Fearing the Powers of Darkness

The Zaramo people fear the powers of darkness, evil spirits and curses. They believe if they go to witch doctors they can get protection. Pray that instead of fearing Satan they will fear and seek God. Pray that they will find freedom from evil through Christ and His...

Prayer for Healing

Praise God! As we were in the New Year’s service one man from the Zaramo tribe came to ask me if we could pray for him. After we finished praying for him he gave his life to Jesus. Please pray for his healing and growth.

Health in a broken community

Among the Zaramo many families are very poor, and this causes many young girls to become prostitutes. Some contract diseases and many become pregnant. Please pray that the Lord will save these families and give them honest ways to make a living. A local doctor working...

Old Women Teaching Young

Among the Zaramo, older women cling to old evil customs and superstitions, and they purposely teach the young girls these perversions. Pray that God will save these old women and that they will teach their grandchildren the ways of Christ instead.

Share Christ Consistently

Please pray for the Zaramo believers to share Christ consistently with their families, neighbours and friends. Pray for the Zaramo church to grow and multiply, and that in every way it will be centered on Jesus Christ.

Abundant Life

Please pray that the Zaramo people will recognise that all the things they have been seeking to try to fill the emptiness in their hearts and lives are useless, and that they will hear the invitation of Christ to come to Him for abundant life.