Godly Leaders

Pray that the Lord would provide godly leaders for His church. Ask our Father to provide all His workers in Lopit communities with wisdom about how best to disciple leaders, and pray for strength for these leaders as they face spiritual attacks of cultural pressures and discouragement on a daily basis.


This time of year sees many funerals in the Lopit mountains as rain spreads water born diseases and this combines with the end of the hunger season and a lot of hard work in the gardens. Pray that the words shared at funerals may cause people to think about their eternal destination and the great gift of eternal life in Christ.

Harvest Time

Praise God for the harvest of sorghum and peanuts being brought in this month. Pray and ask that the Lord would bring in a harvest of souls among the Lopit people. That the Word being shared might take root and transform hearts and lives.


As unrest continues between and within villages, pray that the Lord of peace would reign in the hearts of men. Pray for pride and greed to be brought to its end and young men of the Lopit mountains to bow their knees to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Baby born to young believers

Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of Ihisa, daughter to young believers Ediofo and Apuke. Give thanks for God’s answer to prayer in providing a daughter, after 4 sons! Pray for the Lord’s protection over this child and her parents’ young faith. Pray that as they grown in faith they may lead their children in the ways of the Lord.

Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

Praise the Lord for the three men who are working through the TEE program. Pray that Thomas, Clement and Aaron may be faithful in attending the program sessions and that the Lord will increase their knowledge and understanding of Him and His ways through this program. Pray that what they learn might be worked out in their lives each day and have a great Kingdom impact in their communities.


Recently the sorghum gardens, which were looking great, were attacked by stalk borer. As the Lopit people continue to walk as captives of this world and the deceptions of the evil one, they sought the ‘land lord’ to perform a ceremony in order to remove this plague. Pray for the hearts of the people to turn to the Creator of the world, rather than His creation as they seek solutions to the daily challenges of life in this harsh land. Pray for release from fear and that they may receive freedom in a knowledge of our loving heavenly Father and His care and provision for us.

Independence Day

South Sudan’s Independence Day is 9 July. Pray that all those who celebrate the anniversary of their country’s independence will personally come to know the freedom they can have in Christ. Pray also for the safety of all who celebrate the three day holiday.


Give thanks for improvements in the health resources available to the people and opportunities to share the gospel with them as we transport them to the larger clinic. Praise the Lord for healing and pray those who have received His grace in this way may give thanks in heart and soul.

Youth and Young Adults

Alcohol, fighting and idleness is a large issue among youth in these communities. Pray for transformed hearts of forgiveness, compassion and love among the young Lopit men. Pray for godly men to minister to their hearts and needs. Pray that they may be the future leaders that the Lopit church needs.