New small group

Lift up a group meeting to study together on a Sunday. Ask that others would be drawn to them and to the word and that they would continue to trust despite difficulties.

showing interest

The wife of a believer, who has previously been very closed to the gospel , recently said she was “coming to believing”. Ask that her heart would be fully surrendered and that she would know that He who started the work will complete it.

New believer!

Praise! We have a new sister in the family! A few weeks ago we shared about a new brother we called “Yael”. Well, he shared with his wife and has been ministering to her daily. December 12th she decided to follow Jesus! We praise Jesus for another sister in the family and that this woman is our first 3rd generation believer.

Chances to share Christmas stories

Pray that God would give us opportunities to share the Christmas story. Pray that islanders would be amazed as they encounter Gabriel’s words, Joseph’s dreams, the wise men’s journey, Herod’s anger and the angels’ song! Pray that these stories would catch the imaginations and hearts of those who hear them!

Christmas party island style

Local believer Sophie invited her sisters and her neighbors to join us for a meal and a viewing of the Magdalena film. It was a packed little living room and front porch, full of women and their children, which was cool. Please pray for His light to shine in their hearts and for Sophie to have lots of follow-up conversations

Translation testing

We have started monthly meetings for testing the newly translated scripture drafts with new believers. Testing is a crucial part of the translation process, but also the hardest part to make happen.
Ask that these believers would not only be committed to the work but also start to take a more proactive role.

Deeper transformation

We long for our relationships with our local friends, neighbours and colleagues on the French island to grow and blossom. Pray that people would not only be willing, but eager to hear the Good News and would accept the Truth. Pray for one worker C who will visit and stay with his former neighbours and landlords. Ask for language ability after 6 months away and for fruitful conversations.

New Life

Give thanks that 3 women recently made new commitments of faith in Jesus! He is good, He is working! Lift up the translation check of Exod. taking place in late Oct. Ask that technology would cooperate and much would be accomplished, for His glory.

Hope for Marriages

Pray for the H couple whose marriage is very strained, to the point of discussing separation. Praise God for the good relationship they have with workers who are like parents to them. Ask that the counsel and truth they have heard will encourage them to keeping working together and to seek reconciliation with the Father, for the sake of their child as well. May He intervene and transform this family!

Connecting in the classroom

Pray for the new English classes starting this month. Pray for those teaching , that they would show love and friendship to the students and for sweet and long lasting relationships to be born as result. Pray that the connections would grow, so that Light can be shared in an appropriate and relevant way.