Two New Underground Churches

From December 2019 to March 2020, two new churches have begun in Zaramo villages, though they are still underground. They have indigenous believers, including many from the Zaramo tribe, also Maasai and Sukuma. Please keep us in prayer as we have needs in these groups. They lack teaching on spiritual victory and other topics. They lack Bibles. One needs nine corrugated steel roofing sheets so we may have a place to meet during the rainy season, and we need some benches. Please pray for the growth and provision for these churches.

A Way To Reach Them?

A number of single young Zaramo men are interested in the gospel. Is there a way to reach them by using art? Or sports? Pray for guidance and enabling for the Tanzanian Christian teacher who lives among them and shares the gospel with them.

Preaching Through Agriculture

Pray for my new plan of preaching through agriculture, using God’s ways of farming. I teach people new ways of farming and through this people are coming to Jesus. Pray for two families: the Mbondo family and Malaika family. These are people who have experienced the love of Jesus. Pray for salvation for many Zaramo people.

Evangelist using photography

From a Tanzanian Evangelist: “I am working with the Zaramo tribe here in Coastal region. It is a wonderful thing I am seeing in my work of video shooting and photo taking. I normally participate in their traditional culture and many ceremonies. May you please pray for me to stand faithfuly in this work?” Please pray for this evangelist to see many people come to faith in Christ. Pray for other Christians to join him in sharing the gospel with the Zaramo people. Pray for a good wife, who has the same missionary call he does. Pray for a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered church among the Zaramo people.

Evangelistic Outreach At A Business

Please pray for evangelistic outreach among the Zaramo through a coffee shop and photography. Pray specifically for the salvation of two men: Mzee Mbondo, and Katundu. Pray that their hearts will be prepared and that they will receive Christ as their Savior.

Irresistible Narratives

A Tanzanian Christian teacher writes: “Personally I feel a strong call to God’s service. Please pray for me that: 1.God may give me peace in my heart to do his work, 2.God may open for me a door to reach Zaramo society, 3.God may prepare Zaramo hearts to hear the word and the voice of Jesus.” Pray for this man in his evangelistic work, that many Zaramo may be saved through him. Currently he is sharing Bible studies with 38 students from his secondary school on Friday and Sunday evenings. “12 of them are Muslims but they have been attracted to the Bible narratives. Please pray for them that God may meet them through his word.”

Family Saved

From an evangelist: I really feel so happy to live in God’s family as you have been praying for the work of God here among the Zaramo. God is still with us and his work. This year one family which was suffering from witchcraft decided to come to Jesus: A father, mother and their three daughters. Please pray they continue to grow in Christ.

Only Jesus

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to cause the Zaramo people to hunger and thirst for righteousness, and to be clearly shown how hopeless any other way to God is except for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fearing the Powers of Darkness

The Zaramo people fear the powers of darkness, evil spirits and curses. They believe if they go to witch doctors they can get protection. Pray that instead of fearing Satan they will fear and seek God. Pray that they will find freedom from evil through Christ and His victory on the cross.

Prayer for Healing

Praise God! As we were in the New Year’s service one man from the Zaramo tribe came to ask me if we could pray for him. After we finished praying for him he gave his life to Jesus. Please pray for his healing and growth.

Health in a broken community

Among the Zaramo many families are very poor, and this causes many young girls to become prostitutes. Some contract diseases and many become pregnant. Please pray that the Lord will save these families and give them honest ways to make a living. A local doctor working in the hospital calculates about 90% of adults in the area are HIV positive. Please pray for the Lord to work mightily among the Zaramo to bring salvation to those who are infected and to change the culture where infection is spread so freely.

Old Women Teaching Young

Among the Zaramo, older women cling to old evil customs and superstitions, and they purposely teach the young girls these perversions. Pray that God will save these old women and that they will teach their grandchildren the ways of Christ instead.

Share Christ Consistently

Please pray for the Zaramo believers to share Christ consistently with their families, neighbours and friends. Pray for the Zaramo church to grow and multiply, and that in every way it will be centered on Jesus Christ.

Abundant Life

Please pray that the Zaramo people will recognise that all the things they have been seeking to try to fill the emptiness in their hearts and lives are useless, and that they will hear the invitation of Christ to come to Him for abundant life.

Drawn in Faith

Please pray that as the team of Christians among the Zaramo celebrates Christmas with their friends and neighbours, that those who are hearing the gospel for the first time will not fear persecution or suffering but will be drawn in faith to the Saviour.

Reflecting Jesus’ Glory

Praise the Lord that the Zaramo are made in His image, and therefore have the capacity to glorify God. Pray that those who come to know the Lord Jesus Christ will reflect His glory as they read and meditate on Scripture. Pray that they will bring light into the darkness, and others will also be saved.

The Meaning of Life

Please pray that the Lord will cause many Zaramo to be asking themselves what is the meaning of life, and that the Lord will raise up Christians to share that all things are from, through, and for Christ. May many Zaramo embrace Him as their joy and their salvation.

As Lights In The World

Pray that in those Zaramo villages where there is not yet any witness of Christ, Christians will be sent to share the gospel. Pray that Zaramo Christians will live as children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked generation, among whom they shine as lights in the world.

No Other Name

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to give the Zaramo a recognition of their own sinfulness and God’s holiness. Pray that they will realise that all their works of “righteousness” are like filthy rags. Pray that they will hear and believe that there is no other name than Jesus whereby they can be saved, and that He who knew no sin became sin for them, so they could receive the righteousness of God through Him.

Victory Over Evil Spirits

The Zaramo people practice a mix of Islam and animism. Pray that Jesus will show that He has power over evil spirits, and that only those who put their trust in Him will never be afraid. Pray that Christians will boldly proclaim the victory of Jesus Christ over all evil spirits.

He Has Overcome The World

Pray that the Zaramo will find that even though in the world they have tribulation, Jesus brings good cheer and has overcome the world. Pray that they will follow Him as their Prince of Peace.

May Christ-Centered Churches Spring Up

Please pray for God’s continuing work among the Zaramo. Pray for those who are Christian and living among them to have a bold and fearless witness, coupled with love and compassion for the lost. Pray for Christ-centered churches to spring up. Pray for more missionaries to be raised up to go work among them.

Pray for the Zaramo

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to the Zaramo people their sinfulness and complete lostness, and then pray that the greatness and power of the Savior will be revealed as their only hope.

Pray for a Paramo elementary school class

Pray for an elementary school class of 4th and 5th graders who observed a classmate delivered from demonic oppression when their Christian teachers prayed in Jesus’ name. Pray that as these students meet for prayer in the teachers’ home, they will clearly understand the gospel and put their faith in Christ for salvation. Pray also for the salvation of their parents, who allow the children to attend the meetings. Pray that as they come to faith in Christ and grow, the children will stand publicly for Jesus all their lives.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to the Zaramo people their sinfulness and complete lostness, and then pray that the greatness and power of the Savior will be revealed as their only hope.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray for an elementary school class of 4th and 5th graders who observed a classmate delivered from demonic oppression when their Christian teachers prayed in Jesus’ name. Pray that as these students meet for prayer in the teachers’ home, they will clearly understand the gospel and put their faith in Christ for salvation. Pray also for the salvation of their parents, who allow the children to attend the meetings. Pray that as they come to faith in Christ and grow, the children will stand publicly for Jesus all their lives.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

A Zaramo family has heard 37 Bible stories in chronological order, but has been unwilling to make a decision to put their faith in Jesus or confess Him publicly. Pray that the word that has been planted in their hearts and minds will bear fruit.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray that the Zaramo would learn the story of Joseph from Geneiss, and believe that even if their families reject them for following Jesus, the Lord will still care for them and display His glory.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray that the Lord will remove the spirit of fear from the Zaramo, and instead send His Spirit of power, love and discipline. May they not fear being rejected by family and community if they follow Jesus. May they not fear they’ll be observed having conversations with Christians about spiritual things. May women not fear being divorced by their husbands if they become believers in Christ. May they not fear to meet together, but instead may house churches spring up in many villages, with believers who love to meet together to worship the Lord. May they not be ruled by their fears, but may they count it all joy to confess Christ and suffer for Christ’s sake.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

There are 5 Tanzanian Christian teachers among the Zaramo who have been trained in church planting. Two of them are elders in the church and oversee the Christian preschool. Pray for adequate support, perseverance, encouragement, and open doors to share Christ with students and their families. Pray for the Christian teacher, Emmanuel, who returns to run the preschool in June. Pray for many students to enroll and faithfully pay their tuition so he will be supported adequately.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray that God would continue to uphold and encourage the few believers in the area. Pray that they would have boldness to share His truth to their neighbors and that the Zaramo would come to see that it is His Truth that will truly set them free.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Continue to pray for the children of the Zaramo. The preschool that’s
been established in the Mzenga area is just one platform for reaching out and has had amazing inroads to teaching the children about The Way, The Truth, and The Life. However, this school year, there are only 10 children enrolled, so please pray that God would provide more children – not only so the preschool can be self-sustainable, but that more children would hear His Truth.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray for freedom from the spiritual bondage that the Zaramo are under. In recent weeks, I have had more and more conversations with people regarding witchcraft and evil spirits. Pray that God would open their eyes to see that only through Jesus Christ will they have complete freedom from such bondage. Continue to pray, too, for the teachers. They have started to focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus to the outlying villages outside of Mzenga. Pray that God will continue to protect and preserve them and give them strength and courage to spread His love and grace to all. Pray, too, for the two new deacons recently installed at church. Pray for Peter and Merina, that they would serve God to the best of their abilities as deacons in the little church.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Ramadan Day 30 Eid
As Ramadan ends and people celebrate, pray for the Zaramo children and youth. Many of these children are hearing the Truth from their Christian teachers – pray that God would grow these seeds of truth in their hearts and that there would be an overwhelming number of Zaramo coming to Christ in this next generation.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Ramadan Day 15
Although they all call themselves Mu$lims, the Zaramo are deeply entrenched in witchcraft and spirit worship. Pray that during this month, God would break the bonds that Satan has so tightly woven around this society. Pray for the believers who are present here as they interact with people regarding witchcraft – that the Holy Spirit would give them the right words to say and that they would stand firm and remember that the “Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are saved.” (Prov. 18:10)

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

1. Continue to pray for the teachers who are so diligently working at spreading Jesus’ love among the Zaramo in this area. Praise the Lord that two of them have been given positions of leadership in the school and are working quite closely with the very muslim Principal – one is the Assistant Principal and the other is in charge of Academic Affairs. Pray that God shines through in their interactions with the Principal and that he will come to know the One True God.
2. Pray for the Zaramo kids of this town. Between the preschool, the Christian teachers they have at school, and kids’ club each Saturday, the kids here are hearing God’s Story. Pray that as they hear, God would plant His Word and His Truth into their lives and that they would become a generation who blesses His name.
Rainy season has begun – and with it, I’m reminded of the verses in Isaiah 55:10-11: For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, … so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

1. Pray for the Christian school teachers who have a heart for church-planting who are
working in Zaramo areas. Pray that they would stand firm in their faith,
that they would “guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus,” and that
they wouldn’t “grow weary of doing good” but be encouraged that “at the
proper time they will reap a harvest if they do not give up” (Gal. 6:9).
2. Pray that God would remove the blindness from the Zaramo, that they would
“taste and see that the Lord is good”. Pray that God would also remove the
incredible fear which binds them so tightly to the lies that Satan has fed
them for years.
A verse: Isaiah 9:2 –
“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in
the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” – pray that verse would
come true among the Zaramo!

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Pray for the Zaramo children – many are seeing and hearing the truth for the first time and are
realizing they’ve been told something very different all their lives by their parents, yet are hesitant to make a stand. Pray for a new generation of Zaramo who will be courageous and stand up for the truth. Pray for boldness for these kids to tell their parents what they’ve learned and what they know.

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Ramadan Day 21: Pray that Muslims would ask God, “What shall we do to do the works of God?” and that they would hear and believe His reply, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.” (John 6:28-29)

Update on The Zaramo of Tanzania

Ramadan Day 10: The fourth pillar of Islam is Ramadan. Muslims are trying desperately to find favour with God by keeping the fast. Pray God would show them the truth of: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” (Eph. 2:8-9)