They Have Heard But Still Resist

Please pray for a number of Rangi who have heard the stories of the Bible and the gospel for several years now, yet have not decided to put their faith in Christ. Pray for a breakthrough.

A Prayer Summit

Please pray for a group of believers who will meet at the end of July for a prayer summit meeting for the Rangi. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them as they present their requests to God. Pray for more workers to go share Christ with the Rangi. Pray that Christ-centred, reproducing Rangi churches will be planted throughout this huge tribe.

Elderly, Widowed and Childless

Please continue lifting up Bibi, an elderly lady who believes in Jesus but who last expressed fear at following him due to family influence. Please ask for her to have a revelation of Christ. Please also lift up her physical and emotional needs, as she is elderly, widowed, and childless.

The Seminar Intensified Her Desire

Praise God that a lady who earlier expressed serious interest in following the Lord was able to attend a Bible seminar, where her desire to follow Jesus was furthered. Please pray for this woman to grow in her faith and understanding even as she lives with her Muslim family. Ask the Lord to draw her whole family to Himself.

An Influential Sheik

Praise God for an influential Sheik in Kondoa who recently attended a Bible seminar in his town and who received well what was shared. Please pray for this man to come to true understanding of faith in Jesus, as his heart does seem to reflect a genuine desire to follow what he knows is true.

In Every Town

The Rangi are one of the largest ethnic groups in Tanzania who remain mostly untouched by the gospel. Please pray for the Lord to send more Christians to share Christ with them, and pray that one day there may be reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered churches in every town among the Rangi.

Faithful perseverance.

Matthew is a Rangi believer who has grown much ever since he decided to follow Christ. He is currently serving Christ in an evangelical church here in Africa. He has withstood all Islamic pressures and threats against him. Some of these came from his family members, Muslim friends, as well as the community. He has stood the test and he is now very strong and bold to share Christ to all people. He just got married June 10! Please pray God’s blessings on this couple and for many more Rangi believers like them!

An Influential Man

Please pray for M, an influential man in a Rangi village, whom workers have been praying for for a number of years. Please ask that, during this month of Ramadan, Jesus would reveal himself to M, call him, and give him courage to turn and bring many others with him.

A Seminar For Seekers

An evangelist was able to do a seminar to which a number of people came who have had significant exposure to the Bible and the gospel through Christians. Please pray that the teacher’s words would take root and they would see the contrasts with their Muslim beliefs, especially during Ramadan.