The Lord provides

I can’t control my joy for this young Nyangatom boy named Daniel. The Lord has provided for him to go back to school. He starts at Turkana Talent High School. Please pray that the Lord will provide for all he needs. Pray also for his spiritual life that he may continue in the life of Christ and share the Gospel with his class mates.

Church planting

Pray for the multiplication of churches. The materials for a shelter of one church are on the ground and waiting for a fundi to complete the construction. Pray for Joseph as he oversees the work there. Also for Joseph’s support.
Pray for Daniel who has finished his training in Lodwar, seeking the Lord’s direction for the future.

Effective outreach

Pray for the Nyang’atom community. There are 3 churches in this UPG! These churches are going on well and each church strives to fulfill the great commission. Nyangatoms are so receptive and they are the right community to impact the Toposa and Jie since they share similar language and culture. Pray for effective outreach among their own people and among the Toposa and Jie.

Pray for Joseph, a Nyang’atom believer, who we’ve assigned to help the church in Lotimor and to make more disciples in targeting to reach the Toposa. Pray for him for God’s guidance, support provisions, and the churches to grow and reach out to their neighborhoods the Toposa.

Support and Vision

Pray for support for Pastor Joseph who wants to work with both the Nyangtom and the Toposa. Pray for Nyangatom to catch the vision for DMM and be using it in their communities.

Needing to hear

Many of the Nyang’atom have never heard the Gospel; pray that as God is softening their hearts and drawing them to Him, someone will be sent to the Nyang’atom to share the Gospel with them.

May the church reach out

Pray the churches among the Nyang’atom would see the Great Commission as a command to tell those around them the Good News, and through them their brothers in South Sudan would hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray that they would “tell of the kindness of the Lord and the deeds for which He is to be praised” (Isaiah 63:7).

Sharing across borders

Pray that the Christians among the Nyang’atom living in Ethiopia will use what they have to share the Gospel with their family and friends, especially those living across the international border in South Sudan.