Zealous Indeed

The Digo of Kenya and Tanzania have been known in the past for being extremely zealous for Islam. But more and more of them are coming to faith in Christ. Please pray that in the future they will become known for their extreme zeal and love for Jesus.

Remain strong

Please pray for the small Digo church here as the team transitions out, that they would remain strong, and even thrive on their own. The Lord is building His Church! Pray many will be added to those who are being saved.

Holy Passion

The Digo have been known in the past for their zeal for Islam. Although there are small groups of believers, the progress of the gospel is not rapid. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give a holy passion to His people and that very soon the Digo will become known for their zeal and commitment to Jesus. Pray also that those who are involved in witchcraft will turn from darkness and walk in the light.

Fierce Opposition

Recently the enemy has brought many trials and hardships to the Christians among the Digo. It is obvious there is a spiritual battle raging, and the intent of the devil is to discourage and defeat those who are trying to share the gospel and foster the church. Please pray that Jesus will win decisive victories that demonstrate His Lordship, and that as the Digo have been known for their zeal for Islam, one day they will be known even more for their zeal for Jesus.

You prayed…He answered

On Mar 25, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Pray for the church in one Digo village as we plan to move on Easter Sunday. Pray for unity and for strength for M and his wife as they will without doubt receive much pressure for hosting the church in their home from now on.” And God answered: “As planned the church moved on Easter Sunday; after the move M and his family began to suffer a lot of spiritual warfare, and the church members were afraid to come to the service. After discussion among the leaders, the church was moved again and members have been returning. The next step is to erect a permanent church building.” Praise the Lord.

You prayed…He is answering

On Jul 20, 2018 you prayed for this request: “This past week a Mzee was seen exiting a local mosque, it was suprising because for the past 20 years this Digo man has been following Jesus. He said he is going because he knows what the Bible teaches about Jesus but he never learned what the Quran says. Even with the little time he’s spent at the mosque, it’s evident how quickly Satan works to turn people’s minds against God. Please pray that through conversations with missionaries and encounters with other Digo Christians this man would recognize the lies he is being told, and return to Jesus.” And God is answering: “While this Mzee has not returned to Christ yet, he has had several spiritual conversations with a local missionary and other Digo Christians. He’s also come seeking prayer in Jesus’ name. We continue to pray that the truth would be made known to him.”

O Lord, grant ‘R’ faith

This afternoon, “R” came to my house with the Qur’an in hand ready to talk. We started with, “What does the Bible and the Qur’an say about the birth of Jesus?” Interestingly, the Qur’an talks about the birth of Jesus as being miraculous.
Then we discussed, “Why was Jesus’ birth miraculous and no one else’s?” We wanted to see if this means that Jesus is just a prophet or more than a prophet. Please continue to pray for “R”. He has agreed to come back to talk. At the very end I posed a question to “R” which was hard for him to answer. I simply asked him, “If you were to die, where would you go…Heaven or Hell?” His answer was, “I can only follow the teachings of Islam and the five pillars and try to live a good life.” I asked him if it was guaranteed that he would make it to Heaven and he said no.
I explained that I know with certainty that when I die I will go to Heaven. In fact, it is not based on my good works at all but on the blood of Jesus. Pray the Lord would remove the veil and grant him understanding.

Evangelistic outreach

We are partnering with our Pastor from AIC and a local Digo Pastor to go visit more villages in this area. We plan to do a mixture of open air preaching, showing the Jesus film and door to door gospel presentation. Please pray with us for these events to be very fruitful for the Kingdom! Our first trip is tomorrow!


Please pray for our neighbors’ hearts to be good soil, and for the gospel seeds to take root. Pray our friend Ju will hear the gospel with open ears and a tender heart. Pray that “R” will want to know more about Jesus.