Work God requires

Pray for these Muslims as they try hard to please God and do His work. May they do the work that God requires- to believe on the One whom He has sent.

Tear down strongholds

Ask God to have mercy on Chadian Arabs and to tear down strongholds that keep people imprisoned in deception and fear. Pray for Chadian believers to be lights and ministers of the gospel to their neighbors.


Pray for Hannah, a long-time friend of many different workers, who is dying. Pray that the many words of truth and gospel she has heard over the years will penetrate her heart and God would remove the chains from her heart and lead her to belief as she battles her terminal illness.


We are hoping to see a conference take place in mid-June for MBB’s here in the capital city of N’Djamena. A brother from Egypt is coming to share and encourage the believers. Pray for the logistics of this happening. Pray that there would be great encouragement amongst the believers and that this might spur on more fellowships to form.

Persecuted brother

Pray for B, a young man who has been a believer for around a year now. B has been bold in sharing his faith and though this has brought him persecution, it has also led to a community of over 50 believers beginning to gather to study the word together. The Lord has used B to pray for and bring healing to several other people, including his uncle who had previously persecuted him (the uncle now also claims faith in Jesus). Last week B’s father declared his intent to kill him. He nearly did.
B was able to escape from being held captive and tortured, and is now in a secret safe location.
Please pray for physical and mental healing for B. Pray for a safe place and sympathetic doctors where he can get some medical care. Pray for continued protection as B’s father thinks that he is now dead and will likely seek to finish the job if he hears that B is still alive. Pray for the young community of believers that has been studying with B – their own faith and convictions will no doubt be challenged after hearing the news of what B has recently endured.

Update on Sally-Praise!

Good news! Sally is still alive and well!
The day before yesterday 32 people came to listen to Sally’s story, watch the Jesus film in its entirety, and also experienced Jesus’s love and power as Sally prayed over a 20 year old lady who was possessed by demons. Praise the Lord the lady is free from bondage and 10 women told Sally they will follow Jesus!
So yesterday ended up not being the day of Sally’s execution but the day God chose to bring 10 more people into His Kingdom!
Unstoppable, mighty to save, healer of the sick and possessed is the God we serve!

Update on Sally- Pray!

We have prayed for Sally, an outspoken believer being watched by the religious authorities. She has been threatened with death. Today, November 14 is the execution date for Sally, but there continues to be silence from the religious men. Rejoice that it seems God has seen fit to stop this wicked scheme.
Last Sunday, Sally was called and invited to speak to a group of ladies during their usual teaching hour. She was allowed to speak openly about her faith and all that God has done! Not one lady became angry or chased her out! This week a couple of the ladies from the group sought her out for more information. They are truly seeking the Way!

Bold witness needs prayer

A woman known as Sally, who came to faith after fifteen years of faithful gospel witness, has been courageously and obediently proclaiming Christ amongst her people. She has suffered for following Christ- her husband divorced her, she’s been abandoned by family, beaten, locked up with her children, and refused food and water. However, she has had many opportunities to share the Gospel – before women’s groups at the mosque, before the local Islamic council, and in surrounding villages. She has prayed for healing and freedom from demonic possession in Jesus’ name and seen people healed and delivered – opening the doors to further proclaim Christ. Just several weeks ago, people from two surrounding villages who had heard of this woman decided to come together to hear for themselves what the message was that she was willing to suffer for. With the help of some workers, the J-Film was shown and Sally shared. We’ve heard over thirty people from those two villages have chosen to follow Christ!
In the midst of this, Sally’s case is being brought before the supreme Islamic Council of Chad in the capital city and they are to decide what to do with her. We need to pray for all that the Spirit is doing in Sally’s location as well as for God to intervene in her situation before the Islamic Council.

Amazing protection!

Two local guys were led to the faith by another believer that our team was instrumental in leading to the Lord. During the month of Ramadan, the families and communities of these two new believers found out about their faith and took them before the local police to have them arrested and put in jail. Neither believer would recant their faith. Both family members and imams accused them of apostasy and wanted them to be beaten and imprisoned. The local police commissioner let them talk and then got in their faces and reminded them that Chad is a secular country – that anyone is free to worship as he pleases. The police commissioner went on to say that if they were to walk into his home right then that they would find an Injiil in his armoire! The commissioner continued on and actually threatened to imprison the family members and religious leaders if they ever gave the two new believers problems about their new faith! He then proceeded to give his personal phone number to the two believers and told them to give him a call anytime if they were given any more problems.

Beautiful believes!

This past week I received a phone call from Moussa, national missionary with whom we partner. He excitedly shared with me how a woman whom we had previously named, “Beautiful”, showed up at his house and talked for hours about the gospel with him and his wife. This woman is the older sister of two other believers in that town and she has heard the gospel many times, but never truly responded to it.  Moussa shared with us how Beautiful had come to truly understand and accept her need for Jesus and then went on to explain how she wanted Moussa to go and speak with her husband about the gospel when he returned from his trip. Moussa couldn’t believe her joy and enthusiasm for the gospel.
This very same day, a group of five Chadian Arab believers showed up in this same town, having fled from eastern Chad seeking a place of refuge. They were headed towards southern Chad when someone stopped them and told them they should go to this town and find Moussa. These five newer believers are now staying in the same town as Moussa and are hungry to be discipled and grow in their faith. Praise God for what is happening in this location!

Faithful witness

“Sally” came to faith several years ago due to the faithful witness of workers who live in her community. Since that time, Sally has grown both in her walk with the Lord and her boldness in sharing Him with others. This growth has led to much persecution – including being beaten, having her kids taken away, being kicked out of her house, and put in jail. In the past two months Sally has twice been given the opportunity to come and speak to a group of older women who teach their holy book in the community. Both times, Sally has boldly proclaimed the gospel message and the result has led to both greater persecution and interest from some of the women. There are now five others who are secretly following Christ as a result of Sally’s faithful and bold witness even in the face of persecution. She was recently brought before the local religious council, but no serious action has been taken against her yet. Pray for Sally and for her children as they continue to boldly live for Christ and face the consequences of doing so in their community.

Boldly sharing!

Several weeks ago we ‘dunked’ a brother. He is boldly sharing his faith and has men studying with him. He is also distributing micro-SD cards with portions of scripture and the Jesus Film on them to those who have been eagerly asking for them. Pray for many to believe!

200 believers!

We have heard news that there is a large community –close to 200 Chadian Arabs that are following Christ and have undergone much persecution. A fellow worker I just talked to was recently up in the area of this group and he confirmed that they estimate around 200 believers! This is a praise!