Outreach in Kapoeta

John is a Kenya missionary working amongst the Toposa. Pray for evangelism and outreach in Kokoro, Lopua, Napeicheke and Kapoeta East. Also pray for the listening groups that were trained on using audio Bibles. A Youth camp is coming up on December 9th. Ask  God to draw many youth to Himself.


From last Thursday to Saturday, we have been doing an amazing baptism of 1130 believers! A 3 day Baptism! Here is a testimony of how God changed the heart of a Toposa Elder: This man challenged us by how he has believed in Jesus and now he spreads the news of Jesus to his fellow elders. He said, “Thank you Jesus that I got this opportunity of salvation and baptism at my age before I die so that I will enter Paradise.”


Pray for peace between the Toposa and the Laarim. There is a lot of revenge killing amongst both groups. Pray for a longing for peace and an openness for the Prince of Peace to give true peace.

Fire churches

The ‘fire churches’ (groups meeting around the fire) are doing well under the care of the disciples. We thank God because they are growing spiritually too. We have two new churches planted in Kaldo area. Some have put a temporary shed to enable them to pray under it especially during this raining season and also to have a shelter during the day heat when they do their discipleship meeting. Lucino is meeting his group every Thursday. Also other disciples have their meeting days and all gather on Sunday morning at their various churches. Pray the disciples would grow strong and many would be added to their number as Christ builds His church among the Toposa!


The Outreach Team went to one of the remote Toposa villages where the persecution of new believers has been intense. The new believers gathered 500 Toposa to come for worship, singing and dancing. One of the new believers challenged the group to come forward with any information for WHY the Outreach Team should not be sharing Jesus in their villages. She spoke for 20 minutes and no one came forward. As a result, they all agreed that the “sharing of Jesus” would go forward without interruption. Pray for much fruit!

Ministry update

This is from Kenyan missionary John working with the Toposa: Thank you for praying. We had a good trip to Narus. We did some training and visited villages where our disciples are reaching- Napeikeny, lopua and Kokoro. Many have been led to Christ and they are being discipled to reach others.

There is a new group of younger guys being discipled in Kapoeta. Pray they will also be taking the Gospel out to unreached villages amongst Toposa.


Jie is one of the most unreached people that share similar culture and language dialect with Toposa. We had a survey trip in April for Jie Lopeat and we found one of the greatest needs is water.
John, one of the Kenyan missionaries working among the Toposa, got information that Jie of Lopeat have sought refuge among the Toposa of Mogos, 35km away, in order to get water. The dam that was helping them has since dried up.
Pray for them and that peace will prevail between them and Toposa. Historically they used to fight and steal cattle but peace was made some time last year. However, they still they get their animals stolen.

Missionaries arriving!

Pray for our missionary team who are going to live among the Toposa for a long term mission work together with their families. Their names are Julius and Pasquina Magu, Mark and Lonah Keter, Isaiah and Nida Bwala, and Mary Nachii. Most of them are relocating this week to various places among the Toposa. And they will be reaching the Jie, and other unreached communities. Pray for all missionaries and people involved in reaching out with discipleship among the Toposa.