Can We Watch It Together?

A S. Asian widow brought with her the DVD of Jesus’ life. “You gave this to me but I don’t have a way to watch it, so I want to watch it with you today.” Before we watched, we read the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection from Luke 22-24. Then we began the video. Two other Muslim neighbour women arrived and watched it with us. Why was Jesus the Messiah, and how can someone have eternal life through Him? They listened intently and stayed to the end. Please pray that these women, each of whom has now heard the gospel numerous times, will decide to become a follower of the Saviour and receive eternal life.

Desperate for a Job

Please pray for a S. Asian family who are in desperate need of a job for the husband. They are believers in Christ who came out of Hinduism. Pray that the Lord will provide a job for him that is not only a means of supporting his family but also an avenue for ministry and leading people to Christ .

It’s Better To Go To a House Of Mourning Than Feasting

A South Asian woman recently attended the funeral of a Christian child. There she and several other Muslim friends heard clearly the gospel and observed the love and hope of the family and friends. Please pray that she and her friends will find the courage to leave their religion and decide to become followers of Jesus. Pray they will realise their religion gives them no confidence of acceptance in the day of judgment.

Persistently loving

Pray for S. Asians who have Christian friends to be drawn to faith in Christ through the persistent love of their friends. Pray that Christ’s perfect love pouring out on them will calm their fears and will convince them that Jesus is trustworthy and that He is worth any sacrifice. Pray that they will be bold as they confess their faith in Him to their families and friends.

Lovely Artist

A young South Asian came to decorate hands with henna in preparation for a Muslim wedding, and saw some Christians who continue to meet with her and her sisters. She is friendly but not yet hungry for God’s Word or anything other than her Islamic religion. Please pray for the Lord to work in her life in such a way that she begins to seek Jesus Christ.

A Mother and Her Children

Pray for a S. Asian woman who is very influential in her family to become convinced that Jesus Christ truly is the only way to God. Pray that she will realise that all her good works will not save her. Pray for her to come to Christ in faith, and that her children who have become very interested in the way of salvation will feel great freedom to come to Christ as well.


After a season in which many family members were scattered and staying in other parts of the city, suddenly a S. Asian family has all returned to their original home. They seem to be hungry for spiritual truth. This is the family where the grandfather received an Arabic Bible. Please pray with us that the whole family, like Lydia’s in Acts 16, would turn to faith in Christ.

Wooed by Christ’s Love

Please pray for a Muslim S. Asian family. They need the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Various members of the family seem very close to committing themselves to Christ, but others seem resistant. Please pray that even in the hearts of the most resistant members, Christ will break down all the blindness and hardness, and woo them to Himself with His love.


Pray much for a S. Asian teenager and her cousin who have understood their own sinfulness and the uselessness of trying to be good enough to earn heaven. They know that Jesus offered the perfect sacrifice for sin and that they can receive Him by faith. Now they are pondering whether to do that. Pray they will!

“Thank You For The Gift”

Praise God that a Muslim Babu (grandfather) sent a message of thanks for the gift he received of an Arabic Bible. Please pray that he and several others who are learning to read Arabic in his household will read it, and that the Holy Spirit will guide them to passages that will help them come into eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.