Great Joy and Warm Welcome

Praise the Lord for Emmanuel, God with us, and God with the Digo. Pray that as Digo believers celebrate the birth of Christ together, there will be great joy. Pray their celebration and warm welcome to their Muslim neighbors will open hearts to welcome Jesus in.

Zeal for Jesus

Praise the Lord for outreaches that are continuing among the Digo and that a small Digo church continues to meet even though the missionaries have left. Pray for the Digo to turn to Jesus, that as they have been known for their zeal for Islam, they will become known...

Struggling to Remain Strong

The believers among the Digo are still struggling to remain strong. Pray for strength among the believers who are remaining in villages that missionaries used to live in. They have asked for more missionaries to come alongside them but right now pray that they will...

Zealous Indeed

The Digo of Kenya and Tanzania have been known in the past for being extremely zealous for Islam. But more and more of them are coming to faith in Christ. Please pray that in the future they will become known for their extreme zeal and love for Jesus.

Remain strong

Please pray for the small Digo church here as the team transitions out, that they would remain strong, and even thrive on their own. The Lord is building His Church! Pray many will be added to those who are being saved.