Mat is a Rangi believer. He and Bobby have started spending time together. Mat wants Bobby to teach him the Farming God’s Way methods and he has told Bobby he wants to learn more about the Bible and be discipled. Pray he will learn more about what the Bible says and have the desire to share with his neighbors.

Mama Sam & Mama mKubwa

Mama Sam & Mama mKubwa watched the entire Jesus film in Kirangi with Kelly. They were intrigued but at the same time uncomfortable. Pray the Holy Spirit would pierce their hearts and that Jesus would remain on their minds creating questions for Kelly.

Mama S

Mama S lives across the street from me and due to the very hot weather we have been sitting together under the shade on a mat sewing and talking about life. I had the chance to talk to her about Jesus twice. She listens and then changes the topic. Please pray for an open heart to hear the Word.

Mama H

H is a single mom with two small children. I gave her a book of John and shared Scripture with her, prayed with her and gave her a gift of food from the whole team. Since then, she has asked great questions like “Why was the veil torn when Jesus died?” She has gone to a prayer event with the Kondoa team and expressed that she has never seen this level of love before like our team has shown her. Most recently her, Mama B, and I had a discussion on the urgency to choose Jesus as Lord and Savior. Mama H said she believed that Jesus is the way to be saved. It is obvious that the Spirit is working in each of their hearts. Please pray for a radical transformation in the hearts of Mama H and Mama B, and that they would turn their lives over to Christ.

Mzee M

Jared took Mzee M to the coffee shop the other day. They talked about the Gospel and Jared realized that he has much of Genesis memorized. He recently went to the prayer event from the Kondoa team and enjoyed himself and even engaged in conversation about Scriptures. Praise God for the knowledge he has, and pray he will come to know that Jesus is the only Way to Truth.

Christmas outreach

The Kondoa TIMO team is having our first Muslim Outreach event tomorrow, Saturday the 4th. There will be a wide range of Muslims coming, some that know a lot about Jesus and some that know nothing. We will be discussing why we celebrate Christmas and it’s meaning in Jesus Christ our Lord. Pray that their eyes would be opened to see God’s glory, that through Christ God would transform many hearts to accept Christ tomorrow.

Young lady S

Young lady S is starting Form 1 (high school) soon. She lost her mother about 6 months ago, and her brother 1.5 months ago. She has been coming over to Kelly’s house to hang out. Kelly has been sharing with her about God loving and knowing her and caring for her and letting her know it’s ok to be sad and grieve because we have a God who loves us and grieves with us. Please pray she is open to the Gospel.


Mzee M was given an audio Bible when he was sick, so he could listen to the New Testament in Rangi or Swahili. He has been listening and discussing with his family and falls asleep with it playing. Praise God he has recently seen the love of Jesus through local Christian neighbors through their many acts of generosity while he has been sick.


Mzee J and Gideon had a great conversation discussing the second coming of Jesus. Gideon saw willingness to listen to what he was saying about Jesus and the Bible. Mzee J along with a few other men sat listening to Gideon and some even said, ‘What you’re saying makes sense’. Mzee J asked for more conversations in the future to discuss Jesus. Pray for these future interactions with Gideon to be impactful and life-giving for Mzee.

Who is Jesus?

Mama S went to a Bible study with Shara. The leader spoke from James about having joy and perseverance. Shara and Mama S had a fruitful conversation about prayer and the study topics. Shara left her with the question: ‘Who is Jesus to you?’ Pray she will seek the Truth, find it and hold onto it forever.

Seek Jesus

Mama B and I have recently been discussing her struggles, as she opens up more. I have shared with her that there will be no change without Jesus. She has started to attend Christian gatherings with me. Pray that through all of this exposure to Scripture and viewing how Christians pray, she will desire to seek Jesus in her own life.

Shown interest

Please pray for my friend and neighbor Mama S. She is a Muslim. She has shown interest in going to a Bible study with me, but has yet to go. Pray she will.

Children’s Bible

Rachel and Mama F. are Muslim ladies who live across the street me. They frequently ask to read my children’s bible and on occasion ask me questions about it. Pray the Lord would speak to them in His Word.

Inspired to love

Mzee M lives in my neighborhood. He is an older Muslim man with a welcoming personality. He has been a very good listener when it comes to spiritual conversation. He accepts prayer in Jesus name. His wife’s knees are bad and I was able to give them a box seat toilet. I read scripture and told them because of the love of Jesus I wanted to help. I explained that it wasn’t that I was a rich Mzungu but because of Christ’s love which inspires his followers to love their neighbors. May the Lord Jesus open this man’s eyes to salvation!

Correct way to God

Bobby met an older Muslim man in the market that showed him a verse in the Bible about pigs being unclean. He wanted to know why Christian’s eat pigs. Bobby shared more with him and more about Christ. At the end of the conversation he said he wants to know the correct way to God. Pray he will continue seeking. And will find the true way to God.

Bobby’s friend

Pray for a friend of Bobby’s that he shared the gospel with a couple weeks ago. He said that was the first time to hear the story of Christ. He seems interested in the Truth. Pray he will continue to seek for the Truth.

Mama B

My neighbor, Mama B, has agreed to teach me Swahili. I asked if we could use Bible stories and she agreed, unhesitantly. Please pray that her heart will be softened through reading the Bible stories and that she will seek the Truth and not be afraid to ask questions.


Pray that there would be bold proclamation in the Name of the Lord Jesus throughout the town of Kondoa and surrounding villages and that many will believe in the Lord.

Pray that believers in the midst of the Rangi would treasure Christ so much that they would be willing to suffer on His behalf.


Pray for new Rangi believers to immediately proclaim Jesus, saying, “He is the Son of God.” Pray that they would increase in strength and wisdom and confound local unbelievers by proving that Jesus is the Christ.

Ears and eyes

Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to the Rangi through dreams and visions. That just as in Acts 9 when Saul heard Jesus and believed, the Rangi’s spiritual ears and eyes would be opened as well.
Pray for the believers near to the Rangi that they would embrace the privilege to be instruments of Jesus to carry His Name to the Rangi.

Steadfast purpose

Pray for believers near the Rangi to persevere in long practice of humble and sacrificial servanthood. May they remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose. (Acts 11:23) Pray that many Rangi will be touched by their testimony and be saved.

Lord bring freedom

Pray for a spirit of earnest prayer to be poured out on the churches located near the Rangi. That the church goers would be awakened to pray earnestly for the Lord to bring freedom from spiritual bondage for the Rangi people who do not know the way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

God has given the same gift

Pray for unity in gospel proclamation among the different church denominations living near to the Rangi; that they would fall silent before God and say like Peter, “If then God gave the same gift to them as he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God’s way?” (Acts 11:17)

Good Gospel Conversation

Bobby was able to have a good gospel sharing conversation with a couple of men the other day that are both Muslim. He was able to share and read scripture with them. Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them and they would be open to accepting who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

God at work!

There is talk that the Muslims in town do not want to be Muslim any more and there is no explanation they can give as to why!
Gideon is talking to an older Rangi Muslim. He acted interested in the Bible and who Jesus is. He went and bought a Bible and has asked Gideon to help him understand it. Praise God for how He is working. Pray He draws many to Himself.

Bibi Z

One day Bibi Z came to my porch while I was reading an action Bible in Swahili to the kids. She wanted to read some and asked if I could teach her. Several weeks later when she was here, she asked to see the Bible again. Megan was here and was able to discuss with her Genesis and we played the first chapter of Genesis in Rangi. She asked if she could listen to more later so I downloaded the app on my phone. I gave her the swahili book of John and she started reading before she went back home. Pray that there would be conviction in her heart that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften her heart and prepare her for the coming conversations.

Mama S and Mama B

Mama S. has expressed interest in going to the local Bible study with Shara but has yet to come, pray that the Holy Spirit would call her and open her eyes to see Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

Mama B is due to have her baby this week and wants me to pray for her. I am inviting her over today and have written out a prayer in swahili to pray over her. Pray that it will speak to her and touch her heart deeply and for questions to be raised about why we put our trust and hope in Jesus. Pray that through her labor and delivery, God’s light will shine through me and that she would see His love for her.

Step dad

My neighbor, Mama Z, just got married (her previous husband passed away). She was very nervous and told me the reason she is remarrying is she needs help raising her children. Pray that her new husband will be kind to her children and that our families will have many opportunities where they can see Christ’s light shine through us. Pray her children will feel welcome in our home.

Children’s Bible

We’ve brought out a children’s Bible in Swahili and have been reading it to the neighborhood children and some have really taken an interest. One particular boy, Jared, has really enjoyed listening to the stories. Pray that he, and others of this young generation, would see the Truth, recognize it and accept it.

Let there be Light

Pray for outreach among the young generation, that they might see the Light and become effective witnesses to their own people.
Pray for people to be willing to help with translation work. And pray as people read God’s word in their own language, they would be struck to the heart and believe the Gospel message.

The work of God

Ask the Spirit to bring conviction of sin and a holy fear of judgement that leads to repentance. Pray during Ramadan, that as the Rangi try to please God and do good works, that God would reveal to them that “the work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.” John 6:29

Small Church

Please pray for a small Rangi church to continue to grow and multiply. Praise the Lord for those believers who have come out of darkness into the Lord’s excellent light. Pray for protection from persecution and boldness in sharing Jesus’ love and gospel.

Wider Perspective

Pray that hearts of Christians living among the Rangi would burn within them as Jesus opens wider their perspective of His mission to the nations. Just like Jesus’ interaction with two disciples on a road leading to Emmaus. Telling them, “repentance for the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all nations” (Lk 24:47) Pray that they would find ways to reach out to the Rangi living in their neighborhoods.

Very Ill

Please pray for a Tanzanian evangelist to the Rangi people whose young wife is very ill. They have labored faithfully for many years to bring the gospel to these Muslim people and the husband is begging the Lord to heal his wife. Please pray that her recovery will be complete, and that many will come to faith in Christ through their testimony.

Miraculous Peace and Quiet

Please pray for a Rangi woman named Mama S. She is very curious and has agreed to study a set of chronological Bible Stories with me. The first two times I have gone to study with her the Lord has miraculously provided peace and quiet so that we can read without interruption. (I say miraculously because her house has many women and children and it’s often difficult to even hold a conversation.) Some of the other nearby ladies have joined to listen too. Pray that all of their hearts would be moved by Truth and would want to hear about Jesus, and pray for continued miraculous times of quiet to study together.

Doubtful but Open

Please pray for a Rangi man named Baba Z. He has been asking questions about Jesus recently. God has opened the door to read some Scripture as well as the story of the Two Kingdoms together. He is doubtful but open for discussions. Please ask the Holy Spirit to stir his heart and open His eyes to see his need for Jesus as Savior.

Come Into His Sheepfold

Jesus said that He had other sheep who were not of the fold of Israel that belonged to Him. He would call them, and they would all be one fold with one Shepherd. Pray today that the Rangi of Tanzania will hear the Good Shepherd calling and come into His sheepfold. Pray for many of them to hear the Shepherd’s voice and not turn back.

Now His Wife and Son are Sick

Pray for a faithful Rangi evangelist. His father died a couple of weeks ago. His wife and six year old son are now sick. Pray for the Lord to heal his family. Praise the Lord that in the last days before his father passed away, he gave testimony that Jesus was His Savior and Lord. Pray for the evangelist to be encouraged as he works faithfully to share the gospel with the people in his town who are 95% Muslim. May the Lord strengthen and encourage him and his family.

Unexpected Hurdles

A team of missionaries has begun the process of leaving their home countries to come live among the Rangi and share Christ’s love, but immigration difficulties are holding them back. Please pray that the Lord Jesus will put before them an “open door that no one can shut.”


A young Rangi woman was recently delivered from evil spirits. Pray that she will put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ so she will be protected by the Son of God from the evil one. Pray for many Rangi people to come to faith in Christ, confess Him openly, and be delivered from Islam.