They Haven’t Yet Come to Him

Pray for a number of South Asians in Nairobi who have Christian friends who have been sharing the gospel with them, yet have not believed in Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will break down all the barriers that hinder them from coming freely to the Savior. Pray that they will be disillusioned with their religion. Pray for a total turning of their hearts in love and faith to Jesus.


Pray for a S. Asian widow who clings to Islam but is broadminded enough to spend a lot of time with women of other cultures and religions. Pray that the Lord will cause her to have a deep spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness, and that her hunger will be filled by Jesus Christ.

Outreach Among Students

A young S. Asian Christian is joining with her university Bible study for an evening of outreach to Muslim students. Please pray for good attendance, that the gospel will be presented clearly, and for the salvation of many young adults who need Jesus.

Making Friends

A Muslim S. Asian family spent Sunday afternoon with a Christian one. They spent time discussing life and getting to know one another. Please pray for the friendship to flourish and that the S. Asian family would come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Needing Fellowship

An elderly S. Asian widow just became a believer in Christ out of Hinduism when she visited her family in Kenya. Now she is looking for fellowship with believers in Australia. Please pray for the Lord to connect her with Christians who speak Gujerati and that she can grow in Christ.

She Liked the Movie

A S. Asian widow watched The Case For Christ movie with several Christians. She seemed deeply touched, very glad to be invited, and remarked afterwards, “That was really such a good movie.” Pray that she will come to faith in Christ.

Prayer For Healing

A S. Asian woman held hands with two others as her Christian friend prayed that God would lift the veil that lies over her heart and that of her family members so they can see His light. Pray that God will answer that prayer and this Muslim family will see the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

Lord, Send More Laborers to the South Asians

Please pray for more laborers to work with South Asians. There are whole communities of South Asian families who have no Christian friends and never hear the gospel from birth to death. Please pray for God to send western workers who would live in their neighborhoods and share Christ with them. Pray also for African believers from other tribes who have grown up in churches and have had the gospel for generations to have the courage and concern to cross cultures and reach out to this unreached people group.

Needing Direction

A missionary has returned to her place of service, and is seeking the Lord’s direction and open doors for renewing ministry to her South Asian friends. Pray that she will be guided to those who need her–and the Savior–most.

Watching Youtube Videos

Please pray for a young S. Asian woman who is watching Youtube videos that encourage her to stay strong in Islam. She continues to cling to her religion although she has often heard the gospel, as do her parents. Perhaps she clings to Islam because she is hearing the soft invitation of Jesus Christ in her heart. Pray that she and her whole family will become disillusioned with their religion and will see Jesus in all His glory and give their allegiance and hearts to Him.