Chief Amadu

Pray for Chief Amadu whom one of our team visited last year. He was friendly and interested in further visits from the team. Sadly they were unable to continue contacts with him and his group, and now we have no idea where they have fled to escape the fighting in Zemio, CAR. Pray for him and his group to find the help they need and to come in contact with someone who will share Christ with them.

Answered prayer in aid

God is answering our prayer request of last month for local believers to show love to the Mbororo refugees. When AIM Air flew to Zemio, CAR last month, some of the local Zande believers who had fled to Congo for refuge were able to come out of hiding and talk to our missionary who had brought them a small amount of aid. When he said he hoped he could bring more next month the Christians replied, « Be sure to bring some for the Mbororo refugees as well. » Pray that this will be possible.

Refugees being shunned

There are 1028 Mbororo refugees at DIGBA, DRC who fled there from the Anti – Balaka who attacked their camp in Zemio. They are being shunned by the local population so will find survival extremely difficult. Pray for not only humanitarian aid to reach them, but that local believers will not distrust and refuse to help them.

A time of danger

Pray for the many Mbororo in Eastern CAR, where sectarian violence has left a path of destruction and fear. Most of the Mbororo have fled to the bush to stay away from the ongoing violence occurring in the towns. This means selling and buying at any markets has become a huge risk. Pray that they would ask deeper questions during this time of danger, that they would find answers in the only true source of Peace: The Prince of Peace!

Prayers for a leader

Pray for Chief Omar, who lives in a large village in Eastern CAR. Recently one of his relatives was kidnapped for ransom by a rebel group (after coming up with the large sum through the extended Mbororo clan, the child was later released). Despite many trials, Chief Omar continues to show a spirit of openness to the Gospel. Pray that God would use him to lead his clan into streams of living water!

A Moving Spirit

Praise the Lord for reports of several Mbororo stories. In one location, after the showing of the Jesus Film in their language, Fulfulde, two boys made commitments to receive Jesus. These are kids who have seen and heard the truth of Jesus through multiple truth encounters from resident missionaries. Praise God also for reports of Mbororo who, after listening to Scripture on MP3 players (in their language), came back saying they want more of “Jesus.” Finally, in one Mbororo camp, so open are they, that their chief actually invited a Christian church worker to come in and share stories with the 200-some Mbororo children of his camp. God’s Spirit is moving among the Mbororo!

Film to faith?

Praise God that in a small town in CAR the Mbororo recently had the opportunity to watch the Jesus Film in their own language: Fulfulde. Pray that God would work in the hearts of those who watched the film. Pray for wisdom for those who will be following up with them—asking them questions and encouraging them to consider faith in Jesus.

Pray for Jesus Film showing tonight!

We showed the Jesus Film on Sunday night in the Sango language. We had a crowd of about 250! Some of those in the crowd were Mbororo, some Zande. One of the Mbororo ladies cried when she saw Jesus on the cross. Several of the Mbororo kids sat at my feet and asked all sorts of questions. The Mbororo chief, Omar, has asked that we come show the film at their camp Thursday night! We are ecstatic! Pray for good weather, open hearts, and no technical breakdowns. Jean Baptist will be with us to introduce and close the film for us. He does a great job.

Today is the day of salvation

Pray for the Mbororo. The security situation is tenuous and the peacekeepers are planning to pull out soon. Pray in their fear and anxiety, they would call out to the One who sees. Pray for our team and the Zande church to boldly proclaim the way of salvation.

Visits, Football, and Peace

Praise God for several good visits to the Mbororo recently. A football (soccer) club has started on Saturday afternoons in the village where relationships are growing. Pray for fruit: for opportunities to share God’s Truth, for hearts to be opened, and for salvation to come. Meanwhile in a village in Eastern CAR, a Mbororo man was apparently murdered. Retaliation took place, and there have been high tensions between the Zande and Mbororo in that area. Pray for peace. The Enemy would love to capitalize on this conflict. Pray that the church (mostly Zande) would be strong in showing love during this time.

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