We rejoice that nine women, two youth, and one Samburu man followed Jesus in baptism in November/December 2018. But we are saddened that four Samburu women who would like to be baptized, could not because their husbands, or other influential men, did not approve. Why? Some people have said, that if you are baptized you can no longer participate in some of the traditions and celebrations of the Samburu. In this area, the people observe many traditions of the Samburu people. To be a good Samburu you are to keep all of the traditions. Their identity is wrapped up in being Samburu. But, what if a Jesus follower feels that some parts of the traditions are not good?

We have never given a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ to follow if you are baptized. Rather, we have explained baptism as a testimony that one has decided to follow Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. We trust the Holy Spirit will teach the believers what is good and pleasing to God, and what is not. Pray for those who have been baptized, that they will truly follow Jesus as Lord, even if they face opposition because of it. Pray that God would break the chains of tradition that hinder people, particularly men, from acknowledging Jesus as Lord. Pray that these four women believers may soon be baptized.