New disciples

Pray for the family and 3 children we are now hosting. They are new believers and we are discipling and mentoring them. Pray they will grow to the full knowledge of God.
Pray also for S to be bold and not fear. He has come close to entering the Kingdom and we are sharing with him.

needing repentance

Pray for A, who claimed to be a believer but now we see only by mouth and not in heart.
He desires to cause fear among the believers, saying he will oppose anything to do with salvation. He discourages those who desire to follow in belief… claiming he will kill any new converts.
Pray against evil thoughts in his heart.
Pray that he will know that threat and intimidation is not the way of Jesus and will repent.

Needing a change of heart

Lift up Kad that God will change her heart and that she will hate lying and be free from the fear of spirits. Ask that she will love her father’s wife. Lift up her father who is sick and also losing his mind. May God work in his heart to help him understand what he is listening to.

Holy Spirit work

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work in all the hearts of those we are spending time with and sharing the Good News with, and that the Father would grant them faith in Jesus. Lift us up (the team) as we disciple believers- that they will be true disciples of Jesus.

Pray for Kw

Please lift up D and Ab and Ar as they talk with Kw. Ask for light to shine in her heart, true repentance, truth and work of the Holy Spirit.  She took a megavoice recorder and asked what we had read in the morning.  We listened to the passage together and shared with her about what we had shared in our morning meeting. Despite many different things, she said she enjoyed it. I think she will continue to come and it is good to continue visiting and encouraging her.

May he accept the audio Bible

I would like to request your prayers for an old man of our community who has been sick many months. All through his time at the hospital, his health has not improved. The LORD put on my heart to give him an audio Bible, for him to listen to the good news. Please pray that the LORD prepares his heart to accept the radio, listen to the gospel and accept Christ. Pray for my visit to him this afternoon.

Sweetest time

News from our Fulani colleagues:
We have had very encouraging reports from A working in East Niger. He said that he is still seeing many come to faith in Jesus. Tam also reported that the Fulani Bible Teaching Week that he has held for the past ten years in the grazing lands was a very positive time again. He said that there were over 20 new believers and also over 30 who were baptised. He reported that many described this as the sweetest time that they had had yet.

Jesus’ people

We were thrilled to hear last week that some more of our friends in Yo were baptised. Three of the women that we mentioned in our last prayer letter, Hap, Kaa and Har, along with another of Ab’s daughters, Aa, made this bold statement that they are now “Jesus’ people”. Pray for them that God will strengthen their faith and help them to withstand possible opposition from their community. Give thanks that Hap’s husband was not ashamed that his wife has chosen to follow Jesus.

Needing protection and courage

Pray for Am, another daughter of Ab and Ci. She is the only believer in her community. She has withstood ridicule and hardship. Pray that God will continue to protect her and her daughter Ai and make His light shine through her.

Needing freedom from fear

Pray for Al, he is from the community south of us. He has been meeting fairly regularly with the believers for almost a year now. Pray that he will not be afraid to follow Jesus. There are many others who have also expressed interest and even belief, but who have as yet had the boldness to identify themselves as followers of Jesus. Pray with us that God will continue to work in this community to break down Satan’s hold on people through fear.