pledging their loyalty to Jesus. Pray for those who are working to take the gospel to them.

May His Word Bear Fruit

Many Samburu in the area surrounding the village of Lchakwai have received a “Treasure” (a solar-powered MP3 player). Each Treasure has three Bible story sets, Christian songs, and some books of the Bible recorded in Samburu. Pray with us, that as Samburu hear the Word of God through these treasures, the Word will bear fruit in their hearts.”As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:10,11

Pastor in Lchakwai

We praise God that a Samburu pastor has been spending three days a week in the village of Lchakwai since we left the end of January 2020. We praise God for his faithfulness and for his burden for the people to know Jesus. Pray with us that God will bless his ministry among the women of the church, and that God would use him to draw Samburu men to Jesus.

Celebration of Christmas

Samburu love celebrations! They enjoy the good food, especially if there is meat, and they like the time of fellowship with friends. Recently, we have been going to a number of celebrations. Pray for those who came to the Christmas celebration. The church women did the cooking. We had a bit of program as well, explaining why we were celebrating, the importance of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the reason this is very good news! Pray that God will work in hearts and enable them to understand and respond.

Answered Prayer

God has heard and answered our prayers on behalf of the pregnant Samburu girl. The woman who had planned to organize the abortion has given up on that plan. After listening to my words, that it is very bad before God to kill the baby, she has decided not press for an abortion. That is a small miracle in itself! God convicted her heart and changed her mind! However, prayer is still needed. The girl will return to her parents’ home. It is quite likely that her parents may insist on an abortion. I told the woman to tell her parents that it is very bad to kill the child inside their daughter. She said she would. Pray with us that the girl’s parents will be convicted by God and that their minds will also be changed. Pray that they will allow the child to be born.

Pray for a Miracle

It is happening again! A Samburu girl is pregnant, and an abortion is planned! The Samburu believe that it is a very bad thing for an uncircumcised Samburu girl to give birth to a child. They say the child would be unwanted. They fear that because of its birth other children in the home may die. They believe the best solution is abortion. The way they practice abortion can be quite dangerous for the pregnant girl, even life threatening due to infection.
We have been aware of this happening several times in the six years we have lived among the Samburu. We have tried to reason with the people involved. We have tried to convince them that this practice is not pleasing to God. In fact, it is the greatest sin that Samburu recognize, a Samburu killing another Samburu. Yet the abortions have taken place and if nothing changes, they will continue to take place.
Please pray with us, that this one girl may be allowed to give birth to her baby. Pray that the baby will grow up loved and wanted. Pray that Christians and non-Christians will recognize that this practice is not good, indeed it is sin. Pray for a miracle. Pray for a change in this one aspect of Samburu culture.

A New Age Set

This is a very significant time for the Samburu. In August a new ‘Age Set’ will be initiated. Boys from all over Samburu will be circumcised and form the basis of the Age Set. They will begin their 14 years of being moran, the warriors and defenders of the tribe. Some of these boys are only 12 years old, the oldest ones may be 25 years old. Some boys from this area have seen the Jesus Film repeatedly. Some have believed in Jesus and two have been baptized. Pray especially for those boys, that they will continue to follow Jesus first throughout this time. Pray that this entire Age Set will seek to know God and that many will follow Jesus.

Samburu Reaching Samburu

A very encouraging thing has been happening in Samburu land. Samburu pastors have been joining together to reach out to the Samburu people in a certain area where a small church already exists. Most of these little churches have only one or two men who regularly participate. What an encouragement for the Samburu men to see seven to ten pastors visiting their homes. Pray with us that these weekend outreaches will bear much fruit. Pray especially that Samburu men will join the Samburu women in praising God.

More churches being planted

Please pray, we are in the process of doing some church plants in and near Baragoi.
Ask God for provision and also for Him to sent laborers to this ripe field.
We are having a third trip in July, Lord willing. Pray for the Samburu churches to continue to multiply and stay vibrant and strong in Christ.

Five Men

Please continue to pray for the Lord to raise up 5 strong Christian Samburu men in one village who can lead the church and spread the gospel to other villages. Pray for the Samburu church to be established in all parts of the tribe, which is spread over a vast area of north Kenya.

Breakthrough Needed

We are very thankful for the visit of seven Samburu Pastors to our location. They visited in homes in the village. They engaged with the people and shared the gospel boldly. Some men and women followed them in a prayer of commitment to Jesus.  At our Sunday service under a tree, 26 women and 11 men participated.

We praise the Lord for what He did that weekend. Still, this past Sunday, there were no Samburu men at our service. One man that we have been praying for (two of his wives are baptized and very faithful) walked by the place where we were meeting, looked towards us, and then kept walking. Please pray with us for a breakthrough, that Samburu men will come to church. That they will not fear losing respect in the eyes of other Samburu men, but will join the women in praising God and listening to His Word.

Hearing Jesus Calling

Praise the Lord for a reproducing church among the Samburu! But there are still areas of Samburu villages where there are almost no believers in Christ. In one of them the missionaries are asking that the Lord will turn the hearts of the men to follow Jesus. Please pray that as the disciples of old were willing to leave all and follow Jesus when He said, “Come, follow Me,” in the same way the Samburu men will hear his call and obey.

Samburu Men

Last Saturday morning ten Samburu men participated in a meeting under a tree in Ltepes. They agreed that they want to meet regularly on Saturday mornings to learn more about God from the Bible. It was a good beginning. Praise the Lord! Continue to pray that these Samburu men, and others, will come regularly to hear the words of God. Pray that God will open their hearts and give them a hunger to know Jesus.

We have been praying for two years, that five Samburu men would follow Jesus. We are excited that these Samburu men want to know more about God! Thanks for your prayers. He hears and answers in His time.

Christian Samburu men reaching out to Samburu

This weekend seven Samburu pastors and elders, from our churches near Maralal, will be visiting Lchakwai and a neighboring community. They will visit in homes and participate in our Sunday service. It has been difficult to reach out to the men in this area. Samburu men do not attend church in Lchakwai. Pray that this weekend may bring a breakthrough as men here see and talk with Samburu Christian men who love Jesus. May they see that church and listening to God’s Word, is something Samburu men can do. May they desire to know more about Jesus.

Traditions Over Baptism

We rejoice that nine women, two youth, and one Samburu man followed Jesus in baptism in November/December 2018. But we are saddened that four Samburu women who would like to be baptized, could not because their husbands, or other influential men, did not approve. Why? Some people have said, that if you are baptized you can no longer participate in some of the traditions and celebrations of the Samburu. In this area, the people observe many traditions of the Samburu people. To be a good Samburu you are to keep all of the traditions. Their identity is wrapped up in being Samburu. But, what if a Jesus follower feels that some parts of the traditions are not good?

We have never given a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ to follow if you are baptized. Rather, we have explained baptism as a testimony that one has decided to follow Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. We trust the Holy Spirit will teach the believers what is good and pleasing to God, and what is not. Pray for those who have been baptized, that they will truly follow Jesus as Lord, even if they face opposition because of it. Pray that God would break the chains of tradition that hinder people, particularly men, from acknowledging Jesus as Lord. Pray that these four women believers may soon be baptized.

Baptized on Christmas Day!

We praise God for our church’s Christmas celebration! It was held at our compound and many people participated, including men and youth. After the meal, three Samburu women followed Jesus in baptism! Pray that others will be encouraged to take such a stand, despite disapproval of some in the community.

You prayed…He answered

On Apr 23, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please pray for a certain Samburu village where many women and children have come to faith in Christ and meet for worship, but no men join them. The missionaries have been praying for over a year that five godly men will become part of the church. Please pray for the Spirit to overcome whatever it is that holds the men back from rising up to join that fellowship of believers.” And God answered: “Praise God for the six Samburu women, two Samburu schoolboys and one Samburu man who followed Jesus in baptism on November 4. Pray with us that they may stand strong in their faith and grow in their love for Jesus. We have been praying for five Samburu men in our area to follow Jesus. Praise God for this first Samburu man. “

Following Jesus!

Praise God for the six Samburu women, two Samburu schoolboys and one Samburu man who followed Jesus in baptism on November 4. Pray with us that they may stand strong in their faith and grow in their love for Jesus. We have been praying for five Samburu men in our area to follow Jesus. Praise God for this first Samburu man. Pray that his testimony may influence others to consider the claims of Jesus Christ, so that more Samburu men will make a commitment to Jesus.

Crossing Cultures

Please pray for the Lord to strengthen Samburu churches that are not only planting churches among their own Samburu people, but also that are reaching out cross-culturally to other tribes around them that do not have much gospel witness. Pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit stirring up cross-cultural evangelists from among the Samburu Christians.

Fourteen Baptisms

This Sunday (Nov 4) there will be a baptism among the Samburu! In October we completed our Saturday Bible classes in preparation for baptism. Now 11 Samburu women, one Samburu man, and two teenage Samburu school boys have decided to make this commitment to Jesus. Praise God! Pray that the baptism will be a testimony to many, and that Jesus will be glorified. Pray for the participants to stand strong in their faith and grow in their love for Jesus.

We have long been praying for Samburu men to follow Jesus. We particularly rejoice that one Samburu man desires to follow Jesus in baptism. Pray with us that more Samburu men will be drawn to Jesus and follow this man’s example.

2 men!

We have prayed for Samburu men of northern Kenya to come to Christ. There are currently two attending a Bible study in the our living room, while 17-27 women regularly attend. Pray God’s Spirit will work in the hearts of those attending, that they may understand their need for a Savior and Christ’s great love for them. In the last year, we have given out approximately 300 solar-powered audio players called Treasures. Pray that those who have received a Treasure will listen to them and hear God’s voice. Pray they will seek to understand more about Jesus and decide to follow Him.

Bible classes

Some of the women in our church have expressed interest in baptism. In May, a Samburu pastor came from Maralal to explain to the women the meaning of baptism and how our church practices it. He also taught the first Bible lesson for those desiring to be baptized. Since then we have a Bible class in our living room almost every Saturday morning. Usually twenty or more women and two men attend. We are excited that some may be ready for baptism this fall. It is especially exciting that one man has faithfully attended the meetings. Pray that God will open hearts and minds to hear and understand His Word. Pray that God will call some to follow Him whole-heartedly and make their commitment to Christ known through baptism.

No Men Yet

Please pray for a certain Samburu village where many women and children have come to faith in Christ and meet for worship, but no men join them. The missionaries have been praying for over a year that five godly men will become part of the church. Please pray for the Spirit to overcome whatever it is that holds the men back from rising up to join that fellowship of believers.

The Spirit Drawing Men

Please continue to pray with us for Samburu men to seek to know Jesus. Pray especially that some men will dare to attend church. Several men have said that they will come, but we are still waiting to see them on Sunday. We have considered a meeting just for the men. Pray for wisdom as to how we can reach out to the Samburu men. Pray for God’s Spirit to work in the men and draw them to Jesus.

Samburu Women Eager For Baptism

Praise God that 20 Samburu women, or more, are attending our Sunday services. There has been talk of baptism. At least two of the women are eager to be baptized. There has also been talk of building a church building. However, the funds for that are lacking as the women strive to get enough money to buy the food they need. Pray that God will lead and give us wisdom as to how to go forward.

Pray for a church in Northern Samburu land

From a Samburu pastor: Pray the Lord will open up doors to plant a church in Baragoi, Samburu. This area has been a battle ground of cattle rustling between the Turkana, the Samburu and the Pokot tribes of Northern Kenya.
Pray that the Lord of harvest would bring the laborers to this field that is so ripe.
Pray the Lord would open up our eyes to realize that mission and evangelism is our primary call as Christians.
Pray the Lord would build mission- oriented churches and church leaders in Northern Kenya.

A Pastors’ Training School

A number of Christian pastors and missionaries have a vision to begin a pastors’ training school for northern Kenya. Please pray that the Lord will provide the needed teachers and finances to begin training pastors this year. This school would serve churches in at least 5 area tribes, including the Samburu.

Keep Praying for the Five

We are swiftly approaching the end of December and the end of 2017. Since January we have been praying that five Samburu men would follow Jesus by the end of this year. Thank you to all who have been praying with us and asking God for these men. We have had a lot of contact with men this year. A number of men have received a “Treasure” (solar-powered MP3 player with Bible stories, scripture, and Christian songs). We cannot measure how much God’s spirit has been working in hearts of men we know. Until now, we have not seen those five men make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray with us for those Samburu men as this year ends and 2018 begins. God is sovereign and He will answer our prayers in His time.