No Movement Toward Christ Yet

We are still praying for our Muslim students at school. The interested ones have made no movement and in some ways have begun showing less interest. We keep praying that God will use the word planted in their minds and draw them to Himself. Please pray for a breakthrough soon.


Praise God with us, this coming Saturday the Rendille will receive their New Testament. We will also give out 500 audio Bibles for the majority of the people who do not know how to read and write. The Rendille will hear God speaking their desert heart language! Pray with us that the Word will transform the Rendille people.

May Henry listen!

Please pray for a form 4 Muslim student at Tirrim Secondary School. After our Spiritual Emphasis weekend, lots of students were asking for Bibles (because we gave some out as rewards). Students were told that anyone could have a Bible if they did some memory work first. So far this past week 8 kids have said their memory work and earned a Bible. Among these 8 was this student ‘Henry’. When asked why he wanted a Bible, he said he wanted to compare it with the Koran. Pray Henry will hear God speaking as he read his Bible.


Please pray that the Rendille people will see the lives of their Christian friends and family and be convinced that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. Pray that the Rendille will not succumb to the influence of Islam, but will instead share the gospel with the Muslim teachers who have been sent to convert them.

Tirrim schools

Pray for the government to help fund the school in Tirrim. It is the best school in the district, but has need of funding and committed Christian teachers. Pray for God to provide for these needs.

Spiritual Emphasis week

Tirrim Secondary School just completed its annual Spiritual Emphasis weekend. It was a great time. Here are two highlights for which we praise God.
1. The first meeting, a student asked to accept Jesus into his life. One lost sheep brought into the fold! Then, at our closing, 8 more stood to say they wanted Jesus to be their shepherd. Please pray for these 9 – that God will truly change their hearts and give them new life – that they will see His power at work.
2. Another student gave a testimony on how he never knew what it meant to be a Christian until he came to Tirrim Secondary School. This is where he got saved and he’s so thankful.

Please pray for a principal for the school. Our acting principal David has done a wonderful job. Please pray God would call a man like David to replace him.

Acts of kindness

Pray for David Gargule, the directing manager of the Tirrim schools in Korr, and elder in the church. He has gained the respect of the Muslim community by his acts of kindness. Pray against the attacks of the Evil One and evil men and for His light to continue to shine.

One Boy With Questions, One with Answers

This is an update on Hassan, a Rendille student in our school who is now in his final year of study. He continues to show extreme interest in Bible class. His mother died recently and this has saddened him. He has not seen his father since he was a small child and has been raised by his Muslim grandparents. Recently we found out that he’s been asking a lot of questions to our head prefect. Our head prefect is a boy who seriously wants to follow God. His name is Chulayo. We praise God that Hassan is asking questions and we praise God that Chulayo is seen as someone who might have the answers! Please continue praying for these two boys – that Hassan will find the peace he’s looking for in Jesus and that Chulayo will see God’s power working through him and giving him great wisdom.

Rendille Muslim Students Need Prayer

Still keep praying for our Rendille Muslim students. One in Form 4 shows much interest but no definite steps yet. I have a new Bible class this year with one Muslim student who shows zero interest. But God can open hearts and minds. Keep praying for His word to break through tough barriers and for me to teach clearly in ways they can understand!

Attracted to God’s Word

Please pray that the Rendille people will not be deceived or swayed by the new teachings of Islam, but will instead be attracted to the truth of God’s Word. Pray that their hearts will be hungry to know the truth, and that God’s truth will set them free.