Speed the People Movement

The Gabbra are beginning to come to Christ in many villages. Preaching points have been established; Bible studies are gathering; new leaders are emerging and being trained; believers are growing. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speed this movement and that very soon the Gabbra will have a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered church.

Faithful men

Three local men are being very helpful and are eager to make a difference among their own people. Pray that they continue to be faithful to the Lord and that their neighbors see the changes these men have made for Christ’s love and will seek to follow their examples. Pray for more local workers.

Training project

There’s a wonderful mobilization among the ladies for community development. God has placed a beautiful sense of unity among them. A sewing project is being developed and it will start in April. Please pray for the ladies who are volunteering to come and start the project, pray for the local Gabbra lady who’s currently learning sewing to assist the volunteers with language and culture. Pray that this ministry will be an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel through words, love and actions.

Needing help

Yesterday another strong wind devastated 44 houses in Hurri Hills! Please pray for all the families that will need to rebuild. May love and hospitality be shown to those in need and the name of Jesus be glorified!

Listening, Considering

Recently a group of nomads have watched the Jesus Film and have been listening to the audio Bible. They have also gotten some health care from the missionaries. Pray that they will be moved by the Holy Spirit and understand that Jesus is the Son of God and turn their lives to Him.

Desperately Needed

Pray for rain! Many villages in Gabbra land are starting to struggle with the lack of water. Pray that through hardship people will seek for the Lord and trust that He will never forsake His children. Pray for unity and open hearts to help one another.

You prayed…He answered

On Sep 26, 2018 you prayed for this request: “The radio ministry is doing well, but so far we only broadcast for 5 hours a day. We’ve had a great response and the biggest request at this time is more hours. So please pray for us as we try to install two wind turbines next month to increase our broadcast time and scope- we hope to boost the signal from 350w to 1000w.
And God answered: “We have put in the foundations for the wind turbines last week and next week by God’s grace we hope to get the turbines hooked up!”

Closing the mosque?!

In one of the communities where fellowship takes place, there are a few Muslims who are questioning why most of the people are claiming to be Christians and they have even been thinking about closing the mosque. Pray that the Christians show them love as they witness to their Muslim neighbors. Pray that those who are seeking for answers will see God revealing Himself to them, and they will believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world.

Radio needs

In November we are looking forward to hosting a possible donor for two more transmitter relay sites which would boost our signal to a much greater extent east and west opening more doors among the Dasinach and Turkana on the west and the Borana and Somali on the east.
Very exciting times!
Please pray for funding for every day running (staff salaries) as this is an area we are struggling to generate.

Radio ministry

The radio ministry is doing well, but so far we only broadcast for 5 hours a day. We’ve had a great response and the biggest request at this time is more hours. So please pray for us as we try to install two wind turbines next month to increase our broadcast time and scope- we hope to boost the signal from 350w to 1000w. Our reception is very far but at the outer rim it is weak and we would like to strengthen those areas and get into area not yet reached with the message!
Praise God we are reaching towns like Marsabit, Loyangalani, Karare Kituruni, Kalacha and may many more. We have not yet had good reception in Korr but we are hoping to get there with this upgrade.

Radio ministry is on the air!

The radio station is up and running! Many people are starting to tune in, but our hours are limited due to lack of power. This has been the chief complaint from our listeners. They would like to listen all day but we have only been able to broadcast from 4—9pm. Pray we can find a solution to getting power. Also pray for my meetings in the next few weeks with Sonset Solutions (HCJB) and another radio group about possible expansion of our radio ministry to reach into new and unreached areas via relay towers.
So much is happening! We rejoice that many people are now hearing God’s word for the first time!

His Gospel is True

Please pray that the Gabbra will recognize that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and will turn from Islam and from spiritism to worship and serve the Living God from generation to generation.

They Turned to Christ

The Gabbra have endured a long season of terrible suffering during the drought in Kenya, but now at last the rains have come and they are plentiful. Praise the Lord that during the drought many believers were able to help in practical ways and a number of Gabbra turned to Christ in faith. Please pray for the Gabbra church to continue to grow.

Singing Songs of Praise Together

Praise God for a Gabbra church where believers from several different tribes who have traditionally been enemies joined together for a workshop to learn to compose praise songs to the Lord in their traditional kinds of music. Pray that the believers will be filled with the Spirit and keep composing songs to the Lord, and pray that each one will work hard to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Music seminar

February 21-25 a music seminar is being held in Dukana, Northern Kenya, to which over 100 Gaabra, Daasanach, Borana, Rendille and Samburu church members will attend. This is a seminar to teach people to compose scripture- based songs in their own languages and cultural styles. Pray for God’s provision for the seminar, safety in travel over difficult roads, His blessing and inspiration for the song writers, and unity in fellowship.


Please pray for the many Gabbra who are expressing an interest in being baptised and are attending church services. They seem very grateful for the famine relief food that was provided to them during last year’s devastating drought. Please pray that they will understand the gospel fully and will grow in Christ.

Radio project

A radio tower has been built and work has begun on a studio which will broadcast the Gospel, Christian music, Bible reading, and Bible-based teaching to the many unreached peoples living in the rugged remote region of Northern Kenya. Ask the Lord to provide $20,000 to complete the initial phase of work and begin broadcasting.

Baptism class

A group of Gabbra has been meeting together to learn God’s Word. When asked about baptism, 30 raised their hands! Praise God! Pray for them as they go through baptism class. May they be firmly established in their faith and be a light to their friends and neighbors!

He Came Near

Praise the Lord for His work among the Gabbra. Pray that this remote, pastoralist tribe will begin to recognise their Creator as they see the stars at night as they sleep with their animals. Pray that they will hear the good news that the faraway God who made those stars has come near to them in the person of Jesus Christ.

An Evangelist Continues

We thank Jesus for the good rainy season in the Gabbra land after a long and hard drought season! Pray for the Gabbra evangelist and his wife as they continue the ministry during the missionaries’ home assignment. May they be encouraged by the grace of God and see much fruit for their labor.

Water and Bread of Life

This is a time of protracted drought and hunger among the Gabbra. Please pray that they will discover Jesus is their water of life, their bread of life. Usually famine conditions distract people from listening to God’s Word. Instead, more and more Gabbra are gathering on Sundays to hear it. Pray for the Lord to have mercy and send rain, and pray for their spiritual interest to endure.

Famine Relief Among the Gabbra

Please keep praying for the drought and famine program and supplies, as well as support for ongoing relief as the need has not diminished yet! Some people have lost almost all their animals, which is their whole livelihood.

A Radio Studio and A Church Building

Pray that a radio studio and church building can be completed soon. Pray that many people will become believers through hearing the radio programs and through hearing the Word of God taught in the church.

Turning to the Witch Doctor

Because of the nurses’ strike we have many medical needs and ongoing health requests, and a number of Gabbra people are seeking to get healing from the ‘elgade ayana’ (shaman /witchdoctor). Please pray that God will step in and turn them from Satan to Jesus.

Meeting in a Living Room

Praise God for many Gabbra people attending Sunday morning services in a missionary’s living room. Pray for each of them to come to personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and pray that a church building can soon be built for them.

This Land Is Being Shaken

There’s been about a year and a half since a Bible Study was started in a certain Gabbra community where the majority of the people are Muslims. And through the faithfulness of some believers, this land has seen the power of our Sovereign Lord through the Christians’ testimony and Jesus’ miracles. “Since we began gathering to pray and study the Word of God, this land is being shaken and people wonder who is this God we serve.”  Please continue to pray that each believer in this land be a faithful witness of Jesus’ love, mercy and power over all darkness.

Grazing Areas and Water Holes

Pray that as outreach to the Gabbra in the northern deserts of Kenya continues, that those who are coming to faith in Christ will spread the word about His salvation as they follow their flocks and herds to the grazing areas and the water holes.

Unprecedented Hunger

This is a time of unprecedented openness and spiritual hunger among the Gabbra. Pray for the salvation of many as they hear the Word of God, discuss it together, and believe in Christ.

Turning to the Lord

Pray for the drought in Gabbra regions to be over, and that during the season of Ramadan, many Gabbra people will reject their old ways of salvation and will turn to the Water of Life, Jesus Christ.

Why Do We Still Sacrifice?

After watching the story of Abraham, the Prophets and Jesus as the final sacrifice, a man wondered: if Jesus is the final sacrifice, why in the Gabbra culture are there still those rituals of sacrifice? As we explained to him the meaning of the cross and that there is freedom in Jesus Christ he decided to follow Jesus. Pray that he continues to seek for answers and may he be completely free from customs and rituals. Pray he be a witness among his own people.

Easter searching for Hope

Easter morning, I was preparing for church when a woman wandered through the gate. She approached us and said, “I am a widow and I live in a distant village and I have walked here this morning because I want to hear your message. It has been told to me that you speak words of hope. I need hope!” Pray that she finds peace by following Jesus.

“You’ve got to hear these words!”

Praise God that over 90 people plus a truck and its crew showed up for Bible study last week. It was impossible for all to hear but those who could hear listened intently. Many asked for a Treasure (MP3 player) afterwards so that they could learn at home. On another day an old man stood up in the middle of the study and turned to the crowd farther back and said, “Quiet down back there and huddle in closer. You have got to hear these WORDS!” They don’t want to miss even one morsel of the spoken word. A fitting close to the study of Hebrews. God is so good!

A woman who wanted to sleep in her own house

Ephesians 6:12 states, “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

A frantic old lady came into our living room and started talking a mile a minute in Gabbra, and we could only understand a few words like, ” I have had enough! I don’t want them any more” Rachel tried to explain that our Gabbra was basic, and we needed a translator; but she continued, “You know Gabbra. You know Gabbra.” Then continued in her explanation. Praise God our translator (also driver and mechanic) arrived just in time and helped with translating for us.
She had been sleeping on the ground and traveling from village to village looking for peace. She was convinced that Satan was in her house and she was told by the shaman that if she entered her house she would die. She had visited all the shaman and religious leaders of every sect and religion looking for a cure; but every time she attempted something, her fear would grow and not only was her house haunted, but she now felt that Satan was following her everywhere like a hyena on her trail. No matter where she went, she was in horror. Wherever she tried to sleep, she would be tormented.
Finally, she had come to us, for there was no other place to go. Rachel and I then had the joy to share with her the power of Christ. We told her stories of His time on earth, and how He had healed so many. We explained that He had power over Satan, and His minions, and how He desired to save us. We shared about the need to be saved and the need to be not only released from Satan’s grasp but firmly latched onto Jesus’ hand.
For almost an hour we shared the wonders of Jesus Christ, and the joy it is to be found in Him. We then asked if she wanted Jesus to be her Savior. She turned to us and said, almost exasperated, “That is why I have come! There is no other way!” We then had the privilege of praying over her and leading her in the sinner’s prayer. What joy filled her small figure, and her face began to shine!
We then walked to her house, which had been vacant for 6 months, and and she boldly took the first steps inside. We followed her in and knelt to pray. The old lady took my hand as we began to pray for Jesus’ blessing and protection over that home and asked, in His name, that all spirits of darkness and fear leave that place. What a joyous prayer time as we felt the room lighten up and the Holy Spirit around us.
As we closed our prayer time, Rachel asked the lady, “How do you feel in your house now?” And with her white hair hanging freely down on her cheek and a huge smile on her face she declared, “I am free! The house is free!”
Our hearts rejoiced as we walked back towards home thinking of the awesomeness of our God! Yet we are still in prayer for this woman, that God would sustain her and help her to stand in a village which is bowed down to shamanism and Islam. We know that if she stays strong, and clearly shares her story, it will be a huge statement to the community. Please pray with us for her that she may stand strong and that many more would come out of the darkness and into the light!

The Healing of a Gabbra Lady

The day of one of many mobile Gabbra clinics, I drove a lady who was walking with much difficulty. She is one of the believers in that community. Before starting the clinic we had a devotional with teaching and prayers. She was the first patient to be seen by the nurse so I could drive her back home. It seemed she would need an X-ray (which could only be done in a city 4 hours’ drive from where she lives). Before driving her home, I asked if I could pray for her and ask in Jesus’ name for complete healing. She accepted, and laying my hand on her leg, we prayed together.

The week after, she came to greet me smiling and walking normally! She gave her testimony for the others who came for fellowship saying; -“I came to the clinic with so much pain and I got some medication, you prayed for me and I was healed. And I know the only person who can do this is Jesus!” Praise and glory to Lord Jesus!

God answering prayer

Recently the little church prayed for rain and as they watched, they saw storm clouds coming! And it rained! The next Sunday a woman gave this testimony: “God answered our prayer for rain. He didn’t fill our water tanks, but He did fill our cups!” Praise God for these faithful believers. May He bring many more.

A Worshipping Widow Begs for Healing

Pray for the believers who are being ignored or are facing opposition from their own people because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Recently, a widow that was an Ayanna worshipper (a spirit of darkness) confessed Jesus as her only Savior and Love of her life. She has eye problems and is constantly praying for Jesus’ healing. Some of her neighbors have said to her: “Stop praying to this God. Jesus is not able to heal you; turn back to Ayanna.” Her answer is always the same… “I believe Jesus is able!” Pray for this lady and for many other believers who are being pushed to leave their faith in Christ. May the Holy Spirit strengthen their faith and may God reveal Himself miraculously among them, so others might declare that there is no one else but Jesus. Pray for the healing of people’s bodies and souls.

Desperate Drought

“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink”. Mt. 25:35
Before the church service started, members of some families approached the missionaries with the following request: “It’s been a long drought season and all water we had in the village is gone, there is not even water to drink; the priority is the small children and pregnant ladies. We have purchased water several times and the money is also all gone. We are thirsty.”
Pray that God may send us rain in abundance. May this community see the love and care of God through His provision. Pray that this time of struggle draws the Christians closer to Him, and may the non-believers start to seek our mighty God, realizing that He is our living water.

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Mobile clinic is one of the activities that occurs monthly among the Hills in Gabbra communities. We praise God for the nurse who is willing to drive up and spend days treating patients. Before each clinic starts, we have a devotional time encouraging the sick people to rely and trust in the Lord as they go through the treatment. Please pray that as people listen to the word of God and as we pray for them, God reveals Himself through physical and spiritual healing. May the ministry of mobile clinic be a shining light of Jesus’ love and many come to believe on the Great Healer.

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Pray that many of the Gabbra will call on the Lord for healing and salvation. May Jesus show Himself to be a powerful Savior, and may many people gladly receive Him. May many Gabbra meet and make friends with missionaries and other Christians. May there be Spirit-inspired strategies that work in evangelism among the Gabbra.

Update on The Gabbra of Kenya

Pray that a radio tower being constructed will soon be in operation, transmitting the Scriptures to the Gabbra people. Pray for the Lord’s help in the logistics, timing, construction and labor.