Breakthrough Meeting

The women of our local church held a meeting after church last Sunday. The officials of the ladies presented the year plan, told the women about conferences and seminars to prepare for financially so they can attend without stress. Right now ladies gather at church 4 times a week to meet, pray, sing, and attend church. But the most encouraging thing was that they told the women instead of continuing to gather at church to pray together on Wednesdays, they should gather in their communities. They were also told to ask women who aren’t attending AIC to join them in prayer and fellowship, and to visit widows, orphans and the sick. The goal is to be a LIGHT and to welcome others into the family of God.

Youth Camp

There have been several youth camps over the holiday. 24 youth have accepted Christ. And this week, church pastors and elders from AIC Korr/ Tirrim will lead a youth camp in a (unreached) Rendille village outside of Ilaut where our Korr Rendille have been ministering for over a year now. Pray for much fruit and many new Rendille churches to be planted in the new year.

Reaching Out

This year the Rendille church has been reaching out to the other areas where there was no church. So far we have had 4 evangelism trips to Daadabohigugudan, and there is now a church plant going on there! This month of December we had 3 youth camps and 14 students gave their lives to Christ. Pray for much more fruit in 2020 and many more churches planted among the Rendille. Praise be to God.

Waters of Life

Pray for AIC Korr, for revival, compassion and healing. Also pray for the other surrounding village churches and their pastors and elders. It’s an exciting time of baptisms and Bible translations and Satan wants to destroy all the growth. Pray against Satanic attacks!
Praise God!! Korr looks like a jungle! We even had to pay someone to slash the grass in our yard! Praise God for the rains.

Rapid Multiplication

Between 4 churches in our Rendille town, there are close to 150 people that desire to be baptized in December! Right now, pastors are hosting classes on baptism. Please pray for the pastors as this is so exciting, and yet challenging too. Some of the youth are signing up to be baptized for the certification at the end of the baptism class. Apparently, Kenyan schools look kindly upon students who have this certification. We pray that even those who only signed up for the certificate go to the classes and hear the TRUTH proclaimed and make their own proclamation to follow Jesus.

Caring for A Grieving Family

We have just lost a Rendille pastor, who was a sign language Bible translator. He was so loved and respected in the community and many are mourning the loss. The biggest prayer request is for his wife and his 3 small boys. The Rendille want to come alongside of this family, support them, and love them but they aren’t sure how to best go about doing it. We are praying God uses this experience to open our eyes to how to care for people in grief, and that God would draw more people to Himself.

Hard Times

Please pray for a Rendille pastor who is a sign language Bible translator. He has been sick for a long time now, and not seeming to improve. Please lift up his family, and the church as this is a very hard time for the community. Also, there seems to be a mumps outbreak at the Christian school. Almost an entire primary class has it. Please pray for healing and protection over those not infected.

Scriptures Cherished

Please pray for the Lord to strengthen and encourage the Christians among the Rendille who seek to share the gospel more and more widely among the Rendille. Pray that the power and lure of Islam among the Rendille will be broken. Pray that the Scriptures will be loved, cherished, read, taught and obeyed in Rendille households. Pray for the Word of God to spread rapidly and be glorified.

New Campus and a Borehole

We praise God that Tirrim Secondary School has officially moved to the new location! Students are enjoying the new classrooms, kitchen, chapel, dorms and space to walk and play sports. God is so good to bless us with this beautiful new campus.
We also praise God that we have a brand new borehole right outside the new campus! This is a huge answer to prayer, as the villages surrounding the new campus and our staff and students were all sharing one borehole. This becomes difficult during droughts, and also now a safety issue for our students. Now, the campus has its own and the community has their own. To God be the glory! Keep praying for the gospel to spread among the Rendille and for these students to each come to the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in their faith.