“Thank You For The Gift”

Praise God that a Muslim Babu (grandfather) sent a message of thanks for the gift he received of an Arabic Bible. Please pray that he and several others who are learning to read Arabic in his household will read it, and that the Holy Spirit will guide them to passages that will help them come into eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

An Arabic Bible

Praise God for many opportunities to share Scripture with a S. Asian Muslim family. Most recently an Arabic Bible was given to the grandfather. Please pray that he and others who can read Arabic will read it. May there be something about reading the Words of Life in Arabic that is even more convincing than in English, and may they put their faith in Christ.

Intensely Tested

Please pray for a S. Asian family who have turned to Jesus out of Hinduism. They are being tested in a number of ways, especially in compromises to their integrity in business. Pray that the Lord will give them freedom from anxiety and care for their needs, helping them to pay off their debts and live within their means. Pray for a job for the husband that not only brings income for the family but also opens doors for him to minister to people in the name of Jesus. Pray for their healing as they struggle with some health issues. Pray for their encouragement as they cast all their cares on Christ.

A Strategic Party

Please pray for two S. Asian families who have been invited to attend a Christmas party. May the Lord bring those whose hearts have already been prepared to respond to the gospel. May He protect the evening from any attacks of the enemy, and remove the veil of blindness that lies over their hearts. May they also be so full of joy and courage that they confess openly that they believe in Christ.

Free Indeed

Several S. Asian women seem to want to trust both the Quran and the Bible for their salvation and daily living. They are terrified to consider leaving their religion or its doctrines. Yet they keep wanting to read and hear the Bible, and to pray with their Christian friends. Please pray for a breakthrough, that they will be set free indeed by the Son of God as they put all their trust in Him.

By Many Or By Few

My friend had the sobering experience of attending a graduation ceremony at a Muslim school where one of our S. Asian friends teaches young children. She was the only Christian in attendance. It was a place of darkness, with over 100 parents listening as their children recited by rote all the rules of their religion. Rules is all they have. They do not have a mighty Saviour. Our hearts break over their blindness and captivity. December is the season to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, and we plan to invite our friends over for celebrations of joy. Please pray for God to open their ears, their hearts, their minds. Pray for them to be very disillusioned with their religion and come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Pray that nothing will hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.

A Christian Movie

Praise God for an evening when a Muslim family watched a Christian movie with their neighbours in which the gospel was clearly presented. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work mightily to bring each family member to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that they would stand united against the pressure they receive from their community.

Persistently Praying

The S. Asian family for whose salvation we have consistently been praying are in a time of many transitions, family fractures, and disharmony. Stress and unhappiness abound. Yet they have not yet turned to Christ for salvation and answers to their problems. Please continue to ask, seek and knock even more persistently for the Lord to save each member of this extended family!

Still Discovering who Jesus Really Is

The Muslim widow who loves Jesus and has started praying in His name still does not believe He is the Son of God, just an amazing prophet. But whenever she reads the Bible, she listens and learns and thinks about what she read. Pray that she will continue reading the Bible and that she will believe it, and realise the things her religion taught her about Jesus are not true.

Please Close Down the Class

Several S. Asian women attend an Islamics class that reinforces their belief in Islam and seems to provide them with reasons not to believe the Bible. Please pray that the Lord will close down the class, and that they will realise their teachers are not telling them the truth. Pray that instead their trust will be transferred to God’s Word and His Son, Jesus Christ.