Last month Marlene made several trips back and forth to Ohilang from Torit to close up ministry and help move Umjuma and her children back to Torit. On one occasion she met with a dear old lady that she has known for years. Over the years, Marlene has shared with this woman parts of the gospel, but on this occasion while talking about the passing of Luka, Marlene was able to share with “T” her sure hope that she will see Luka again in eternity. Marlene then shared the whole gospel, creation to Christ, with “T”. As they were talking it became evident that “T” had stopped speaking to Marlene and had started talking with God! This felt like a great gift to Marlene in the midst of much loss and sorrow over the last weeks. Pray for “T” to grow in her trust in the Lord, and that He will teach her through His Spirit.