Peace in CAR

Pray for peace in CAR. Many are suffering from the ongoing violence. We hope to establish a team at Obo whose main focus would be on reaching the Mbororo who are taking refuge there. Some of them have also suffered from attacks by the militant Muslims who have invaded their home areas. The local population is suspicious of the Mbororo as some of their people group have also been accused of being involved in terrorist attacks. In order for a team to be established there, we need peace in the area. At present the eastern border of CAR is occupied by militants and no one can enter or leave the country from there. Pray for the Lord’s intervention so that the Gospel can be proclaimed to the Mbororo.

Refugee camp living conditions

The Mbororo refugees are living in harsh and difficult conditions, which you may think they are used to as nomads. But this generation of Mbororo is suffering, having left behind solid brick homes and contemporary structures which may no longer be accessible to them if at some time in the future they wish to return. Pray that they seek God in these difficult times. Pray they know Him as their comforter and provider and Saviour.

Interaction between communities

Pray for social integration and cohesion between the Christian and Mbororo communities, for trust and respect, an acceptance of different cultures and customs, and building of a community spirit among all the population. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel effectively.

Growing camps: Boyo Gambo

In Obo, CAR there are two growing camps for Mbororo residents, named Boyo and Gambo. Gambo is the larger group and is located next to the airfield in the eastern AIM quarter of town. It has been amazing to see that they have sent many of their young children to the Don Linquist Elementary school situated on the CEEC compound. Pray that they will hear the Gospel in this school and respond.


Ongoing conflict between locals and the Mbororo in both DRC and CAR continues the feelings of distrust and hatred. The Mbororo cattle are often accused of destroying the local population’s crops. Pray for the Mbororo who must feel a deep sense of isolation. Pray for local believers to be willing to risk the opposition from other locals in order to reach out to them with the Gospel.

Update on healing story

There is a stirring of God’s Spirit among the Mbororo around Namagana as a result of the young man who had been brought to the Health Center at Doruma dying. He was prayed over in Jesus’ name by the indigenous missionary team and was healed! As a result both the father and Zacharias, the son, declared belief in Jesus. Muka gave them one of the MP3 players with Fulfulde. They returned to Namagana telling their story and sharing the contents on the MP3 player with others. Muka went to Narpaka a week later and met the local Mbororo chief who was asking if he was the ‘pastor’ who prayed for Zacharias. The chief and whole Mbororo community knew that the boy was as good as dead when he was taken to Doruma and wanted to know more about Jesus. They are wanting, and are willing to buy, more MP3 players. Pray for many to believe!

MP3 Treasure Players

MP3 Treasure players have been loaded with Fulfulde Trauma Healing audio programs along with the God’s story and the NT. Pray that as they are distributed among the Mbororo, the treasures will be received with open hearts and open minds.

Healing Prayers

A Mbororo father from the Namangana/Narparka (DRC) area brought his dying son Zacharia to the hospital in Doruma a few weeks back. The indigenous mission team in Doruma visited and prayed with the father and over the son and he was healed! Both father and son recognized that it was the team’s prayers that brought the healing and gave testimony to the fact that Jesus healed him. As a result Mukanirwa was able to sit with them and give a Treasure in Fulfulde to the father to take back to the bush to share with their family/clan. Pray for an open door of opportunity among the Mbororo as a result.

Kindness to soften hearts

Relief supplies destined for refugees, were shared last month with the Mbororo and other Muslim residents who have caused so much suffering to the Zande people of CAR. Pray that this act of kindness will soften their hearts and turn them to God in repentance and faith.

Salvation comes!

Praise God for the healing Z received after believers prayed for him. After being healed, he accepted the Lord! Pray for him and his father as they listen to the Word. The father has asked to be visited. Pray for his salvation as well.

Seeking Calm

A friend writes, “We are receiving Mbororo communities from over 700 km west of Obo who travel to Obo by foot seeking the calm and stability that the town of Obo offers. On the way some of them have lost all their cattle, and they are desperate for help of every kind.” This should provide an opening to share the Gospel. Pray that Zande believers will forget their fears of the Mbororo and reach out to them in their need with help and the gospel.

Desparate opportunities

Report from Obo, CAR: “There are now two separate Peuhl/Mbororo communities who have arrived during the past six months or so.They left their respective homes (Bambari region) to escape the inter- community conflicts that we read and hear about on a regular basis. I have visited both of their camps and they appear to be in a desperate way, lacking everything, yet ‘externally’ they seem happy and content. To me they represent a tremendous challenge for Christian witness.”

This challenge is particularly difficult because a branch of the Mbororo is involved in the violence and fighting that has caused so much suffering to the local population, especially in the Zemio region. Pray for Christians to forgive and reach out with the gospel.

Lack of News

News of the Mbororo is hard to come by. Pray that the lack of news will not keep us from praying. Pray that they will refuse to be involved in the violence against the local populations in CAR and Congo and somehow God will make it possible for them to hear the Gospel.

Love in supplies

Pray that the Mbororo who were given some of the relief supplies sent up to Obo, CAR, will see the love of Christ in those who gave them and be drawn to Him.

Resources for believers

Pray for Halilu and Zachariah who both made decisions to follow Jesus over a year ago after watching the Jesus Film in CAR. Though we aren’t sure where they now live, God has His eyes on them. Pray that God would send them resources so that they can continue to grow.

Safety of Children

Seven young Mbororo children were abducted by the LRA June 1 near Banda in Congo. Pray for their release and safe return to their families.

Conviction of sin leads to seeking God

In praying for the Central Africans who have lost so much and been displaced from their homes, I identified with the Psalmist in Psalm 83 who prayed for God to stop their enemies from destroying them, and to render justice. Then I saw the purpose of this prayer in verse 16: “Cover their faces with shame, so that men will seek your name, O Lord.” I realized this should be my prayer for the Mbororo who have gotten involved in the bloodshed and destruction, as well as the other militants in CAR—that they be convicted of their sin, and seek God. Please pray with me.

Bringing the Jesus film to memory

Pray for the many Mbororo who saw the Jesus Film and were very moved by it back at Zemio before the war broke out last year. Many Mbororo have now aligned themselves with the Muslim militants that have taken over much of CAR. Pray that God would bring scenes from that film and words they heard from our Team back to their memories and may they realize Christ died to save them. May He turn them from the evil path that they have chosen.

Increasing Attacks

“Invisible Children”, an organization that seeks to help victims of LRA attacks in Central Africa, reports an increase in attacks in Jan-Feb 2018 from members of the “Peuhl” minority on civilians in northeast Congo and southeast CAR and much fewer from the LRA. The Peul nomads, including the Mbororo, are very diverse, composed of myriad sub-groups. Most reports of violence in CAR include the “Mbororo” as either the perpetrators or victims. This only further complicates reaching them with the Gospel. Pray for them to leave their violent mission and somehow hear the message of Salvation.

Sharing his heart

Missionary Jean-Baptiste and his family escaped on foot from their home in Central African Republic last summer when their town was attacked by militants. Thank God for protecting them as they traveled many miles, many on foot, and are now located in Banda, DRC. Pray that he will be able to share his vision for the Mbororo with Congolese Christians so that they will reach out to the nomads in their area.

Opportunity through Vet skills

Chief Mama Tchad told us their cows are sick and dying. He requested help–a vet and meds. This seems like an invitation and opportunity to have a direct impact among the Mbororo by meeting a real need. Pray that a Christian vet with a heart to use his/her skills for Gospel impact would come and treat their cattle.

Healing through prayer

A missionary recently met Mbororo chief Mama Tchad in Ango, DRCongo. The chief told him that the two people he had prayed for when he saw him at Banda on their last trip were healed and are fine. That was encouraging and a testament to the power of praying in Jesus’ name. He has heard and seen the power of the gospel.

Destruction and Restoration

Towns and villages in CAR continue to be destroyed by Muslim militants. Sadly much of the destruction is being attributed to the “Mbororo”. Of course there are many types of Mbororo and these are likely the warring group, however it only deepens the fear and distrust of the local people who have been the victims. Pray that peace will be restored and the local people will be able to forgive and reach out to the Mbororo with the Gospel.

Chief Amadu

Pray for Chief Amadu whom one of our team visited last year. He was friendly and interested in further visits from the team. Sadly they were unable to continue contacts with him and his group, and now we have no idea where they have fled to escape the fighting in Zemio, CAR. Pray for him and his group to find the help they need and to come in contact with someone who will share Christ with them.

Answered prayer in aid

God is answering our prayer request of last month for local believers to show love to the Mbororo refugees. When AIM Air flew to Zemio, CAR last month, some of the local Zande believers who had fled to Congo for refuge were able to come out of hiding and talk to our missionary who had brought them a small amount of aid. When he said he hoped he could bring more next month the Christians replied, « Be sure to bring some for the Mbororo refugees as well. » Pray that this will be possible.

Refugees being shunned

There are 1028 Mbororo refugees at DIGBA, DRC who fled there from the Anti – Balaka who attacked their camp in Zemio. They are being shunned by the local population so will find survival extremely difficult. Pray for not only humanitarian aid to reach them, but that local believers will not distrust and refuse to help them.

A time of danger

Pray for the many Mbororo in Eastern CAR, where sectarian violence has left a path of destruction and fear. Most of the Mbororo have fled to the bush to stay away from the ongoing violence occurring in the towns. This means selling and buying at any markets has become a huge risk. Pray that they would ask deeper questions during this time of danger, that they would find answers in the only true source of Peace: The Prince of Peace!

Prayers for a leader

Pray for Chief Omar, who lives in a large village in Eastern CAR. Recently one of his relatives was kidnapped for ransom by a rebel group (after coming up with the large sum through the extended Mbororo clan, the child was later released). Despite many trials, Chief Omar continues to show a spirit of openness to the Gospel. Pray that God would use him to lead his clan into streams of living water!

A Moving Spirit

Praise the Lord for reports of several Mbororo stories. In one location, after the showing of the Jesus Film in their language, Fulfulde, two boys made commitments to receive Jesus. These are kids who have seen and heard the truth of Jesus through multiple truth encounters from resident missionaries. Praise God also for reports of Mbororo who, after listening to Scripture on MP3 players (in their language), came back saying they want more of “Jesus.” Finally, in one Mbororo camp, so open are they, that their chief actually invited a Christian church worker to come in and share stories with the 200-some Mbororo children of his camp. God’s Spirit is moving among the Mbororo!

Film to faith?

Praise God that in a small town in CAR the Mbororo recently had the opportunity to watch the Jesus Film in their own language: Fulfulde. Pray that God would work in the hearts of those who watched the film. Pray for wisdom for those who will be following up with them—asking them questions and encouraging them to consider faith in Jesus.

Pray for Jesus Film showing tonight!

We showed the Jesus Film on Sunday night in the Sango language. We had a crowd of about 250! Some of those in the crowd were Mbororo, some Zande. One of the Mbororo ladies cried when she saw Jesus on the cross. Several of the Mbororo kids sat at my feet and asked all sorts of questions. The Mbororo chief, Omar, has asked that we come show the film at their camp Thursday night! We are ecstatic! Pray for good weather, open hearts, and no technical breakdowns. Jean Baptist will be with us to introduce and close the film for us. He does a great job.

Today is the day of salvation

Pray for the Mbororo. The security situation is tenuous and the peacekeepers are planning to pull out soon. Pray in their fear and anxiety, they would call out to the One who sees. Pray for our team and the Zande church to boldly proclaim the way of salvation.

Visits, Football, and Peace

Praise God for several good visits to the Mbororo recently. A football (soccer) club has started on Saturday afternoons in the village where relationships are growing. Pray for fruit: for opportunities to share God’s Truth, for hearts to be opened, and for salvation to come. Meanwhile in a village in Eastern CAR, a Mbororo man was apparently murdered. Retaliation took place, and there have been high tensions between the Zande and Mbororo in that area. Pray for peace. The Enemy would love to capitalize on this conflict. Pray that the church (mostly Zande) would be strong in showing love during this time.

Calling the church to mission

As the team gets set up, pray the Lord would be stirring the local Zande church for mission. The team longs to partner with the church to reach the Mbororo. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out Zande laborers into the Mbororo harvest field.

Peace and Healing Needed

Pray for the situation in Eastern CAR where a local Mbororo man was recently killed in an altercation with the local authorities. The community is upset and tensions are high. Pray that the local Zande church would be an example of peace at a time like this. Pray that God would bring healing and that He would turn this situation around to glorify His name. Pray for the local missionaries—both Zande and Westerners—that they would have good conversations with the Mbororo in the aftermath of this event.

Update on The Mbororo of CAR and Chad

Recently MP3 players and mini SD cards were given to select Mbororo leaders which have scripture and Bible stories recorded onto them as audio files. We have received positive feedback from these tools, as one missionary from the area writes, “I received very positive reports on the effectiveness and need for more players and/or memory cards for their phones. Pray specifically for cheif Mama Tchad and Gorgaire, who are two of the most enthusiastic to have received these devices. For the first time, many Mbororo are hearing the words of Scripture in their own language—Fulfulde !

Update on The Mbororo of CAR and Chad

Pray for Chief O, who shows a unique openness to the Gospel Message. Pray that his heart would be opened to his need for a Savior, and that through Chief O, many of the Mbororo in Eastern Central African Republic would also be drawn to Jesus. Pray for the local missionary who has been faithfully sharing his life with Chief O, that he would not grow weary nor lose heart.

Update on The Mbororo of CAR and Chad

In a recent meeting the Mbororo elders took turns explaining their main “life issues”—their cattle are getting sick more often and not reproducing like before, their beef doesn’t sell for much, they don’t have much food these days, they are thinking of moving away from Zemio. I told them how the “Prophet Jesus” promised that in this world we would have problems, and that this world is only for a short time before we all go to another place. I confessed that I know nothing about cows, but that God has placed in our hearts a love for African people. That is why we are here—we love the people of Zemio. That we will pray for them and we hope to get to know them better, inviting them to come visit our home….


Update on The Mbororo of CAR and Chad

Praise God for the preparations which are being made for a team to come to work among the Mbororo in CAR. Recently a truck filled with supplies for team house construction arrived safely in a nearby village. Team leaders and construction coordinators are to fly in on September 4th to begin the initial stages of logistics, relationship building, and language learning… preparation for the team (scheduled to begin ministry in August 2016). Pray that God would establish the work of their hands, loosen their tongues, and bless their interaction with the Mbororo. Pray that the details for their initial entrance into CAR would be laced with God’s hand of favor!