We are still waiting for the first confirmed case of COVID19. We do not know how this is going to progress.
This is a key time for sharing truth with people, and I’ve had some great opportunities in the last few days. Ask for wisdom in our interactions with people. Given that it’s such a social culture, people are unlikely to self-isolate. The normal practice if someone is ill is to go and visit them! Pray for protection on our own health, and that we will not infect others unawares. One of the things we can do is help people understand what’s going on, and advise them about precautions, and model those ourselves.
Some other considerations: What will translation work look like if we try to do it remotely? How can we encourage followers who live in other villages, and get resources to them? Ask that this will be a time of growth for them, and a time when many people seek the Lord.