Protect her Lord

Pray for a woman who has put her faith in Christ recently. She told her family she is no longer a Muslim but has become a Christian. Her relatives are threatening her. Pray for her safety.

Follow up on Faiza and Abdil

Faiza and Abdil came yesterday and listened carefully to the good news of Jesus. We agreed to meet again tomorrow for further discussion. Thanks for your prayers. Let’s keep praying they understand fully, put their faith truly in Jesus, and surrender to Him as...

Training Desired

Please pray for an evangelist and his wife to receive perseverance and patience to do the work of the Lord among the Rangi. Praise the Lord for a young girl who received Christ, Veronica. She wants to train as a nursery school teacher. Pray also for the...

Translation trials

I just got off the phone with one of the translators for the Rangi New Testament. They are in the final checks and are experiencing some trials. This particular translator hasn’t been sleeping at night which makes it difficult to focus on the mentally heavy task...

School ministry

Pray for the outreach ministry among the Rangi. Pray for the Lord’s provision for the school and other projects which bless the community. Pray that many will hear and believe the gospel!