Desparate opportunities

Report from Obo, CAR: “There are now two separate Peuhl/Mbororo communities who have arrived during the past six months or so.They left their respective homes (Bambari region) to escape the inter- community conflicts that we read and hear about on a regular basis. I have visited both of their camps and they appear to be in a desperate way, lacking everything, yet ‘externally’ they seem happy and content. To me they represent a tremendous challenge for Christian witness.”

This challenge is particularly difficult because a branch of the Mbororo is involved in the violence and fighting that has caused so much suffering to the local population, especially in the Zemio region. Pray for Christians to forgive and reach out with the gospel.

Lack of News

News of the Mbororo is hard to come by. Pray that the lack of news will not keep us from praying. Pray that they will refuse to be involved in the violence against the local populations in CAR and Congo and somehow God will make it possible for them to hear the Gospel.

Resources for believers

Pray for Halilu and Zachariah who both made decisions to follow Jesus over a year ago after watching the Jesus Film in CAR. Though we aren’t sure where they now live, God has His eyes on them. Pray that God would send them resources so that they can continue to grow.

Conviction of sin leads to seeking God

In praying for the Central Africans who have lost so much and been displaced from their homes, I identified with the Psalmist in Psalm 83 who prayed for God to stop their enemies from destroying them, and to render justice. Then I saw the purpose of this prayer in verse 16: “Cover their faces with shame, so that men will seek your name, O Lord.” I realized this should be my prayer for the Mbororo who have gotten involved in the bloodshed and destruction, as well as the other militants in CAR—that they be convicted of their sin, and seek God. Please pray with me.

Bringing the Jesus film to memory

Pray for the many Mbororo who saw the Jesus Film and were very moved by it back at Zemio before the war broke out last year. Many Mbororo have now aligned themselves with the Muslim militants that have taken over much of CAR. Pray that God would bring scenes from that film and words they heard from our Team back to their memories and may they realize Christ died to save them. May He turn them from the evil path that they have chosen.

Increasing Attacks

“Invisible Children”, an organization that seeks to help victims of LRA attacks in Central Africa, reports an increase in attacks in Jan-Feb 2018 from members of the “Peuhl” minority on civilians in northeast Congo and southeast CAR and much fewer from the LRA. The Peul nomads, including the Mbororo, are very diverse, composed of myriad sub-groups. Most reports of violence in CAR include the “Mbororo” as either the perpetrators or victims. This only further complicates reaching them with the Gospel. Pray for them to leave their violent mission and somehow hear the message of Salvation.

Sharing his heart

Missionary Jean-Baptiste and his family escaped on foot from their home in Central African Republic last summer when their town was attacked by militants. Thank God for protecting them as they traveled many miles, many on foot, and are now located in Banda, DRC. Pray that he will be able to share his vision for the Mbororo with Congolese Christians so that they will reach out to the nomads in their area.

Opportunity through Vet skills

Chief Mama Tchad told us their cows are sick and dying. He requested help–a vet and meds. This seems like an invitation and opportunity to have a direct impact among the Mbororo by meeting a real need. Pray that a Christian vet with a heart to use his/her skills for Gospel impact would come and treat their cattle.