Attracted to God’s Word

Please pray that the Rendille people will not be deceived or swayed by the new teachings of Islam, but will instead be attracted to the truth of God’s Word. Pray that their hearts will be hungry to know the truth, and that God’s truth will set them free.

Literacy Boosted

Praise God for a new donation towards the literacy program, enabling it to continue. May God continue to use this program as a way for His word and truth to enter many traditional Rendille hearts. As people learn to read, may they learn to know the Living Word of God.

Relief Food and the Word

Praise for more work for food relief funds which are now coming to an end this week. Praise God for the work accomplished helping our community, and for the Word of God that has been sowed in their hearts. May many come to Jesus!

Pressed to Capacity

Pray for wisdom as the primary school is being pressed to over capacity with applicants. Pray for solutions that bring families to Christ and help students get an education.

Like Sheep Among Wolves

We are sending off another new Rendille high school graduate to university and it feels a bit like sending sheep to the wolves. Pray for Somo. He will be living in the hostels, where many students explore their newly gained freedom from home rules and live lives full of sex, drugs and “fun”. May God protect Somo and keep him strong. Pray for Dibo and Andrew, two other graduates who continue with university studies – both are staying close to God and need His protection.

Every Single Teacher

Tirrim Schools have begun another school year this week. Pray that every single teacher will catch the vision of the schools being a light house for Jesus. Praise God that the leadership of Tirrim truly want Christ to be the centre of the work. Pray that students will commit their lives to Jesus this year.

Set Free Indeed

Praise the Lord for the many Rendille who have come to faith in Jesus Christ out of their previous fear of evil spirits. Pray for the many who are being pressured to exchange their African traditional religion for Islam. May they realise that if Jesus the Son will set them free, then they will be free indeed.

Two Former Students Ponder Possibilities

Please pray for two of my Muslim former students who met with me yesterday. Abdullahi and Elias. I’m in touch with them both off and on. Yesterday I asked them why they refused to become Christians. They said they didn’t know. One asked me why they should become Christians – in an honest and polite way. We had a good conversation. They have been in Christian schools and know God’s word. Another said that he didn’t see any difference between the Koran and the Bible. We had some good talks. Pray that God will work in their hearts. I believe they are open – but maybe not too serious about what part God plays in their lives.

A Powerful Gospel

Islam is targeting the Rendille for conversion, trying to turn them from their tradition of spiritism. But many Rendille are Christians, and are sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbours. Pray that the power of the gospel will win the victory in the hearts and minds of the Rendille.

Great need for Godly teachers

Our Christian schools need godly Christian teachers. Pray for God to work in the hearts of teachers and that the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in their lives. Pray that mature Christian teachers can be found who are willing and able to teach at Tirrim school and share the gospel with Rendille students.

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