Send laborers

Lord of the Harvest, send laborers to the Tuareg, that the name of Jesus might be honored and glorified and many receive your great salvation!


Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into this harvest field. Ask God to show His mercy to the Tuareg.

Needing Christ

There are very few Tuareg women who believe. Pray for women to come to faith. And pray for men to be delivered from alcohol. Many spend most of their salary on drink and have little left to provide for their families.

Fear not

Pray for believers to be strong in the Lord and not fear their Muslim families or community.

Some church leaders have married outside the faith. Pray they would be faithful to the Lord and not be swayed from the faith.

small number of believers

Tuareg believers in Niger are small in number and scattered in a vast country.
Pray that the Lord will protect them and that they may be an encouragement to each other and have the courage to witness.
Pray for new opportunities to spread the good news

Radio ministry

Pray that the Lord will use the radio programme to make His word heard by thousands if not millions of Tuareg people spread across West and North Africa.
Pray for provision of funds for more airtime and a trip to Niger in December.
Pray for continued access to airtime on national radio.
Pray for continued good response to the Radio programmes.
Pray for good choice of programmes to produce For broadcasting.

The Way of Righteousness.

Please pray for Khamada who is in England recording ‘The Way of Righteousness’ in Tamajeq (Touareg). This is a wonderful set of radio broadcasts (and also a book) aimed at sharing the Gospel to Muslims. May God use this recording to speak to many Tuareg!

Seeds to germinate

Ask for G who visits some Tuareg weekly in the bush. Pray that the scattered seeds will germinate and bear fruit.
Ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers!

Needing mercy again

Ask for one Tuareg man who believed, was baptized, and we thought he would be a key witness for Jesus. But unfortunately, the devil took him captive. The man did lots of nasty things and he is in jail now. Ask for true repentance and the Lord’s mercy.

Lord of the Harvest

Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into His Tuareg harvest field. Pray for the few believers to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. May the yeast of faith spread throughout the whole lump of dough!

Are we the same?

“We fast and give to the poor to be good and be able to go into heaven. Isn’t it the same with everyone? Jews? Christians?”
We were on our way for a day out with this family who are now settled in the countryside of NY. The kids were strapped into car seats in the middle of the van and our husbands were chatting in the front seats. She is such a gracious, kind woman and such a gift to spend time with! I answered her telling her of the cross and grace and asked if she had ever heard the story of the prophet Moses. She said that she hadn’t, and listened carefully with true questions throughout. Toward the end of the conversation, she said, “So, do you believe that there is any other Lord besides Jesus?” I was so thankful for her questions that go to the exact heart of everything: grace and Jesus as Lord. Ask for her surrender and for the whole family.

Family settling into life in the US

The precious Arab/Berber family who moved to the States is doing well, learning language and settling into life while they live with a believing family. They have watched children act out the nativity, played games with the widows of the church, painted houses, built fires and simply lived daily life with disciples of Jesus. We are so thankful that as they joined the family for church, a MBB from Yemen sat next to them and translated into Arabic. Continue to ask for their salvation!

Won the Green Card Lottery!

Pray for this Muslim family who leaves December 9th to move to America. They will be living with a Christian family as they look for a job and a home. They have a young son and a baby on the way. They won the “green card lottery” to be able to go, and despite the chaos in their home country all the paperwork went through for passports and visas. They look on it as a miracle and keep saying, “The Lord wants this.” Believing in the Lord’s mighty purposes, I agree with them! Pray that the Lord with continue to draw them and that they will see his mighty acts of grace and truth. They have heard the gospel here and have the written Word of God. Asking for their salvation!!