Father, send rain!

Friends… please pray that our Dear Lord sends abundant rain to the Hurri Hills and other places in northern Kenya.
People are struggling without water and food, animals are weak and many have died, so many fires because of the very dry grass. It’s been 9 months of drought. Cry out to the Lord with us for rain

Speed the People Movement

The Gabbra are beginning to come to Christ in many villages. Preaching points have been established; Bible studies are gathering; new leaders are emerging and being trained; believers are growing. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speed this movement and that very soon the Gabbra will have a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered church.

Faithful men

Three local men are being very helpful and are eager to make a difference among their own people. Pray that they continue to be faithful to the Lord and that their neighbors see the changes these men have made for Christ’s love and will seek to follow their examples. Pray for more local workers.

Training project

There’s a wonderful mobilization among the ladies for community development. God has placed a beautiful sense of unity among them. A sewing project is being developed and it will start in April. Please pray for the ladies who are volunteering to come and start the project, pray for the local Gabbra lady who’s currently learning sewing to assist the volunteers with language and culture. Pray that this ministry will be an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel through words, love and actions.

Needing help

Yesterday another strong wind devastated 44 houses in Hurri Hills! Please pray for all the families that will need to rebuild. May love and hospitality be shown to those in need and the name of Jesus be glorified!

Listening, Considering

Recently a group of nomads have watched the Jesus Film and have been listening to the audio Bible. They have also gotten some health care from the missionaries. Pray that they will be moved by the Holy Spirit and understand that Jesus is the Son of God and turn their lives to Him.

Desperately Needed

Pray for rain! Many villages in Gabbra land are starting to struggle with the lack of water. Pray that through hardship people will seek for the Lord and trust that He will never forsake His children. Pray for unity and open hearts to help one another.

You prayed…He answered

On Sep 26, 2018 you prayed for this request: “The radio ministry is doing well, but so far we only broadcast for 5 hours a day. We’ve had a great response and the biggest request at this time is more hours. So please pray for us as we try to install two wind turbines next month to increase our broadcast time and scope- we hope to boost the signal from 350w to 1000w.
And God answered: “We have put in the foundations for the wind turbines last week and next week by God’s grace we hope to get the turbines hooked up!”

Closing the mosque?!

In one of the communities where fellowship takes place, there are a few Muslims who are questioning why most of the people are claiming to be Christians and they have even been thinking about closing the mosque. Pray that the Christians show them love as they witness to their Muslim neighbors. Pray that those who are seeking for answers will see God revealing Himself to them, and they will believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world.

Radio needs

In November we are looking forward to hosting a possible donor for two more transmitter relay sites which would boost our signal to a much greater extent east and west opening more doors among the Dasinach and Turkana on the west and the Borana and Somali on the east.
Very exciting times!
Please pray for funding for every day running (staff salaries) as this is an area we are struggling to generate.