Future open doors

Pray for future engagements – that God would be preparing men and women of peace among the Lokwa to welcome and host Gospel proclamation in their communities.

South Sudanese evangelist presses on

Pray for Benjamin, a young South Sudanese evangelist who has been working to establish a church on the border with the Lokwa people. Benjamin has had many challenges and temptations and he needs a lot of prayer. He has maintained his faith despite the many attacks of the evil one.

Young church near the Lokwa

Pray for the church plant that has started on the edge of the Lokwa people’s border. Pray that this young church plant will act as a spring board for reaching the Lokwa. Pray for the 33 young people who were baptised last year in this church plant. Pray for discipleship and mobilization for these new believers to reach out to their community and to the neighbouring Lokwa.

Planting a church to make an impact

Pray that a church would be planted among the Lokwa, and that through this community of believers the larger Lokwa community would be impacted with the Gospel and lives would be changed.

Physical and Spiritual Hunger

As food becomes more and more scarce, pray that their physical hunger will remind the Lokwa of their spiritual hunger, and that they will turn to the Bread of Life to satisfy them (John 6:35).

Community of Believers

Pray for the day there would be a community of Lokwa believers who know the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25), and are able to spread the Gospel among their own tribe and among neighbouring tribes.

Fortress and Refuge

Pray for the Lokwa; that they would be able to sing of God’s strength and of His love as He becomes their fortress and refuge in times of trouble (Psalm 59:16).

Psalm 67

Pray that God would be gracious to the Lokwa, and that the Lokwa would turn and put their faith in Him so that all of the surrounding tribes may be blessed through them as they share the Gospel with those around them (Psalm 67).

Living Water in the dry season

Pray that during this dry season, the Lokwa would cry out to God, and that He would deliver them. Ask the Provider that He would provide Living Water that will satisfy their thirsty (Psalm 107:4-9)

God as our Rock

As insecurity seems to be a part of living in South Sudan, pray that the Lokwa would know the Rock as a firm place to stand amidst all of the turmoil. Pray that they would know their Maker personally (Psalm 95) and look to Him for their strength.

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