Give thanks for improvements in the health resources available to the people and opportunities to share the gospel with them as we transport them to the larger clinic. Praise the Lord for healing and pray those who have received His grace in this way may give thanks in heart and soul.

Youth and Young Adults

Alcohol, fighting and idleness is a large issue among youth in these communities. Pray for transformed hearts of forgiveness, compassion and love among the young Lopit men. Pray for godly men to minister to their hearts and needs. Pray that they may be the future leaders that the Lopit church needs.


Every year around May, June and July we hear the same call. Hinga, hinga! Hunger, hunger! Pray for sustainable solutions to the problem of insufficient crops and funds among the Lopit. Pray that they may fully recognize and utilize the resources the Lord has provided for them and acknowledge Him as the giver of all things.


Pray for Clement, a young Lopit believer from Imuluha village. He is full of energy and loves the Lord. Pray that he will remain strong in the Lord, grow in faith and share with many of his friends and family.

Animal Husbandry

Give thanks for an animal husbandry workshop held in March and the lessons learnt about animals and what a gift they are from God as well as our responsibility to care for them. Praise the Lord for the fruit from this workshop as men from four villages heard the Word and truly thought about God’s great gifts to us. Pray that the men from this workshop may have changed hearts and lives as a result.


Praise God for the arrival of rain and the time for cultivation. Pray that the Lopit might turn from their rainmaker worship and other spiritual practices surrounding this time and recognize God as the One who provides for them.


Please pray for the communities of Ibahure and Lohutok. These communities are caught in a cycle of revenge killings and cattle raiding and the people are living in much fear. Pray for the Lord to soften hearts to receive Him and the freedom of forgiveness in Him that these issues may be resolved.

Attacks and Revenge

Pray for the villages here! For the last few weeks we had one village attacking their neighboring village as they were taking cows to drink water. Four people were killed and several cattle were taken. The history of the Lopit seems to be that revenge is the solution to their problems. Pray that the government will intervene justly and that people will not take revenge again by attacking. O pray they will find their significance in knowing their Savior and not in owning cattle or taking revenge.

Servants for Children’s Ministry

Pray for children ministry workers. We need the Lord to bring more servants to this field to help. Pray also that God will prepare the children’s hearts to receive Christ.

Slow and Steady

Pray for Ihari. This young lady of 14 has been slowly drawing closer to the Lord over the past 4 years. Pray that she might fully trust Him and seek His will in her life. Pray that she may be a witness to her mother, sister and nephews.

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