A month ago, several Rendille youth were attacked and killed. A roommate of one of those killed has moved here with his twin sister.  He’s struggling to work through the trauma and grief of losing his friend. The twins came to our home last night, we laughed, talked, prayed and got to know each other. We told them our home is always open to them, shared how God has used grief and trauma in our lives and reminded them there is HOPE. We also told them we are not counselors, but God has recently brought a Christian Rendille counselor out of Nairobi and to Korr because of Corona and we offered to take them to meet her. They agreed and tonight all of us will meet over chai, and discuss next steps. Please pray God uses the horrendous attacks that have happened in the North for His glory. That these twins would feel hope, breathe hope, and motivate them to share this Hope with others. Pray for healing.