Alexis has faced many challenges since he started Bible School here in Tana in preparation for serving the Lord full time. He left his wife and eight children back in Nosybe which was not an easy thing to do. This past week, Alexis was called back to Nosybe because his two year old daughter was very sick. Sadly the little girl died on Wednesday before Alexis made it back. ┬áPlease pray for Alexis and Mbotizara (his wife) in this time of grief, may they find God is sufficient in this great time of loss. Alexis and Mbotizara are the first people to become Christians in their family and village. People in the village do not understand why Alexis has left his family for Bible Study in Tana. Now they have many thoughts concerning the death of his daughter, some thinking it is a curse from his ancestors, others are wondering if his studies are making him rich. We thank the Lord that Alexis is standing strong in his faith, and believes God is in control of everything. Please pray for the people of this village, that they will be challenged by Alexis’ life and testimony and they will come to believe in his God. Also pray for Alexis and his family during these remaining months of studies that they will remain well and that he will be able to focus on his studies.