God revealing Himself

Pray that as God continues to reveal Himself to the Lokwa through everyday events, He will be found by those who do not yet seek Him (Isaiah 65:1).

Rains have come

The rains have started again after a short dry season. Pray that God blesses the gardens and that people will have enough food for the rest of this year. Pray that they would know God provides all their needs and that they would give their thankfulness to him for the rains.

Hope across the country

Many are celebrating as South Sudan leaders signed an agreement over the weekend that promises to take steps to bring peace, unity, and stability to the country. Please pray that all leaders involved will do their part to uphold the agreement, and that peace will ultimately come via the Gospel spreading throughout South Sudan.

Pray for Benjamin

Pray for Benjamin, a young evangelist who is working with a new church on the Lokwa border. Pray that he and his young family (wife and baby son) will be a godly example to those around them of a family grounded on God’s Word and following the Truth.

Safety during planting and cultivating

Insecurity has been growing on the outskirts of towns, and many are concerned for their safety as they go to their gardens to plant and cultivate. Pray for their protection as they go to farm in areas outside of town in order to feed their families. Pray they would know their Savior is the ultimate provider of safety and protection.

Future open doors

Pray for future engagements – that God would be preparing men and women of peace among the Lokwa to welcome and host Gospel proclamation in their communities.

South Sudanese evangelist presses on

Pray for Benjamin, a young South Sudanese evangelist who has been working to establish a church on the border with the Lokwa people. Benjamin has had many challenges and temptations and he needs a lot of prayer. He has maintained his faith despite the many attacks of the evil one.

Young church near the Lokwa

Pray for the church plant that has started on the edge of the Lokwa people’s border. Pray that this young church plant will act as a spring board for reaching the Lokwa. Pray for the 33 young people who were baptised last year in this church plant. Pray for discipleship and mobilization for these new believers to reach out to their community and to the neighbouring Lokwa.

Physical and Spiritual Hunger

As food becomes more and more scarce, pray that their physical hunger will remind the Lokwa of their spiritual hunger, and that they will turn to the Bread of Life to satisfy them (John 6:35).