The Fulani of Niger


The Fulani are a culturally diverse and widely dispersed group across the continent West to East in a band just South of the Sahara desert.

Please pray the Fulani would hear and embrace God’s desire for them: “That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the LORD and besides Me there is no Savior.” Isaiah 43:10-11.

Population: 20 million

Location and Background: The Fulani are widely dispersed with large populations in Nigeria, Guinea, and Senegal. They are also found in Gambia, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and as far East as Sudan.
They are thought to be an ancient people of West African and North African descent.

Culture: Despite the diversity of culture among the Fulani, they all adhere to a code of conduct called ‘pulaaku’. These moral values can be summarized in four qualities: patience (acceptance of Fate, self-control, discipline), wisdom (intelligence, common sense, prudence, shrewdness), modesty (respect for others, personal responsibility, hospitality) and courage (strength, handwork).
Cattle are highly prized among the Fulani. The decreasing availability of land and drought leads to conflict with their farming neighbors.

The Fulani can be grouped into three types:

  1. The Nomadic/Pastoralist Mbororo
  2. The Semi-nomadic
  3. The settled “Town” Fulani

Religion: Islam. The Fulani were the first group in West Africa to convert to Islam. Fulani clerics are held in high esteem.

Latest Prayer Updates:

Woman believes

A lady was drawn to Jesus by the changed character of her brother who is a believer.
When she decided to follow Jesus, her husband threatened to divorce her and chase her off.
Though the family no longer wanted her, she continued to believe, and remained devoted to Jesus regardless of the challenges she faced.
Because of her love for prayer, one day the husband asked her to pray for him.
He then allowed believers to come fellowship in his home, welcoming us very warmly.
He also attended our fellowship meeting.

Pray this woman will remain strong in her faith, and her husband will come to follow Jesus.


Recently we baptized some new believers. One is a young boy who read Bible stories and received discipling among us. When we gave him a bible to read at home, his mother warned him against reading it. But he continued reading.
She found it and took it away, which deeply saddened him, but he discovered where it was hidden. Instead of reading it at home, he took it back to the one who had given it to him. Thereafter, every morning he would climb a tree and wait for his mentor to wake and read it to him, and pray together.
His life began to be transformed, so we sought the permission of his parents to baptize him. Wonderfully, they agreed, having seen also that the boy’s character and behavior had changed.
The parents not only allowed for baptism, but let us share the Good news with their eldest son.
Pray for these baptized believers to grow firm in their new faith, and to become powerful witnesses among their people.

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