New Life

Give thanks that 3 women recently made new commitments of faith in Jesus! He is good, He is working! Lift up the translation check of Exod. taking place in late Oct. Ask that technology would cooperate and much would be accomplished, for His glory.

Hope for Marriages

Pray for the H couple whose marriage is very strained, to the point of discussing separation. Praise God for the good relationship they have with workers who are like parents to them. Ask that the counsel and truth they have heard will encourage them to keeping working together and to seek reconciliation with the Father, for the sake of their child as well. May He intervene and transform this family!

Connecting in the classroom

Pray for the new English classes starting this month. Pray for those teaching , that they would show love and friendship to the students and for sweet and long lasting relationships to be born as result. Pray that the connections would grow, so that Light can be shared in an appropriate and relevant way.


Pray for a local brother who has been meeting with other locals and telling them about Jesus. He was discovered sharing and was kicked out of his village, and told he may not return. Praise God that this has not stopped his faith, but fueled it and now this group is continuing to study together in a different village. Pray for help and grace for this group.


A young lady who traveled to the French island met up with some old friends, including one who has started following Jesus. She was very curious and asked how this other family she knew of had come to follow Jesus. She heard their stories and testimonies as well as further explanation of the good news. Another young man who has kept engaging in spiritual conversations, came for the first time to a small gathering of believers last Sunday. Pray for both of them to respond to what they heard and that the Holy Spirit would transform their hearts.

Stand together

Pray for the group that has been studying the Bible together on Sundays. Pray that they would stand together in the Truth, seeking God together, persevering even when difficulties come their way.

Needing wisdom and courage

Someone in one of the regular fellowship groups was approached and told to stop their meetings. Pray for wisdom and courage for the brothers and sisters of this group to know what to do.

Planning a visit

One of the sisters is hoping to make a visit to Volcano Island, in order to encourage the women believers there to meet more regularly. Pray the plans for this work out and may this initiative have positive results for all.

Eid follow up

Last Monday, islanders celebrated Eid and this week many of those who went to Mecca on the hadj are now being celebrated as the return to the islands. Pray for many opportunities to continue to share the story of Abraham this month which is remembered and celebrated during this festival (albeit with significant differences e.g., the son in question is Ishmael not Isaac). Pray that the story would prompt islanders to new thinking about the character of God, and their own relationship with him. Pray for the desire to hear more stories.

Sofi visiting her sisters

Please pray for *Sofi, a local believer, as she is on the third island, Clove Island, this week to meet with other believers for a time of meeting, fellowship and worship. Pray for the meeting to be fully based in the Truth of Jesus and for it to be an encouraging time for all. Also pay for safe travels for *Sofi as she returns to Vanilla Island via small fishing boat next week.

Reading the Book

Pray for a friend that is in P’s English class and is her neighbor as well. This person said he was interested in studying the Book and asked for P to give him one in French. Since she did, he has been reading and studying it on his own. She is also now sharing audio files of the Book in his local language. Pray for P’s interaction with this friend and for his exposure to the Good News to change his heart.


Pray that God would lead us to people who we can test the newly translated book of Mark with. Pray for boldness amongst all workers to ask people to read/listen to passages from the book, pray that we might get helpful feedback and that people would ask to hear more.

Meeting together

Pray for the believers who were called together last weekend by a local brother who came to visit from Clove Island. Many people came together to meet and talk about things like Kingdom finances and to pray and share together. Please pray that this sweet time will make them eager to continue to meet together on their own; to pray together and fellowship together regularly.

House church

Praise the Lord for our new open Sunday Meetings (house -church style). A few locals are attending it. Pray that it would be just one of many house churches that spread throughout our island.

Tough trial

Please pray for a good friend of ours in the Islands whose name begins with F. He’s a believer and recently explained to his mom his faith. She informed the rest of the family and now he’s been kicked out of his family and told that he’s all alone. No one in his village will talk to him. Please pray for the local brothers and sisters to encourage and help him and for God’s kingdom to spread through this tough trial. Jesus is worthy!!

They’ve seen His power

A local brother F, asks for prayer that he would have the courage to share his faith with his family. He’s still a student and so dependent on his family and very afraid of their reaction. His mum and cousin have both had evil spirits and were known for the power it gave them. However since the day he made his decision to follow Jesus some years ago the spirits left them. Though they don’t know he follows Jesus he overheard them talking the other day about how for both of them it was when F walked in the house that the spirits left. They have seen Jesus’s power, pray that they would now come to know his love.


Pray for Sophie, who came to faith during Ramadan 2 years ago. Pray for her as she continues to grow in her faith and seek the will of Jesus. Pray that she may stand strong in His Word and that she will not feel all alone as she is the only believer in her village. Pray for many more to be saved!


Pray that the newly translated Word of God would spread from islander to islander. Pray the Truth would penetrate deeply, bringing conviction that cannot be ignored. Pray for those who listen to the Word this month would find it sweet as honey and long for more!

Time of testing

This is a particularly testing month for local believers as they come under extra scrutiny and pressure to conform. The vast majority are isolated from one another and walk a lonely path. Pray today for their encouragement; pray that the additional pressure would only serve to press them ever closer to Jesus. Pray that they would remember the hope that they have; ask for wisdom and boldness in sharing this hope.

Prayers for deepening relationships

Pray for Shad, a colleague of A’s, who is open to discussion and gladly accepted a copy of the Word. Ask for more opportunities to share and for the relationship to deepen.
Also pray for Ann. She says even thought she grew up in a muslim home, she always knew there was something different for her. When C started sharing with her, she realized Jesus was the One she had been seeking! Rejoice with us, and pray her new faith would grow deep roots.

Cyclone report

Volcano island was the hardest hit by the recent cyclone. There are many trees and power & phone lines down, lots of houses that lost roofs or collapsed in the storm, especially near the north of the island. Clean up started right away and the capital has been filled with the smoke of burning debris for the last several days. People are most concerned about the food –much of the staple cooking bananas and breadfruit – was destroyed. Please ask for workers to discern how best to help. We are thankful that there were few deaths or serious injuries and that the flooding that had been predicted did not happen. Our friend KC lost his belongings when his house collapsed, but he was unhurt and is in good spirits. Please ask that as people enter the fasting month after a year of extraordinary events, they will be asking deeper questions and will come to God with searching hearts.

Good goodbyes

Several team members are preparing to leave the islands. Please pray for many opportunities to sit with people and share Father’s faithfulness, and the hope and assurance that can be found in Him alone. Please pray that Dad would prepare hearts and open the way for these discussions. Pray for the right words and for open eyes and hearts to truly hear. Pray especially for ‘mum’- Mama Mark and Baba S to believe the truth they’ve heard.

Pray also for the cyclone that is due to hit the islands today! Pray for mercy and protection.

Operation Christmas Child boxes

Please lift the group of believers from other African countries who live in the islands. Many of them will be involved this week in distributing Operation Christmas Child packages on 2 islands. Ask that real fruit will come from their interactions with families in this way. Ask for each person involved to have a strong desire to give the Message as they give the shoe box. Pray that island families will be touched by the love of Christians and will want to know more about Christ’s love that fills them.

Translated Word

“Lord, please allow the Facebook site for Scripture links translated for Islanders to be opened. Direct many people to listen to that Word. Please speed the release of more Scripture that has already been translated. May the Word of the Lord spread rapidly and be glorified.”


Pray for the presidential elections this weekend. Pray for a free and fair election, and for peace during the voting and announcement of results later in the week. Pray God would have mercy on these islands and draw many to Himself.

Bless B

Pray for B, who was involved in translating the God Story film when he was a student in Madagascar. He is back home now and finding it hard to find regular fellowship. Pray he would be bold in seeking out other believers, and that he’d continue to read the Word. Ask Father that he would remember his first love and not fall into fear or distractions.

New leadership

Pray for the group of believers in the capital as they look for a new leader. Pray they would be united as they seek the Father’s will together and that He would provide the person of His choosing. Pray the Lord would bless them and fill them with His Spirit and give them boldness to share His love and truth with others.

children’s book

For the next couple months, the island translators are working on a project to create some Bible storybooks that they can use with their children. They are working with a worker they’ve never worked with before, so pray for good communication and that the project would be a success and a good tool for helping islanders share their hope with their children.

May seeds sown grow

Several people on Volcano have heard the Good news this week, including some of young G’s soccer friends, a couple of taxi drivers and passengers, English students and neighbors. Ask that these seeds wouldn’t be snatched away. Ask for people to be pondering these thoughts anew today. Ask for more opportunities to share this week. Ask for renewed hope to share.

Interest to grow

Last week the team released the 2019 Proverbs calendar, which combines the proverbs of Solomon and local proverbs, in English and local language. After an invitation at the party last week, a good number of people interested in further discussion of proverbs and parables met this week with members of the team. There was good discussion and continued interest.

Pray that the Spirit would be working on people’s hearts, piquing their interest in the Word, and for boldness for the team to present more of the story. Ask for further meetings and discussions of the Word to follow.

Cult leading sheep astray

There is a cult on the islands, which has cropped up this week in a small group of seekers led by an islander friend. He is distraught that his friends/sheep are being led astray by another islander (part of this cult) who is paying people to come to meetings of the group involved with the cult. Pray for God’s mercy on these seekers, that they would know the Truth and not be deceived.

Christmas opportunities

Christmas always gives us opportunities to share. Pray for the Christmas English Club party and for other opportunities as they come. The brothers and sisters also hope to get together to celebrate, most likely on the weekend before Christmas (22nd or 23rd).

Standing firm

Please remember a young local brother who has been facing increased persecution in the village he lives in. He was taken in by a local woman, but last week, they preached at the mosque that no one should feed him, so he didn’t get to eat much last week. Praise that he is standing firm, continuing to meet with other believers and seekers and continuing to pray for sick people among his family and friends. Ask for encouragement and for his witness to draw others to Jesus.

Opportunities to share

Lift up a local believer who is having opportunities to share with government officials. Ask for boldness, for faith against fear and for a fruitful witness. Give thanks for how the current political climate could open people’s minds to search for lasting change and hope.


The group of seekers has continued to meet and discuss weekly. Attendance is inconsistent, and they often circle back and canvas the same issues. T is considering directing individuals toward some books and resources that would challenge them where they are. Pray for discernment and that the individuals could move past the obstacles that keep hindering the group from making decisions.

Friday meetings

On Friday evenings we are working through stories from the book of Acts with our group of Shibushi believers and seekers. Pray for them all to move forward in their journey and to know and follow Jesus.

Meet together

Pray for believers to come together for worship, for them to have deep conviction, boldness and courage to share with friends and family!

Apps and the Word

Pray for blessing on the translation project. Pray for the Word to be spread via apps. Pray for wisdom for those working on the apps. There have been some difficulties launching them.  Pray for the Word to be widely shared and read and believed!

Enduring persecution

Pray for a brother here who is facing persecution from his family. He spent a couple years on another island to escape this, but returned in the last few months. Last week, this persecution culminated when he came home one day to find his uncle had taken all his things out of his room and burned them. He reported his uncle to the authorities, but they sided with the uncle (that it was in his right as a parent to teach his “son” a lesson for converting.) His mother told him she was worried for him and that he should leave the island again. He spoke with team members and a local brother, who encouraged him. For now, he has decided to go to a different island. Ask for him to connect with local brothers and sisters there and for him to grow in strength and boldness.

Prayers not magic

Today a good friend came to ask a worker for money for him to buy special prayers from an imam for his newborn daughter. The worker told him he thought this was magic, not prayer, and offered instead to come pray in the name of Jesus, who has all authority in heaven and on Earth. This new dad agreed but wasn’t home at the agreed time. The battle rages! Ask for the Lord to make himself known to this family.