On Jul 20, 2018 you prayed for this request: “This past week a Mzee was seen exiting a local mosque, it was suprising because for the past 20 years this Digo man has been following Jesus. He said he is going because he knows what the Bible teaches about Jesus but he never learned what the Quran says. Even with the little time he’s spent at the mosque, it’s evident how quickly Satan works to turn people’s minds against God. Please pray that through conversations with missionaries and encounters with other Digo Christians this man would recognize the lies he is being told, and return to Jesus.” And God is answering: “While this Mzee has not returned to Christ yet, he has had several spiritual conversations with a local missionary and other Digo Christians. He’s also come seeking prayer in Jesus’ name. We continue to pray that the truth would be made known to him.”