Young, Hurting and Vulnerable

Please pray for M, a young Muslim woman who fled to the city due to a difficult situation in her home. (Her husband had married another wife). M is young, hurting, and vulnerable. Please pray for her protection and that she would meet believers in the city. Please pray for healing in her family and for her to act wisely.

Steadfast and Immovable

Pray that those who are sharing the gospel among the Rangi will be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that their labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Clearly the Lord Had Been Preparing Her

A Rangi evangelist was on his way to show the Jesus film, and ended up broken down in a village. Eventually he decided to show the movie there instead, and after the showing, there was one lady who adamantly wanted to become a follower and wanted to be baptized right away. Clearly the Lord had been preparing her! At this point, the hope is that she can get some more discipleship soon. Please pray for her to be genuine and to grow despite what is certainly opposition around her.

Hard Times in a Rangi Village

Please this week pray for Salmada, because she has encountered challenges to her faith from her parents and brothers who don’t want her to be a Christian. Salmada is asking us to pray for her. Besides that, please pray for the family of the local evangelist, Patrick. Villagers and neighbours around them are coming every day to beg for food and help, since there has been such a severe drought this year and food is so scarce. He finds their needs and requests heavy; everyone is suffering.

Following the Lord!

A young Rangi lady recently became a follower of Jesus! She requested that her name be changed to Elizabeth. She comes from a Muslim background. Please pray that she would be strong in her decision to follow the Lord, that the Lord would renew her mind and help her understand His Word. Please ask for her to be transformed, and for her life to bear the fruit.

Plants That Grow Without Rain

In November, a Rangi evangelist taught some Rangi farmers a method called “Farming God’s Way.” They planted simply without plowing, and used a ground cover. People were making fun of them, saying they were lazy and didn’t clear the ground properly before planting. Kijuu visited them again this December and took photos and prayed with the farmers. Because of the lack of rain, they are the only farmers with anything growing. Now everyone is interested how they did it!

They Continue Hearing the Good News

Please pray for the Rangi people in the town of Busi who continue hearing the good news. Pray for those who are learning about Christ, that they will put their faith in Him. Pray for encouragement for the evangelist, P. as he continues sharing with them.

Just Came To Christ

A young Rangi woman just accepted Christ as her Saviour! Here is the report from the evangelist: “I praise God for one young lady receiving Jesus as a Savior of her life. She is called Salmada please join us to pray for her. “

Sharing Christ Among The Rangi

Praise God for the salvation work He is doing in people. I would ask prayer for the ministry in the village of Busi. First of all, there is a girl there I’ve begun discussing God’s Word with. There are also two girls who are Muslim secondary school students who come to my home. They love to sing gospel songs. Please also pray for their salvation. Thank you so much for your prayers, may God bless you! –From a village evangelist

Asking for God’s Favour in the New Year

We in the town of Busi are progressing well. We thank the Lord for our kindergarten. Last year we graduated 33 students, and this year we thank God that in answer to prayer we have 34 students. We also thank the Lord that last year we had many opportunities to discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ with people. Please join us in praying for God’s favour on us so we can continue serving Him. Pray for me (the local Rangi evangelist) and my family, for the school, and for those who have been listening to the gospel. Thank you very much!