“Sally” came to faith several years ago due to the faithful witness of workers who live in her community. Since that time, Sally has grown both in her walk with the Lord and her boldness in sharing Him with others. This growth has led to much persecution – including being beaten, having her kids taken away, being kicked out of her house, and put in jail. In the past two months Sally has twice been given the opportunity to come and speak to a group of older women who teach their holy book in the community. Both times, Sally has boldly proclaimed the gospel message and the result has led to both greater persecution and interest from some of the women. There are now five others who are secretly following Christ as a result of Sally’s faithful and bold witness even in the face of persecution. She was recently brought before the local religious council, but no serious action has been taken against her yet. Pray for Sally and for her children as they continue to boldly live for Christ and face the consequences of doing so in their community.