Scriptures Cherished

Please pray for the Lord to strengthen and encourage the Christians among the Rendille who seek to share the gospel more and more widely among the Rendille. Pray that the power and lure of Islam among the Rendille will be broken. Pray that the Scriptures will be loved, cherished, read, taught and obeyed in Rendille households. Pray for the Word of God to spread rapidly and be glorified.

New Campus and a Borehole

We praise God that Tirrim Secondary School has officially moved to the new location! Students are enjoying the new classrooms, kitchen, chapel, dorms and space to walk and play sports. God is so good to bless us with this beautiful new campus.
We also praise God that we have a brand new borehole right outside the new campus! This is a huge answer to prayer, as the villages surrounding the new campus and our staff and students were all sharing one borehole. This becomes difficult during droughts, and also now a safety issue for our students. Now, the campus has its own and the community has their own. To God be the glory! Keep praying for the gospel to spread among the Rendille and for these students to each come to the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in their faith.

A Big Move

Tirrim Secondary School is moving it’s location for second term, April 29th. This site gives us many benefits such as a better water supply, closer to the villages, and far from town so students won’t be distracted. We have come a long way with the building site and we are so thankful. But we have a long way to go. We are praying that God sends someone to Korr to be the project manager. Please pray with us that someone will come and the school will be ready for our students!

Women Learning to Teach God’s Word

Two women have been coming to learn how to create and lead a Bible study from a missionary. They’ve done this two weeks in a row now. They come to her house on Tuesday and lesson plan together, then they teach Friday. Both times the women say, ” I have never done this before!” But both have done well! Pray for them to persevere and pray for their groups to grow deep in the word and obey what it says.

Hard Times

Lately, there have been many sad things happening in the Rendille town of Korr. Many deaths, illnesses, hard marriage situations and more. Tonight a momma said,” Are we being punished? Why has 2019 been so hard? When will blessing come?” Please pray for the Rendille. Pray that they cling to Jesus- our Hope. Pray that even through these hard challenges that seem to keep coming, people see Jesus. That people would turn to the church for guidance and help and that the Church would welcome them.

More Than We Expected

We have been blessed with many Rendille students this term. We prayed for students, and God brought them! Now, we are praying for the resources needed to educate these students so that they can THRIVE. The school year has already started, and we are praying the resources come in quickly! Please pray for our staff as we navigate how to best educate in tight situations. Pray that the staff would be wise in their decision making and unified, for the glory of Christ.

A Suffering Servant

A pastor is unwell. His church is suffering. Pray for the Good Shepherd to gently lead this pastor to green pastures and allow him to rest and heal, while providing a new pastor for the church. Pray that He will have mercy on the congregation that is suffering, too. Pray for an indigenous, reproducing, Christ-centered church among the Rendille.

You prayed…He answered

On Jun 10, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please pray for a principal for the school. Our acting principal David has done a wonderful job. Please pray God would call a man like David to replace him.” And God answered: “A Christian young man has come to be our principal. He has shown a heart for missions and a serious love for God and desire to have a solid Christian environment for the students. This is truly an answer to prayer.”

You prayed…He answered

On Jan 16, 2018 you prayed for this request: “We are sending off another new Rendille high school graduate to university and it feels a bit like sending sheep to the wolves. Pray for Somo. Pray for Dibo and Andrew, two other graduates who continue with university studies – both are staying close to God and need His protection.” And God answered: “Our university students we mentioned earlier are doing well – so far, they are staying with God and resisting the many temptations to stray. One student was asked by a professor to lie for him at a hearing. When this student hesitated, the professor threatened to lower his marks. Anyway, the student stood firm, the professor was fired, but he’s awaiting the grades and may receive an undeserved D for not doing as the professor asked. Pray for Dibo – he’s earning a reputation for being honest – may God continue to help him be a light and a testimony. How grateful we are for people who pray!”