Examples of Transformation

Please continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen the evangelists and pastors who live and work among the Rangi. Pray that the strong resistance to the gospel will be broken down. Pray that the Rangi people will see examples of people who come to Christ and whose lives are transformed by the gospel, and that these will be the leaders of the future. Pray for the Rangi people to have indigenous, reproducing, Christ-centered churches.


Indigenous Training is going well here at EnGedi, 67 people from 9 tribes. We are learning about Progressive Redemption from Rev Miller and Evangelism from Emma and Pastor Israel. The teachings are both great, not only learning the course but being sharpened spiritually. The Rangi, Alagwa, Sandawe, Masai, Nyatulu, Datooga, Iraqw, Hadzabe and Sukuma believers are being shaped this week. Pray for 30 of these men to be called to be pastors.

A Lame Boy and His Mother

From a Rangi evangelist: May the Lord Jesus be praised. Please join me in praying for a young boy named Majid who is lame and cannot walk. Please also pray for his family who are very poor. Pray for his mother who has begun listening to the good news when I go visit them. Pray for their salvation. Thank you!

Preaching Discipleship to Jesus

Pray that an evangelist and other Rangi believers would be encouraged, equipped, and emboldened during the visit of a missionary today and tomorrow (May 25-26). He’ll be preaching about certain aspects of discipleship from Matthew 10. Pray that the Lord will mightily use the ministry of the Word in the lives of these believers from Muslim backgrounds.

School Children, Church Plots, and Rain

From a Rangi evangelist: “I thank the Lord that in His mercy we were able to teach 57 school children this year. Please pray for those families that have a hard time paying school fees. Please also pray about this: there is a Methodist church that wants to give us property so we can use it for outreach ministry. Of course we’ll need funds to build a building. Lastly, please pray for rain. The farms here are very dry and people are hungry. Thank you for your prayers.”

Now They are Open

From a Rangi evangelist: “Pray for ministry in the town of Busi- people are now open to receive the gospel. I need a team so we can expand the work of evangelism. Thank you and God bless you.” Pray for God to send workers to this harvest field.

A Christian School’s Inspection

From a Rangi evangelist: “Please pray for a school inspection that I will be having. The government leaders have promised to come and have a look at the state of the school to see if it has met the requirements. If so, they could register the school, if not they will remove it from the list. Also I have a vision to get a Compassion International center on some church land, to continue that ministry. Please also pray in general for the ministry of the school and the church.” Pray for Rangi Muslims to come to faith in Christ through these efforts.

Training and outreach

From a Rangi evangelist: “Praise the Lord, and pray for me. I am attending a seminar (Global Disciples) this week starting Thursday through Sunday and also I’ll be doing door to door evangelism. Join with me to pray for this work of God. Be blessed.”


Praise the Lord for seven Rangi baptized in the past year, especially those from Muslim backgrounds. Please pray for their growth in the Lord and that many others will follow their faith and example. Pray for many Rangi to come to faith in Christ through a Christian school in Pahi.