A woman known as Sally, who came to faith after fifteen years of faithful gospel witness, has been courageously and obediently proclaiming Christ amongst her people. She has suffered for following Christ- her husband divorced her, she’s been abandoned by family, beaten, locked up with her children, and refused food and water. However, she has had many opportunities to share the Gospel – before women’s groups at the mosque, before the local Islamic council, and in surrounding villages. She has prayed for healing and freedom from demonic possession in Jesus’ name and seen people healed and delivered – opening the doors to further proclaim Christ. Just several weeks ago, people from two surrounding villages who had heard of this woman decided to come together to hear for themselves what the message was that she was willing to suffer for. With the help of some workers, the J-Film was shown and Sally shared. We’ve heard over thirty people from those two villages have chosen to follow Christ!
In the midst of this, Sally’s case is being brought before the supreme Islamic Council of Chad in the capital city and they are to decide what to do with her. We need to pray for all that the Spirit is doing in Sally’s location as well as for God to intervene in her situation before the Islamic Council.