Open Proclamation

Pray that the miracle of Christmas & the birth of Jesus would pierce the hearts of unbelievers, that they would recognise this event as life-changing & that it would prompt them to seek him for themselves. Pray the open proclamation of the Christmas message would cause unbelievers to re-evaluate their lives in light of it. Pray the joy of believers in this season would prompt an openness in non believers to new faith possibilities.

The Lion Has Roared

Pray that Christian leaders ministering among the Nyamwezi will have the clarity of Amos 3:8:         The lion has roared—
    who will not fear?
The Sovereign Lord has spoken—
    who can but prophesy?

Pray that they will be faithful stewards of the gospel, speak out against evil, and not fear the message God has given them to proclaim. Pray that those who hear the Word of God would recognize God at work in their lives, respond radically, and open their mouths to declare their testimony to others.


We have a team of seven AIC evangelists trained in reaching Muslims arriving on Monday for one week. We find this hugely exciting that our local brothers and sisters from Mwanza want to reach out to people in our area!! We are also praying that their work will be accompanied by a move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people here, bringing many to Christ!! Please pray with us.

Identified As Christ’s

Many areas among the Nyamwezi had no representative of Christ- but they do now! Praise God! Pray for pastors and evangelists serving specifically among the Nyamwezi, that the Spirt of God would be poured out into people’s hearts. Pray for those Nyamwezi who do believe in the power and resurrection of Jesus Christ that their belief would move toward entire life conversion, “identified as his own”. (Ephesians 1:13)

“Come, Follow Me”

Fasting for the month of Ramadan is over. We pray that our neighbors will see the futility of this work of salvation they seek, and come to Jesus in faith so that fasting as a follower of Christ will take on new meaning, saved by grace. Pray that the Nyamwezi will have dreams and visions that will point them to Jesus and will answer His call to “Come, follow Me.”(Matthew 4:19)

The Lame Can Walk

Please pray for three who have been healed physically by Jesus and can now walk. Praise God! Pray they will not forget what He has done for them but will trust Him wholly to be their Savior despite family members staunchly holding to the prophet Mo. Pray all in their families will realize their need for a Savior to be Healer of their souls.

More than a prophet!

Please pray that the Nyamwezi who are drawn to Jesus will come closer and trust Him fully. They need to see Jesus more than a historical prophet, pray they will know Jesus is God Incarnate, God in the flesh! “I and my Father, We are One.” (John 10:30)