For the First Time

Please pray for so many Gabbra families who for the first time would like to send their kids to school but have no means to do so!

By Faith He Goes to School

Please pray for a young Gabbra man who is going to the Northern Bible Training Centre. Pray that he remains faithful to the calling God has placed on his heart. Pray for his wife that is expecting their second child. Pray for provision for this family as he is away to study. As well pray against any evil attack. We know that enemy doesn’t want these plans to succeed but we believe in the victory that Jesus has won for us!

First Christmas Ever

For many of our outreach Gabbra church plants this will be their first Christmas ever. So as a ministry team we are praying about how to make this year memorable and use the great event to draw more people to Christ. Pray that their hearts would be open to accepting the Prince of Peace! Also, praise God for all the rain this last month: grass is tall and livestock are full!

Radio ministry update

Pray for the second transmission tower we want to put up to reach even more peoples in Northern Kenya. We’ve run into some snags. Please ask God to help us resolve the issues and move forward. The call- in program is a huge success. Every day 1000 people call in with a wide range of questions. Pray for stamina and wisdom for the 2 men answering the phones!

2 church dedications

We are so grateful for the dedication of two church buildings in Hurri Hills. The dedication was full of praise, joyful songs, testimonies, powerful prayer and a motivational sermon for living Christlike and being a church that goes out and reaches the community!
We praise God for His faithfulness. The dedication of these churches represents a new beginning of ministry as well. Please pray that as we continue to do ministry as the body of Christ many people will be listening, learning about the word of God and converting their ways and hearts to Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Three Wells

Please pray that funds will come in for three very needed wells for the Gabbra.
And that many will come to Christ though the current crisis of drought and famine!

Powerful Name!

During their whole lives, a husband and wife followed and worshiped Ayana (evil spirits). Once he understood that everything they had was being stolen by Satan, and convinced by the Holy Spirit of the Truth, he repented and accepted Jesus as his Savior. His wife, though, hadn’t yet surrendered to Jesus and was being tormented by evil spirits. Her husband asked for prayers and we went for several weeks visiting and praying in their house asking that in the name of Jesus she would be set free. Now, at last, this lady has been rescued from darkness and delivered to eternal life! Before, she wouldn’t leave her bed, but today, for the second time, she came to fellowship and worshiped Jesus with others!
Jesus has overcome!!! There’s none like YOU, Lord!

Asking for healing and salvation

Today, in one of the Gabbra villages, we were visiting some families and a couple came to ask us for medication for their baby who has a swelling on his neck. We couldn’t help with medication but we asked if we could pray for healing in the Name of Jesus.
Me: “Have you heard and understood who Jesus is and the power that there is in His Name?”
Mama: “I never really wanted to hear but now that my baby boy is sick I would.”

So I explained the life of Jesus and His mighty love and sovereignty. Then I asked again, “Can I pray for healing over your child and also for salvation?”
They agreed and received the prayer with opened hearts.
Before leaving, we gave the family the audio scripture so they can continue listening to the Word of God!

Please join us in prayer! May the Holy Spirit speak to this family’s heart and may they surrender their lives to Jesus as their Savior. Pray for healing for the baby and may the Name of Jesus be glorified among the Gabbra people!

Finding freedom

For a few weeks we have been praying for two ladies who are being spiritually oppressed. They are living in very simple huts, not eating and spending most of their time laying down on camel skin inside of their dark huts. They and their families have previously worshipped evil spirits.
These ladies’ relatives and husbands started joining us in our fellowship, and understood and confessed that they need to be free from all darkness.
We frequently have visited their houses, praying for these ladies and with their families.
And last week one of these two ladies voluntarily came to a fellowship! She was smiling and interacting with others. We praise Jesus for the freedom that there is in His Name!
Please pray for all those who are still in darkness and need to know about the truth that sets us free.

Message to the Shepherds

We thank Jesus for the number of shepherds who have come for fellowship every Sunday morning. There is usually a different group of people (nomads) gathering. But most of them get very interested in learning more about the work Jesus has done on the cross and the gift of Salvation. This week they watched a whole Bible Study about the King of Glory and all have the audio Bible with them to listen as they shepherd their flocks. Pray that by the teaching and by listening to the Word of God they will be taught by the Holy Spirit and become sons and daughters of God and not only receivers of the Great Message, but messengers of the King Jesus!