Give thanks for the number of children who attend church in Ohilang village each Sunday. Pray that the stories they hear in Sunday School may impact their hearts and lives for the glory of God. Pray for someone local to step in to help and learn about leading Sunday school. Pray for strength for these young hearts against opposition from Catholic leaders in Iboni village discouraging children from coming to Sunday School.

Strength in the Body

Pray for growth of the Lopit church leaders as they meet together every other month. May they be encouraged and emboldened as they share the work that is happening in different villages and may they bless one another by holding each another accountable in their individual walks with the Lord.


The church leaders, after completing a storying workshop a few months ago, have been working their way through the Bible stories and connecting these to the good news of salvation in Christ as they teach in church on Sundays. Pray that they may learn more of God’s sovereign rule as they prepare and that they may be faithful in this teaching task.

Elizabeth to know her Healer

Elizabeth is a community member that our missionaries have been working with for a while. She is facing major health issues as her liver is failing, and it is causing her to have a hard time providing for her family, including her young children. Pray that Elizabeth comes to know Christ, and that she knows Him as her Healer.

Study groups

Give thanks for the 5 Discovery Bible Study groups who meet across three Lopit villages. Pray that the Lord would use these study times to teach the hearts of those who attend and draw them more and more into fellowship with Him. Pray that the Lord may use these Bible studies to grow His church amongst the Lopit and that they may result in more disciples who desire to reach out to their communities and beyond.

leaders needed

Praise the Lord for slow but steady growth of the church in Ohilang. Pray that the Lord will raise up bold and faithful Lopit leaders for this church.

Learning to read

Pray for the plans to do a Teacher Training from 25-27 July for those who will use the new Lopit learning-to-read books and materials. The hope is that 1000 copies of the last two primer books will be finished and printed soon. Pray for many to learn to read.

Steps towards Life

Please pray for Ediofo and his wife Apuke and their 4 boys as we begin a Bible study at their home. Pray for open hearts and the Spirit’s leading in their lives. Give thanks for their step to come to church together as a family for the first time and pray thay as we study the Word together they may step into eternal life through Christ.

Pray for Aaron

Praise the Lord for His provision of food through the UN last month as well as abundant rain and crops nearing harvest. For now food continues to be tight for many families, but there is hope.
Please pray for Aaron, a church leader at the Ohilang church. Give thanks for his growth in the Lord over the past year and pray that the Lord may continue to grow and strengthen him. Pray for perseverence, boldness and trust in the Lord as he often needs to stand up under cultural pressure.

Desparate for rain

Ask God to provide a good rainy season and plentiful harvest. People are hungry and struggling after several poor rainy seasons. And pray God will open the hearts of the Lopit to see Him as their provider in this life and the life to come. Pray they will turn away from rainmaker worship, and worship the one true God.

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