Pray for B, a young man who has been a believer for around a year now. B has been bold in sharing his faith and though this has brought him persecution, it has also led to a community of over 50 believers beginning to gather to study the word together. The Lord has used B to pray for and bring healing to several other people, including his uncle who had previously persecuted him (the uncle now also claims faith in Jesus). Last week B’s father declared his intent to kill him. He nearly did.
B was able to escape from being held captive and tortured, and is now in a secret safe location.
Please pray for physical and mental healing for B. Pray for a safe place and sympathetic doctors where he can get some medical care. Pray for continued protection as B’s father thinks that he is now dead and will likely seek to finish the job if he hears that B is still alive. Pray for the young community of believers that has been studying with B – their own faith and convictions will no doubt be challenged after hearing the news of what B has recently endured.