Prayers for growth

Pray for deep discipleship among the Toposa believers – for spiritual growth and renewal of their minds. Pray for Toposa leaders to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. Pray for Joseph Lobaringa, who is set to go to a Bible school in Kenya for 1...

Discipleship training

Pray for the team serving among the Toposa as they prepare to return by the 20th from Kenya. Pray that God may provide for their needs. Pray for the plan to bring disciples from different areas for 2 months of full-time discipleship training in Naliel.

Outreach in Kapoeta

John is a Kenya missionary working amongst the Toposa. Pray for evangelism and outreach in Kokoro, Lopua, Napeicheke and Kapoeta East. Also pray for the listening groups that were trained on using audio Bibles. A Youth camp is coming up on December 9th. Ask  God to...


From last Thursday to Saturday, we have been doing an amazing baptism of 1130 believers! A 3 day Baptism! Here is a testimony of how God changed the heart of a Toposa Elder: This man challenged us by how he has believed in Jesus and now he spreads the news of Jesus to...