Prayers for deepening relationships

Pray for Shad, a colleague of A’s, who is open to discussion and gladly accepted a copy of the Word. Ask for more opportunities to share and for the relationship to deepen.
Also pray for Ann. She says even thought she grew up in a muslim home, she always knew there was something different for her. When C started sharing with her, she realized Jesus was the One she had been seeking! Rejoice with us, and pray her new faith would grow deep roots.

Cyclone report

Volcano island was the hardest hit by the recent cyclone. There are many trees and power & phone lines down, lots of houses that lost roofs or collapsed in the storm, especially near the north of the island. Clean up started right away and the capital has been filled with the smoke of burning debris for the last several days. People are most concerned about the food –much of the staple cooking bananas and breadfruit – was destroyed. Please ask for workers to discern how best to help. We are thankful that there were few deaths or serious injuries and that the flooding that had been predicted did not happen. Our friend KC lost his belongings when his house collapsed, but he was unhurt and is in good spirits. Please ask that as people enter the fasting month after a year of extraordinary events, they will be asking deeper questions and will come to God with searching hearts.

Good goodbyes

Several team members are preparing to leave the islands. Please pray for many opportunities to sit with people and share Father’s faithfulness, and the hope and assurance that can be found in Him alone. Please pray that Dad would prepare hearts and open the way for these discussions. Pray for the right words and for open eyes and hearts to truly hear. Pray especially for ‘mum’- Mama Mark and Baba S to believe the truth they’ve heard.

Pray also for the cyclone that is due to hit the islands today! Pray for mercy and protection.

Operation Christmas Child boxes

Please lift the group of believers from other African countries who live in the islands. Many of them will be involved this week in distributing Operation Christmas Child packages on 2 islands. Ask that real fruit will come from their interactions with families in this way. Ask for each person involved to have a strong desire to give the Message as they give the shoe box. Pray that island families will be touched by the love of Christians and will want to know more about Christ’s love that fills them.

Translated Word

“Lord, please allow the Facebook site for Scripture links translated for Islanders to be opened. Direct many people to listen to that Word. Please speed the release of more Scripture that has already been translated. May the Word of the Lord spread rapidly and be glorified.”


Pray for the presidential elections this weekend. Pray for a free and fair election, and for peace during the voting and announcement of results later in the week. Pray God would have mercy on these islands and draw many to Himself.

Bless B

Pray for B, who was involved in translating the God Story film when he was a student in Madagascar. He is back home now and finding it hard to find regular fellowship. Pray he would be bold in seeking out other believers, and that he’d continue to read the Word. Ask Father that he would remember his first love and not fall into fear or distractions.

New leadership

Pray for the group of believers in the capital as they look for a new leader. Pray they would be united as they seek the Father’s will together and that He would provide the person of His choosing. Pray the Lord would bless them and fill them with His Spirit and give them boldness to share His love and truth with others.

children’s book

For the next couple months, the island translators are working on a project to create some Bible storybooks that they can use with their children. They are working with a worker they’ve never worked with before, so pray for good communication and that the project would be a success and a good tool for helping islanders share their hope with their children.

May seeds sown grow

Several people on Volcano have heard the Good news this week, including some of young G’s soccer friends, a couple of taxi drivers and passengers, English students and neighbors. Ask that these seeds wouldn’t be snatched away. Ask for people to be pondering these thoughts anew today. Ask for more opportunities to share this week. Ask for renewed hope to share.