A Lame Boy and His Mother

From a Rangi evangelist: May the Lord Jesus be praised. Please join me in praying for a young boy named Majid who is lame and cannot walk. Please also pray for his family who are very poor. Pray for his mother who has begun listening to the good news when I go visit them. Pray for their salvation. Thank you!

Preaching Discipleship to Jesus

Pray that an evangelist and other Rangi believers would be encouraged, equipped, and emboldened during the visit of a missionary today and tomorrow (May 25-26). He’ll be preaching about certain aspects of discipleship from Matthew 10. Pray that the Lord will mightily use the ministry of the Word in the lives of these believers from Muslim backgrounds.

School Children, Church Plots, and Rain

From a Rangi evangelist: “I thank the Lord that in His mercy we were able to teach 57 school children this year. Please pray for those families that have a hard time paying school fees. Please also pray about this: there is a Methodist church that wants to give us property so we can use it for outreach ministry. Of course we’ll need funds to build a building. Lastly, please pray for rain. The farms here are very dry and people are hungry. Thank you for your prayers.”

Now They are Open

From a Rangi evangelist: “Pray for ministry in the town of Busi- people are now open to receive the gospel. I need a team so we can expand the work of evangelism. Thank you and God bless you.” Pray for God to send workers to this harvest field.

A Christian School’s Inspection

From a Rangi evangelist: “Please pray for a school inspection that I will be having. The government leaders have promised to come and have a look at the state of the school to see if it has met the requirements. If so, they could register the school, if not they will remove it from the list. Also I have a vision to get a Compassion International center on some church land, to continue that ministry. Please also pray in general for the ministry of the school and the church.” Pray for Rangi Muslims to come to faith in Christ through these efforts.

Training and outreach

From a Rangi evangelist: “Praise the Lord, and pray for me. I am attending a seminar (Global Disciples) this week starting Thursday through Sunday and also I’ll be doing door to door evangelism. Join with me to pray for this work of God. Be blessed.”


Praise the Lord for seven Rangi baptized in the past year, especially those from Muslim backgrounds. Please pray for their growth in the Lord and that many others will follow their faith and example. Pray for many Rangi to come to faith in Christ through a Christian school in Pahi.

You prayed…He answered

On Oct 24, 2017 you prayed for this request: “Thank God for his blessing, because we are already roofing a classroom, and now join me to pray for finishing the floor, windows, doors and plaster. This is a place for Muslim high school students to come after school for tutoring and to learn about Jesus Christ.” And God answered: “I want to thank God for the building of a classroom, we are now finishing and planning to open it officially on the graduation day.”

I have talked with the chief of Busi and he accepted to be the guest of honor.

You prayed…He answered

The following request you prayed for about a certain Rangi man named Yusuph: ” Jan 17, 2018 Please pray for Yusuph. He needs a job that will support him till God opens the way to attend Bible school.”
Sep 17, 2018 “We praise God for one Rangi student and four from other Muslim UPGs who have joined Majahida Bible college for Bible Training. Yusuph from the Rangi people is zealous to reach his own as soon as he finishes school.”
And God answered: “We praise God for Yusuph, he’s now in school and he is doing very well in his studies. God has also provided supporters for his school fees. Thank you.” Praise the Lord.

Salvation For Neighbors

Please pray for the salvation of Zaruna and Bisania, Muslim neighbors to a Christian family among the Rangi. Pray that they may hear of Jesus’ love and grace and sacrifice for their salvation at Christmas time. May they be so filled with joy that they “sell all for the pearl of great price,” despite any persecution they may encounter.

Requesting prayer

I thank God Zaruna came to church. Continue to pray for him. Pray also for ten other people I preached to and prayed for. Now others are continuing to ask for prayers and request we continue to pray for them.

This Far The Lord Has Helped Us

From a Rangi evangelist: “Please join me in thanking the Lord for His help to us here. He helped us build bathrooms for our school. Now please pray for His provision for the completion of the classroom, especially the wiring and windows. Besides that, please pray for the kindergarten graduation party on November 30. Pray for the Muslim families who will attend, that they will hear the gospel.” Pray that the school will be a tool in God’s hand for many Rangi families to come to faith in Christ.

A Pastor and His Wife

Pray for a Rangi pastor who came from a Muslim background. Last year he was married. He and his wife began to have problems, and she left him to return to her family. His Muslim father is mocking him for this failure. Now his health is deteriorating. Please pray for this man of God to settle his heart in God. Pray that God will help his wife remember her marriage vows and repent in obedience to God’s Word. Pray that this pastor will have courage, and perseverance as well as mercy and grace as he stays in ministry on his own. Will you also pray for his wife? He doesn’t know what is currently happening with her. He desperately needs God’s direction in this situation. Thank you for your prayers.

MBB students!

We praise God for one Rangi student and four from other Muslim UPGs who have joined Majahida Bible college for Bible Training. Eli from the Rangi people is zealous to reach his own as soon as he finishes school. Pray that many more will come and join the school as these four have done.

Troubled by demons

Please pray for a woman called Mama Ntoki. She is troubled by demons, and she has now become willing to seek the help of Jesus Christ. I prayed for her, please pray that she will be healed and that she will make the decision to follow Jesus completely. Also please pray for Joria to walk worthy of the Lord and give his life completely to Jesus Christ.


I have received a message from Bu in Kon TZ of three ladies who have regularly come to church on Sundays. One of the three has fully accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, and the other two are still seeking to know the truth. Please pray for Ami, Zuhu, and Had (fake names), but real seekers! Thanks

Rangi Bible student!

Pray for Y. Eliakimu from Bu, a Rangi who has a call to serve God among his people. He is going to Bible College. Please pray that God will use him to reach many with His saving arm.

A Sent Team

Please pray for a team of believers who will move into a Rangi town in 2019. Pray that God will prepare many Rangi hearts to hear and believe the gospel. Pray that the local churches, made up of people from other tribes, will work side by side with the team. Pray that more and more Rangi people will come to faith in Christ.

Blessings and Needs

From a Rangi Evangelist: This week join us to thank God for his blessings of rain on the Rangi homelands. Here in Busi it’s raining; crops are doing very well. Pray for my little son Baraka, he has not been well. Pray for our ministry work here. Pray for the Muslim kids we minister to, that God opens their minds to the truth of the gospel.

Prayer For Healing

From a Rangi evangelist: “Please join us in praying for the family of a man named Mohamed and his wife, named Joria. Joria is ill, and they have been to many witch doctors but she has not been healed. Then today she came to my house to ask for prayer for healing. I prayed for her and we will keep praying for her. Please pray with us for her healing and for their salvation. Thank you.”

Faithful and Persevering

Praise the Lord for the faithful Tanzanian Christians who live among the Rangi in order to share the gospel with them. Pray for the encouragement of each one, that they will persevere and see fruit.

Guests Came

Praise God that even though one invited guest did not attend the Easter service, four others came and watched the Jesus film with the Rangi evangelist’s family. Please pray for their salvation.

Easter Guest

Pray for a Rangi Muslim woman who will be with an evangelist at Easter. Pray that she may hear the gospel and put her faith in the Saviour, with her family.

A Year of Decisions

Please pray that in 2018 many Rangi who have been listening to the Word of God will choose to put their faith in Christ and confess Him openly. Pray that some of these will be influential leaders in the tribe, and that their example will encourage fearful people to be bold.

Asking Again, Knocking Again

From a Rangi evangelist: Pray again for Yusuph who he needs a job, for God’s way to join Bible School and for his family to know Jesus as their Savior. Pray also for my family’s needs. Thank you and blessings in Jesus name.

A Rangi Evangelist’s Prayer Requests

From a Rangi Evangelist: Please pray for Yusuph. He needs a job that will support him till God opens the way to attend Bible school. Secondly pray for more students to enroll at my school. The other need is to raise money for finishing the classroom. Pray for my family’s needs and support to help us to continue with His work here. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

A Nursery School Graduation and Two Wives

This week we need prayer for graduation here at Mwikalo Muuja nursery School. Join us to pray for a man named Zungu and his wives. We continue sharing the good news with them. Thank you for your prayers for us and God bless you all.

Faithful Men and Women

Praise God for the faithfulness of several Rangi evangelists and pastors, and the courage of their wives to persevere in sharing the gospel together. Pray for more and more Rangi to become believers in Christ, and to share the good news about Him among their people. Pray for the power of Islam to be broken among the Rangi.

May God Do A Miracle

S is a wonderful young lady who, together with her husband, has been given understanding of a lot of the Gospel. She has experienced the love of believers, and yet has not expressed any desire to become a believer herself. Please ask that the Lord would really do a miracle and move in both her and her husband.

Already Roofing the Classroom

Thank God for his blessing, because we are already roofing a classroom, and now join me to pray for finishing the floor, windows, doors and plaster. This is a place for Muslim high school students to come after school for tutoring and to learn about Jesus Christ. Thank you and be blessed in Jesus Christ.

Rangi Breakthrough Prayer

“Lord, may Your Spirit convict the Rangi of their sin, Your righteousness, and the coming judgment, in such a way that they can understand and believe.”

The Spirit’s Conviction

Please pray this prayer for the Rangi people: “And when he comes, he will convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgement” (John 16:8). Lord, may you reveal to the Rangi-Muslims of Kondoa that they are sinners in need of a Savior – Jesus Christ. May the Spirit of God speak with them in a way that they can understand and believe. Amen!

A Tutoring Centre

From a Rangi evangelist: “I would like to share needs for Rangi ministry. First of all I thank God for the way he continues to call me in his work here. Today I met two teachers from Busi Secondary School (the local high school) and we talked about registering entering students for tutoring here at our Christian community library. We want more than 70 students. And the ministry will be called Mwikalo Muuja tuitions (tutoring) centre. Please pray for the roofing work, funds for the windows and doors, floors and plaster.” Pray for God’s blessing and for the salvation of many Muslim students who will go there for tutoring.

Children Came Asking To See The Jesus Video On Id

From a Rangi evangelist: I feel encouraged to do God’s work where I am.  On Id some children from our neighborhood came to my house and said they didn’t want to go and celebrate Id but they wanted to come to my place. They asked to see the Jesus film! We watched the film together, we prayed, and then we took a photo. After that, they left to go to their homes; they really made me happy. Help us by praying for them.

A Strategic Meeting Of Leaders

August 13th, five pastors and evangelists of four different denominations serving among the Rangi community met at our church to pray and strategize on how we can work together as a team to evangelize the Rangi people.
– Thank God that He is answering our prayers for the unity of purpose.
– Pray that God will help us to work together for him despite our differences.

A Woman, A Man, and A Famine

First, I continue Bible discussions with Salamada, and she says she continues to love Jesus, so please join us in praying for her. Second, pray for Yusuph, who says he feels the call of God to serve Jesus and needs to now attend Bible school. Lastly, please pray for the Rangi as it is a time of great famine and the people of Busi are really suffering for lack of food. Pray for God to provide. Thank you, and may God bless you for praying.

They Have Heard But Still Resist

Please pray for a number of Rangi who have heard the stories of the Bible and the gospel for several years now, yet have not decided to put their faith in Christ. Pray for a breakthrough.

A Prayer Summit

Please pray for a group of believers who will meet at the end of July for a prayer summit meeting for the Rangi. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them as they present their requests to God. Pray for more workers to go share Christ with the Rangi. Pray that Christ-centred, reproducing Rangi churches will be planted throughout this huge tribe.

Elderly, Widowed and Childless

Please continue lifting up Bibi, an elderly lady who believes in Jesus but who last expressed fear at following him due to family influence. Please ask for her to have a revelation of Christ. Please also lift up her physical and emotional needs, as she is elderly, widowed, and childless.

The Seminar Intensified Her Desire

Praise God that a lady who earlier expressed serious interest in following the Lord was able to attend a Bible seminar, where her desire to follow Jesus was furthered. Please pray for this woman to grow in her faith and understanding even as she lives with her Muslim family. Ask the Lord to draw her whole family to Himself.