Light of Christ

Please pray for this Muslim majority people, who drove missionaries away with violence in the past. Pray that the light of Christ would penetrate their darkness and they would recognize the Savior of the world, the eternal King, from whom no deed is hidden and to whom all will give an account.

Jesus the Savior

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to the Ndengereko at Christmas time that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the World, sent to liberate the captives and give sight to the blind.

Becoming Strong

Please pray for the Ndengereko of Tanzania to welcome and receive Christians who want to share the gospel with them, and pray that the few churches will become strong in the Word of God, in evangelism, and in discipleship. Pray for more churches to be planted to the glory of God.

Growing and Planting

The Ndengereko are a people group who have a lot of contact with other tribes and who are growing in their willingness to consider Christianity instead of blindly following Islam. Please pray for the faithful African pastor who shepherds the Ndengereko church in a main village, that the Lord will enable his congregation to grow and to plant other churches in villages that still need the gospel.

A Christ-Centered Church

Please pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit among the Ndengereko people to bring them to faith in Christ, and that they might have a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered church.

Move Mightily

A church has been planted among the Ndengereko, and there is a great need for more. Please pray that the Lord will move mightily by the Holy Spirit to bring the Ndengereko people to faith in Christ and that each village will have a church for Ndengereko believers to attend.

More Needed

Please pray that God will raise up more Christians to go live among the Ndengereko and share the gospel with them. Praise the Lord for several recent baptisms, and for a faithful Tanzanian evangelist who has stayed with the Ndengereko for several years although the western missionaries left. Praise God for the small church that has begun and is continuing on.

More To Share the Gospel

Praise the Lord for those Ndengereko who have come to know Christ. Please pray that the Lord will send more Christians to live among them and share the gospel. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to the Ndengereko.

Gentle and Humble

Please pray for the Ndengereko to be delivered from their sins and come in faith to the Saviour. Pray that the Christians who go to live among them and share the gospel will be protected from harm. Pray that light will penetrate their darkness and they will come to know the Saviour who is “gentle and humble of heart,” and that they will become like Him.

Light of the World

Please pray that the darkness and hardness of heart that is keeping Ndengereko people captive to Satan will be illuminated by Jesus, the light of the world. Pray that those who believe in Him will no longer walk in darkness but will walk in the light of life, and that others will come to know Him too.