Two local guys were led to the faith by another believer that our team was instrumental in leading to the Lord. During the month of Ramadan, the families and communities of these two new believers found out about their faith and took them before the local police to have them arrested and put in jail. Neither believer would recant their faith. Both family members and imams accused them of apostasy and wanted them to be beaten and imprisoned. The local police commissioner let them talk and then got in their faces and reminded them that Chad is a secular country – that anyone is free to worship as he pleases. The police commissioner went on to say that if they were to walk into his home right then that they would find an Injiil in his armoire! The commissioner continued on and actually threatened to imprison the family members and religious leaders if they ever gave the two new believers problems about their new faith! He then proceeded to give his personal phone number to the two believers and told them to give him a call anytime if they were given any more problems.