Several people are sick with Cholera in a Laarim village. Pray for the medical personnel and team members treating the sick and educating the village about prevention. Pray the Lord would heal the sick and open hearts to spiritual healing as well.

Another new believer!

Several weeks ago a group of young men gathered on our compound to watch the “Following Jesus” video which is a follow-up of the Jesus Film. Carlo was hanging out with his friends and stayed to watch. As the African actors were explaining to each other the way to breathe out your sins and breathe in the Holy Spirit, Carlo described a ‘shaking of my body” and an urge to know the Holy Spirit. As soon as the video ended, he shared this desire with the group. With a bit of instruction and guidance he prayed to accept Jesus into his heart and thus began his new life in Christ! Pray for God to renew Carlo’s mind and help him walk in newness of life.

Young men still raiding

The cattle raiding which had decreased a bit following prayer focus and the chiefs’ of our people group meeting with government leaders and the chiefs’ of the neighboring people group. However the young men are not at all involved in the peace efforts and they are off raiding with a vengeance…and dying! We had two deaths this last week in our village. This afternoon there has been a steady stream of young men with guns, knives,bows and arrows going past our compound to the river to prepare for a raid (they will gather and “seek the counsel” and “sacrifice” we’re told). Pray that the Lord will make Himself known to this group!

Praise report

More Laarim are being added nearly daily to the Lamb’s Book of Life. Loboyi and Angelo (young believers discipled by Jacob previously) have been key players in this. Among these have been a couple of other young men, another woman (influence of new believer Mary Marko), one of the compound guards (drunkard and problematic in the past, now supportive and eager to grow and no drunkenness since his commitment over a week ago), an old chief dying in his village hut, and others! The lady who prayed to receive Jesus on her deathbed just before we evacuated, went to her Heavenly home just a few days later. Unfortunately the lady who was dying on a neighboring compound here when we returned did not have that opportunity; I failed to share the good news with her on my daily visits thinking I had more time.

Prayers for new believers

Pray for the Holy Spirit to infill the small group of new believers in Laarim and that He will teach, guide, and empower these young believers with faith, courage and boldness!

Testimony of new believer

“It used to be only the school children who learned about God, but now that the missionaries have come, even me who does not know a,b,c,d can learn to follow Jesus,” said Mary Marko a few days after her joyous new birth. The Jesus Film had deeply moved her and the Creation to Christ story by Noblesse translated by Angelo was the clencher for her coming to faith in Jesus. Praise God for this new believer. Pray for peace in Laarim land. Conflict has forced the missionaries to leave for at least several weeks until peace returns.

Easter songs

It is a joy to hear, during the day and even into the night hours, the sound of children singing enthusiastically, joyfully about JESUS. Singing is a part of the life of the Laarim people, and now there are songs created by Andrew, Angelo, and other Laarim speakers to express the gospel message. Pray with us for the completion of appropriate songs for the Easter week story, and that the message of Easter, relatively unknown here, will impact the lives of individuals and bring transformation to the communities.

Gospel recordings and chai time

Pray for the scripture recordings being made for audio Bible distribution. Pray for eager listeners and many to embrace the Truth.
Pray for the ‘old man chai and discovery Bible study time’ that the Lord would bring salvation to the households these men represent.

Sad follow up

Initially last night there were encouraging signs of forgiveness and acquittal, but a few hours later, the accused was hanged to the shock and grief of his family and the team. Pray for the Light to penetrate this darkness, for the grieving to be comforted, and for the Lord to give wisdom and grace to the team to know how to minister in this setting. 2Cor 2:14-16.

Urgent prayer- a matter of life and death!

A man is being tried for sorcery in the wake of the death of a chief’s son who was killed last week while raiding a neighboring tribe’s cattle. The chief has lost 4 sons in cattle raids.
If found guilty, the man will be hung today at 6pm.
Please pray for the team as they visit the accused and his family, as well as the chief. May the Lord shine His light into this very dark situation.