Women Gathering

We praise Jesus for the Women’s Gathering that recently happened. Ladies from 5 different Gabbra communities came together to pray, worship and be ministered to by the Word of God.
Many women came to an Evangelical Church for the first time, women who are starting a new journey in their relationship with Christ, because they are understanding that our choices today can change the entire course of our history.
They were very moved by the fact that the men prepared their meals and served them (which is not part of their culture).
Continue praying for God’s transformation in the hearts of Gabbra families and may many be a witness of God to others daily.

Jesus Film testimony

The Jesus film was shown in a new Gabbra settlement where the majority of people worship Ayana (a god of darkness).
As we were visiting and getting prepared to start the film, a group of Ayana believers started playing their drums and worshiping evil spirits. We stayed in prayer and played Gospel songs that declare God’s salvation. After starting the film, the loud drums stopped and we had a great number of people coming to watch the Life of Jesus. Afterwards we asked for questions or comments and an elder said: “We had heard about the name of Jesus, but now that we’ve seen Him, can start to believe in Him”.
Pray that Jesus’ power be manifested in this village, that the light of Jesus shine and darkness flees. And that as they remember the story of Jesus and His sacrifice, they turn their lives to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Now we believe

This past Friday we showed the Jesus Film in a Gabbra community where we are establishing new relationships and there is only one Christian family. It was a beautiful moment of fellowship. After the film, one of the elders declared, “It was very good you shared this story with us, for before we had only heard of Jesus, now that we have seen we can believe in Him.”
Pray with us that many will hear, believe, and become followers of Christ Jesus in this village.

Loss and gratitude

Today on the way to the church, we found several flocks that died during the rain because they were too weak from the long drought. It is very difficult to explain the feeling of loss and gratitude for the rain at the same time.
Pray for the families who have lost their entire herd, since for most of them it is their only source of income. Pray for the Lord’s provision and that in the midst of all this, we can see the manifestation of God’s Power for the salvation of many.

Grieving and illness

Many families are facing loss recently, lots of people have lost relatives because of tribal conflict, illness, and because of lack of water and food.
Pray for comfort for so many who are grieving. Pray for those who are sick and that they open their hearts to the only One Healer and Way. Pray for Salvation and that they find strength in the Lord in midst of hard times.

Needing help

Please keep Gabbra land in prayer. Tribal conflict in the midst of severe drought has left us in worse condition than usual. Grazing is gone so animals are hardly surviving and raiders have been steeling what is left which has caused revenge and road attacks, which is also causing traders to refuse to travel because fear, resulting in communities without food even if they have money to buy it. The food relief project managers have not been able to find food to buy to feed the hungry masses.
We desperately need prayers for rain, peace, provision for the poor, wisdom as we spread the word of God and especially that people humble themselves to the Almighty Power of Jesus Christ as their Savior.

needing water

All families in Gabbra land are struggling with the lack of water. It’s been a very long drought, all water reserves are empty and most of the families no longer have resources to purchase water from tankers. It’s been extremely hard to see people getting sick because of dehydration and lack of sanitation, and their livestock are getting weak.
Please pray for God’s mercy on sending us rain. Pray that people get thirstier for the Word of God and that Jesus be exalted in the midst of all despair.


Pray for the churches among Gabbra people. During drought season and after a pandemic lockdown, it’s been difficult to get people gathering again for fellowship. Pray for a revival in each believer’s soul, for strength for those who are working on the Gospel proclamation and that in this time of need people will turn their faces to the Lord and trust in His provision.

Pray for peace

Let’s unite in prayer for peace among the tribes of our district (Marsabit). There are many conflicts happening recently, including between family members of the Gabbra and Borana people. Houses have been burned, people killed by shotguns and others seriously injured.
In our region it’s been peaceful, but the fact that it is happening to family members of the tribes we work with consequently affects our community and people are concerned. Pray for peace, protection and for God’s manifestation among these tribes.

Two Praises and a Prayer

Praise the Lord! Yesterday some tricky issues of power at the Christian radio station were fixed, and now we should have a much clearer transmission of the good news far and wide over the Gabbra. Another huge praise, this Sunday morning at the church in Dukana 60 people came forward desiring to take the next step of public baptism! Please pray for these Gabbra people who are coming out of Islam desiring to become followers of Christ.


Please pray for unity between our Christian church leaders from the
different Gabbra clans. These traditional allegiances tend to tear the Church apart and
stifle its growth.

Four Tribes

Pastors and evangelists from Gabra, Samburu, Rendille, and Turkana are coming to the March module (1st ~ 26th) at Northern Bible Training Center. May the Lord grant the students good health and give them understanding of the word of God, and may they apply it to their lives. May God provide their families’ needs and protect them while the students are here to learn God’s word.

Needing rain and workers

We got about 2.5 inches of rain Monday morning. People were able to collect some water, and they are very happy for that. Please pray that this is just the start of more rain.
There are many villages in Gabbra land with open doors for the Gospel. However the workers are few. As the Lord has taught us to pray for more workers to His harvest, we would appreciate you joining us for more passionate, bold and equipped workers to engage reaching the nomadic and other people in the desert and mountains of Northern Kenya.

Calling and Begging for Rain

The combination of high elevation and volcanic rock mean that there are no wells in Hurri Hills. Everyone completely relies on rain water to run off the hills and fill their underground tanks. We haven’t had a heavy enough rain to have runoff since May last year. We have been doing what we can to have water brought in, but transportation is expensive. A water truck divided by an entire village only gives each family a few small oil drums of water. That doesn’t last that long. Everyone is asking us for help at the moment. Everyone here is getting to the end of their money buying water and they are now getting desperate. And there have been a lot of fires. And there is a leopard hanging around our house wanting water. A couple nights ago I heard a noise, got up and found a leopard sitting on our deck right outside our window. It sat there squinting at me as I shone the flashlight on it. Please pray for rain for the north region of Kenya.

Guide them back!

Please pray this week for the Gabbra people. The last few weeks in Dukana we have seen a decline in Church attendance and the drums of the Iyana (shaman) have been drumming at night. Please pray that the hearts of the new believers and seekers will not be turned away after false promises and superstition! Pray that they might be guided back to Christ and the Church body!

The Hope of the Gospel

Please pray for the Gabbra of Kenya during this time of Covid-19. Public meetings have been greatly restricted, so the believers and new churches are having a hard time meeting. Groups that used to gather to worship the Lord and prepare for baptism have stopped. Pray that there will be creative ways for believers to keep learning the Word of God, meeting together however possible in order to encourage each other and share the gospel with others. Pray for the Gabbra believers to rapidly multiply as they share the hope of the gospel.

Staff on Their Own

Please keep the radio staff and equipment in prayer as the missionaries will be on home assignment this summer for a few months, which means they won’t be on the ground as managers or to do maintenance, so the staff will have to be more independent! Pray that it will be a time of growth and maturity and increased impact! Pray for many Gabbra and Borana to come to Christ through the Christian radio programs.


Many Gabbra villages have begun turning to Christ from folk Islam. They are asking for evangelists and pastors to be sent to teach them the Bible. But the restrictions on gatherings have made evangelism and Bible teaching more difficult these days. Pray for the Word of God to continue to spread rapidly through radio programs, and that soon people can meet together again.

Water Catchment

A water catchment is being built by a group of faithful believers in a Gabbra community. This water project aims to bless many families during drought season. These believers have faced so much opposition by non believers, but they have shown humility and have been praying that those who have been mocking them would repent and follow Jesus. Our prayer is that through this water catchment, many who are thirsty will come, experience God’s love and provision and will desire to drink from the Living Water.

Gabbra Neighbors

One of the communities in the Hurri Hills of Kenya is populated by the Waata People. This community is very reluctant to receive the Gospel. They follow traditional beliefs and worship evil spirits. Pray for strategically open doors for building relationships and sharing the Good News. Pray that this community may see God’s almighty wonders and turn their hearts to our Lord Jesus!

Comments and Questions

Gabbra radio listeners keep calling in to the station with comments and questions. In fact one comment that really blessed us was a caller calling to say that our sermons were too short. He said the message was so sweet he did not want it to end. Another wonderful call last week was a man saying to keep an eye out for him because he was going to spread this wonderful message of Christ wherever he went and would tell the people to tune in to our station to hear more. Praise God for spiritual fruit! Pray that the radio will continue to broadcast with a strong, steady signal.

Fasting and Seeking

As we go through the month of Ramadan, let’s pray for those who are fasting in the name of their religion and ask God to reveal himself for those who are in darkness and perhaps are seeking for answers. Let’s pray that many Muslims, both Gabbra and Borana, will be soon claiming Jesus as their Only Saviour and Final Sacrifice.

Moved by the Holy Spirit

All those involved with church ministry are deeply missing gathering for fellowship, visiting, and encouraging each other. However, we know that the Holy Spirit is not restricted by this crisis and He continues working in people’s lives. Our prayer is that during this time of social distancing, each believer would feel moved by the Holy Spirit to seek to get to know Him more and more intimately. Let’s also pray that this be a time when each believer can take the initiative to be a voice of Jesus among their own families and neighbors.

Perfect Timing

We praise God for the rain in Gabbra territory. This rain has come at such perfect timing. Now people don’t need to walk long distances for water and for grass for their flocks. All villages are well supplied which helps people to be more settled in this period of traveling restrictions. God is sovereign and does watch over His people. Let’s pray that people recognize this as a provision of our dear Father and how much He loves us.

Listening and Understanding

Praise God more and more people listening to our Gabbra/Borana radio station. We had handed out 200 radios to many villages before lockdown so they could listen. They are certainly using the radios and more villages have requested we send them radios. Some have even called the station to say they have understood sin and salvation and have received Christ as Saviour due to the special COVID programs we have put on air! Please pray we can stay on the air and keep broadcasting the Word of God.

Wide Radio Outreach During Times of Trouble

Please lift up our radio station at this time, BHB Chalbi FM. With all services and gathering on hold by Government request, we have moved all our outreaches and services ‘on air’ with lots of interactive programs. It is a huge increased load to our studio staff and to our power capabilities (due to ongoing rains and overcast skies, our solar and wind power sources are failing to keep up). So pray for power and for the radio staff to be able to keep up. Also, pray for more and more listeners and open hearts to hear the Good News! This may be their only life line at the moment.

They Heard It On The Radio

Praise the Lord for many Gabbra villages that have heard the Scriptures via Christian radio and are begging for evangelists and missionaries to come share more with them. Pray for leaders to be trained quickly, and for this new openness and hunger for the gospel to continue to spread far and wide. Pray for a reproducing, Christ-centered church among the Gabbra, and for the missionaries who work among them to be full of wisdom and strength.

Plentiful Harvest

From Dukana: please pray for more workers in the Vineyard! Villages are asking for Bible teachers to come each week as they hear the radio and hear testimonials from others. We want to be consistent and reach all but we are few!

For the First Time

Please pray for so many Gabbra families who for the first time would like to send their kids to school but have no means to do so!

By Faith He Goes to School

Please pray for a young Gabbra man who is going to the Northern Bible Training Centre. Pray that he remains faithful to the calling God has placed on his heart. Pray for his wife that is expecting their second child. Pray for provision for this family as he is away to study. As well pray against any evil attack. We know that enemy doesn’t want these plans to succeed but we believe in the victory that Jesus has won for us!

First Christmas Ever

For many of our outreach Gabbra church plants this will be their first Christmas ever. So as a ministry team we are praying about how to make this year memorable and use the great event to draw more people to Christ. Pray that their hearts would be open to accepting the Prince of Peace! Also, praise God for all the rain this last month: grass is tall and livestock are full!

Radio ministry update

Pray for the second transmission tower we want to put up to reach even more peoples in Northern Kenya. We’ve run into some snags. Please ask God to help us resolve the issues and move forward. The call- in program is a huge success. Every day 1000 people call in with a wide range of questions. Pray for stamina and wisdom for the 2 men answering the phones!

2 church dedications

We are so grateful for the dedication of two church buildings in Hurri Hills. The dedication was full of praise, joyful songs, testimonies, powerful prayer and a motivational sermon for living Christlike and being a church that goes out and reaches the community!
We praise God for His faithfulness. The dedication of these churches represents a new beginning of ministry as well. Please pray that as we continue to do ministry as the body of Christ many people will be listening, learning about the word of God and converting their ways and hearts to Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Three Wells

Please pray that funds will come in for three very needed wells for the Gabbra.
And that many will come to Christ though the current crisis of drought and famine!

Powerful Name!

During their whole lives, a husband and wife followed and worshiped Ayana (evil spirits). Once he understood that everything they had was being stolen by Satan, and convinced by the Holy Spirit of the Truth, he repented and accepted Jesus as his Savior. His wife, though, hadn’t yet surrendered to Jesus and was being tormented by evil spirits. Her husband asked for prayers and we went for several weeks visiting and praying in their house asking that in the name of Jesus she would be set free. Now, at last, this lady has been rescued from darkness and delivered to eternal life! Before, she wouldn’t leave her bed, but today, for the second time, she came to fellowship and worshiped Jesus with others!
Jesus has overcome!!! There’s none like YOU, Lord!

Asking for healing and salvation

Today, in one of the Gabbra villages, we were visiting some families and a couple came to ask us for medication for their baby who has a swelling on his neck. We couldn’t help with medication but we asked if we could pray for healing in the Name of Jesus.
Me: “Have you heard and understood who Jesus is and the power that there is in His Name?”
Mama: “I never really wanted to hear but now that my baby boy is sick I would.”

So I explained the life of Jesus and His mighty love and sovereignty. Then I asked again, “Can I pray for healing over your child and also for salvation?”
They agreed and received the prayer with opened hearts.
Before leaving, we gave the family the audio scripture so they can continue listening to the Word of God!

Please join us in prayer! May the Holy Spirit speak to this family’s heart and may they surrender their lives to Jesus as their Savior. Pray for healing for the baby and may the Name of Jesus be glorified among the Gabbra people!

Finding freedom

For a few weeks we have been praying for two ladies who are being spiritually oppressed. They are living in very simple huts, not eating and spending most of their time laying down on camel skin inside of their dark huts. They and their families have previously worshipped evil spirits.
These ladies’ relatives and husbands started joining us in our fellowship, and understood and confessed that they need to be free from all darkness.
We frequently have visited their houses, praying for these ladies and with their families.
And last week one of these two ladies voluntarily came to a fellowship! She was smiling and interacting with others. We praise Jesus for the freedom that there is in His Name!
Please pray for all those who are still in darkness and need to know about the truth that sets us free.

Message to the Shepherds

We thank Jesus for the number of shepherds who have come for fellowship every Sunday morning. There is usually a different group of people (nomads) gathering. But most of them get very interested in learning more about the work Jesus has done on the cross and the gift of Salvation. This week they watched a whole Bible Study about the King of Glory and all have the audio Bible with them to listen as they shepherd their flocks. Pray that by the teaching and by listening to the Word of God they will be taught by the Holy Spirit and become sons and daughters of God and not only receivers of the Great Message, but messengers of the King Jesus!

Church Building Construction

After nine years of building the church in people’s hearts, the time has come to put buildings together so people can meet in the building! It’s been a month of a lot of excitement for two church buildings that are being set up in two different Gabbra communities. Praise Jesus that the Gospel has come to the Gabbra people and that many of them have received and believed in this powerful message. An elder recently declared to the missionaries saying: “We’re very grateful that God sent us you to tell us about the Good News. We were like blind people, now we know the Truth!” Pray for all those who are helping in the construction, pray that people will be witnessing God’s faithfulness as the work goes on, and pray for the remaining funds that we still need to finish these buildings.

Holy-Spirit-Led Leaders

Please pray for rain. Pray for more strength and health for Christian staff as colds and flus have been going around during this time of drought and famine. Also please pray for more fully sold-out men and women who would be willing and called to leadership in the churches and that they would be Holy Spirit-led and grounded in the Word.