Children watching JF

Update from Rangi Evangelist: I thank the Lord that today many Muslim children came to my place to see the Jesus video. Please pray that these children will meet Jesus.

Freedom in Christ

From a Rangi evangelist: “There was a young woman named Haulatu who was tormented by evil spirits. I prayed for her and she was released, and continues to walk in freedom. I shared about Jesus with her and she received Him as her Savior. Pray for her. Please also pray for a lady named Zuhura. I have started visiting with her to teach her the good news of Jesus, and she is welcoming this news.” Pray for this evangelist to lead many to Christ. Pray for a strong church to grow among the Rangi people.

Three Prayers

First, thank God with me for Salmada, a lady who shared that she accepted Jesus in 2016, and though her siblings tried to stop her continuing with Jesus, now she called and told me that she still loves Jesus and she is a Christian up to today. Second, pray for my plan to have Compassion International services here. And third, pray for the kids here. There are some who don’t have school fees but they love school.

Serving the Least in the Community

From a Rangi evangelist: Please pray for me this week. There is a mama called F. I began discussing with her about Jesus. Pray for her salvation. The second request is that you pray for two teenagers who are crippled and really need a lot of help. Also please pray for some Muslim families who want to send their kids to Christian school but need school fees.

School Opening Again

From a Rangi evangelist: “Praise the Lord I am able to travel by motorcycle for ministry. Please pray for the work of God here in the town of Busi. On Monday I will reopen the Christian school after the break. There are many children who want to attend. Please pray that all who want to attend are able to do so, and that the Lord will provide so parents can afford to pay the school fees.” (Most of the children are from Muslim families.)

Examples of Transformation

Please continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen the evangelists and pastors who live and work among the Rangi. Pray that the strong resistance to the gospel will be broken down. Pray that the Rangi people will see examples of people who come to Christ and whose lives are transformed by the gospel, and that these will be the leaders of the future. Pray for the Rangi people to have indigenous, reproducing, Christ-centered churches.


Indigenous Training is going well here at EnGedi, 67 people from 9 tribes. We are learning about Progressive Redemption from Rev Miller and Evangelism from Emma and Pastor Israel. The teachings are both great, not only learning the course but being sharpened spiritually. The Rangi, Alagwa, Sandawe, Masai, Nyatulu, Datooga, Iraqw, Hadzabe and Sukuma believers are being shaped this week. Pray for 30 of these men to be called to be pastors.

A Lame Boy and His Mother

From a Rangi evangelist: May the Lord Jesus be praised. Please join me in praying for a young boy named Majid who is lame and cannot walk. Please also pray for his family who are very poor. Pray for his mother who has begun listening to the good news when I go visit them. Pray for their salvation. Thank you!

Preaching Discipleship to Jesus

Pray that an evangelist and other Rangi believers would be encouraged, equipped, and emboldened during the visit of a missionary today and tomorrow (May 25-26). He’ll be preaching about certain aspects of discipleship from Matthew 10. Pray that the Lord will mightily use the ministry of the Word in the lives of these believers from Muslim backgrounds.