O Lord, grant ‘R’ faith

This afternoon, “R” came to my house with the Qur’an in hand ready to talk. We started with, “What does the Bible and the Qur’an say about the birth of Jesus?” Interestingly, the Qur’an talks about the birth of Jesus as being miraculous.
Then we discussed, “Why was Jesus’ birth miraculous and no one else’s?” We wanted to see if this means that Jesus is just a prophet or more than a prophet. Please continue to pray for “R”. He has agreed to come back to talk. At the very end I posed a question to “R” which was hard for him to answer. I simply asked him, “If you were to die, where would you go…Heaven or Hell?” His answer was, “I can only follow the teachings of Islam and the five pillars and try to live a good life.” I asked him if it was guaranteed that he would make it to Heaven and he said no.
I explained that I know with certainty that when I die I will go to Heaven. In fact, it is not based on my good works at all but on the blood of Jesus. Pray the Lord would remove the veil and grant him understanding.

Evangelistic outreach

We are partnering with our Pastor from AIC and a local Digo Pastor to go visit more villages in this area. We plan to do a mixture of open air preaching, showing the Jesus film and door to door gospel presentation. Please pray with us for these events to be very fruitful for the Kingdom! Our first trip is tomorrow!


Please pray for our neighbors’ hearts to be good soil, and for the gospel seeds to take root. Pray our friend Ju will hear the gospel with open ears and a tender heart. Pray that “R” will want to know more about Jesus.

Lord have mercy

This past week a Mzee was seen exiting a local mosque, it was suprising because for the past 20 years this Digo man has been following Jesus. He said he is going because he knows what the Bible teaches about Jesus but he never learned what the Quran says. Even with the little time he’s spent at the mosque, it’s evident how quickly Satan works to turn people’s minds against God. Please pray that through conversations with missionaries and encounters with other Digo Christians this man would recognize the lies he is being told, and return to Jesus.

Pray for growth

In a village just outside of Kwale town, there is a Digo church which has been around for several years. There are plenty of kids and Mamas who attend the church and a handful of men, but it is the same people every week. Pray that the Digo Christians would be bold in inviting their neighbors, and that Jesus would convict the husbands of the women who already attend. We want to see that church grow, and their influence be spread all over that village and beyond!!


A teammate was recently invited to show the Jesus film in a local Digo village and about 45 people showed up. 30 minutes into the movie a man came and demanded it be turned off, when that didnt happen he threatened to destroy the video equipment with his vehicle. At that point the movie was put away and everyone went home. Pray that this incident won’t keep people from returning the next time the movie is shown, or discourage the new Digo Christians as they move forward in their faith.

God’s power over idols and spirits

In the village, the church meets at the home of M. For a few days, spirits had been tormenting M’s family and they were unable to sleep. He thought there must be a protective idol in the house. The homeowner admitted an idol had been placed under the floorboard of the house when it was built. Recognizing that it must be removed in order for the church to continue meeting there, M removed the idol and called Adam. They read Acts 17 and Romans 8 together then burned the item. After watching it burn, M prayed, “God, thank you for having power over Satan and his spirits.” Thank God for M’s willingness to look for answers, to obey God’s promptings and Scripture, and follow through even when afraid. Ask for blessings on M’s family and the new church.


Please pray that as the Digo have been known for their zeal for Islam, they will turn and be known for their zeal for Christ. Pray that their churches will grow and multiply as believers commit their lives entirely to Jesus.

Seeking healing seeking Jesus!

There is a man by the name of Mo who is very well educated and knows the Koran well, unfortunately he’d been unhealthy for quite some time. He started going to a local Digo church because he was noticing the Muslim people doing one thing even though the Koran said something else.
Many locals said he would stop going to the church when he got the medicine he needed, but that hasn’t been the case! He’s been at the church regurlarly and asked for a Bible so he could start studying it. His wife is also coming to the church now!! Please pray for this couple, that they would become strong in their relationship with Jesus both seperately and together.

Pockets of Believers

Praise the Lord that although the Digo have previously been known for their zeal for Islam, now there are pockets of them turning with zeal to Jesus Christ. Pray for more and more churches to be formed, and for the Lord to greatly protect the believers who are so new in the faith. Pray for many Digo to turn to Christ.